NPC Icon.pngSephirot
  Monster / Primal / Male

Zone(s): Player7 Icon.pngContainment Bay S1T7 (Zone)
Title: Sephirot the Fiend

"I am the end and the beginning! By my touch shall your wretched lives be blessed!"

Sephirot was summoned by a race of treelike beings native to the continent of Meracydia. Believed to be the world's first tree ascended to divinity, he is said to command the wellspring of life. Allagan records substantiate this claim, attributing the eikon with the ability to induce spontaneous growth in living organisms through the manipulation of ambient aetheric energy. Sephirot often enlarged his own form to colossal size to wreak devastation upon his enemies, earning him the title of the "Fiend" from the battered armies of Allag.

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