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NPC Icon.pngRoundrox Mazenot  Sidequest1 Icon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png
  Goblin / Female

Last Known Location:

The Dravanian Hinterlands - Thaliak River (x:17, y:17.3)
Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Idyllshire → Epilogue Gate


Zone Sublocation Coordinates Map Patch
Cutscene (x:0.0, y:0.0) Map
The Dravanian Hinterlands The Collectors' Quarter (x:20.7, y:17.8) Map 3.0
Cutscene (x:0.0, y:0.0) Map
Heart of the Creator Central Control (x:21.6, y:21.7) Map 3.4
The Dravanian Hinterlands Thaliak River (x:17, y:17.3) Map 3.4

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Roundrox is the daughter of Slowfix Cointoss and an avid collector of what most sane individuals would deem junk. The goblin girl of fifteen years, however, has an eye for the unique, and will carefully sift for long hours through rubbish heaps until finding the perfect piece for her collection. It was some three years past that Roundrox stumbled upon a fragment of the Engima Codex, and has since become embroiled in the turmoil surrounding the Illuminati and Alexander.

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Involved in Quests
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