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Mask of Grief

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Mask of Grief

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Minfilia: Mor Dhona - The Rising Stones - The Solar (The Rising Stones) (x:6.1, y:5.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Revenant's Toll

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png50In Memory of MoenbrydaMainquest1 Icon.png In Memory of Moenbryda (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Minfilia has a request to make of you.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png50Defenders for IshgardMainquest1 Icon.png Defenders for Ishgard (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Flower Payment
Moon Daisy
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • Minfilia has a request to make of you.
  • Minfilia expresses concern over Yda's emotional state following the loss of Moenbryda. Seek out the melancholy pugilist at the Rising Stones, and see if there is anything you can do to lighten her burden.
  • Yda explains how Moenbryda would disapprove of her gloominess, and outlines a plan to cheer herself up. You learn that she has ordered a rare flower in memory of her friend, which is currently awaiting collection at Rowena's store. Unfortunately, it would seem Yda finds the merchant rather trying, and is therefore reluctant to pay for the goods in person. Head to the store in your fellow Scion's stead, and use the purse provided to purchase the moon daisy.
  • You have collected the moon daisy─as well as a flurry of unsolicited advice─from Rowena. Take the flower to the mark of the Scholar at Rathefrost, and hand it to the waiting Yda.
  • As Yda places the moon daisy before the mark of the Scholar, the skies over Rathefrost are suddenly darkened by the passing of Dravanian wings. Moments later, you are contacted by an audibly anxious Alphinaud, who bids you return to Revenant's Toll at once. Hasten back to the Rising Stones and speak further with the young commander.
  • Upon returning to the Rising Stones, you are informed that events are coming to a head in Ishgard, and that an envoy from the Holy See is already en route to the Scions' headquarters, bearing an urgent report...

Have you a moment, Forename? I believe Yda wished a word with you.

I should consider it a personal favor if you would lend a sympathetic ear to her troubles.

She has not been herself since Moenbryda's passing, and my heart aches to see her so downcast...
Quest Accepted

Hey, it's Forename! Great!

...Oh, it's no use. I'm trying to stay positive, but... <sigh> It's just hard, you know...?

The thing is, I know Moen would tell me off if she saw me moping around like this...

...Which is why I decided to cheer myself up by getting her a special flower.

I placed an order for a moon daisy with Rowena a little while ago, and it's ready to be picked up.

The trouble is...I find Rowena a bit difficult at the best of times, and...well, this isn't one of them. I know it's silly, but I just can't face it at the moment. So, I was you think you could maybe collect it for me? I have the coin to pay for the flower right here.

Thank you so much! I'll be waiting for you─and the daisy─at Rathefrost!
Yda should be somewhere within the Rising Stones. Pray lend her a sympathetic ear, my friend.
What can I do for you today, adventurer? Eldritch trinket to trade?

...Eh? They've got you runnin' errands now? <snort> Them Scions really know how to make the most o' your talents, don't they? Sendin' the savior of Eorzea to the bleedin' market... Fine use o' your time, that is!

Seriously, though─you'd best learn how to say “no,” or they'll have you muckin' out the chocobo stables next.

Anyway, what was it you were here to pick up? The moon daisy, was it? Here, then─take it. And tell that Yda lass I've got a wide selection o' headwear in stock if she ever decides to replace that dowdy ol' mask o' hers. Gods know, she needs to...

Ugh, Rowena can be so annoying! She just will not take no for an answer. Every time I visit her, she insists I replace my visor with something more “fashionable.” And when I tell her I like it just fine the way it is, she says it again. And then again. And then AGAIN! It drives me crazy!

Uh, what I mean to say is, I really appreciate you doing this for me. So anyway...let's see it!
<sigh> Moenbryda loved these things, you know... I hope that somewhere, somehow, she knows I'm still thinking of her...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

My apologies for the interruption... I was deeply saddened to learn of Moenbryda's passing. Her loss will be sorely felt...

Alas, recent developments in Ishgard leave us little time to mourn. The envoy from Coerthas will soon arrive, and we must hasten to hear her report.
Quest Completed
Thanks again, Forename. I think... I think I'm going to be all right.

Yda seems to have regained a little of her spark.

...And I believe we have you to thank for that. I am most grateful, Forename. Truly.
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