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  Clutchfather / Clutchfather / The Scarlet Sea Devil

Last Known Location:

Western La Noscea - Open Sea - Pirate Vessel (x:3.2, y:37.8)
Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Aleport


Zone Sublocation Coordinates Map Patch
Western La Noscea Novv's Nursery (x:16.7, y:22.9) Map 2.2
Western La Noscea Open Sea - Pirate Vessel (x:3.2, y:37.8) Map 2.2

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Novv's Clutch
A Sahagin warrior of great renown, Novv was once the leader of the notoriously violent Coral Tridents. Novv led this band of bloodthirsty beastmen on countless raids, performing deeds of such brutal savagery that he became known as the "Scarlet Sea Devil"—a name that struck fear in the hearts of even the stoutest sailors.

Fifteen years ago, however, the Knights of the Barracuda launched a retaliatory strike against the Sahagin, specifically targeting Novv's unprotected nursery. The Lominsans slaughtered every spawnling, and built a pile of their corpses for the Sea Devil to discover upon his return. Novv was gripped by a towering rage when he beheld the bloody warning, but his anger soon turned to guilt and agonizing sorrow as he came to realize how his own acts had invited such horrendous retribution. Seeking to end his part in the escalating hate, the twenty-four-year-old Novv chose to withdraw from the Sahagin's pillaging and quietly turn his attention to raising a new clutch of offspring.

Novv is 39 years old.

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