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Sapsa Spawning Grounds

Sapsa Spawning Grounds Icon.pngSapsa Spawning Grounds
The Sahagin swarmed this area after the tidal wave collided with the coast, and are laboriously transforming it into a spawning ground—now named the Sapsa Spawning Grounds. [1]
Zone: Western La Noscea
Region: La Noscea
Landmass: Vylbrand
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Stronghold
Aetheryte: Aleport
Weather: varies
Expansion: Original
Patch: 2.0
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NPCs (3)
  • There are 3 NPCs in this location.
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Monsters (20)
  • There are 20 Monsters in this location.
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Quests (4)
  • There are 1 Seventh Astral Era Main Scenario Quests in this location.
Landmarks Landmarkstub.png
Reaver Hide

The Reef of Sending

Fishing Holes (2)
Location POS Level Type Requirements
Reaver Hide 14-12 50 Saltwater
Sapsa Spawning Grounds 17-15 45 Saltwater
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  1. Encyclopaedia Eorzea pg. 109