NPC Icon.pngLouisoix Leveilleur
  Elezen / Wildwood / Male

Zone(s): North Shroud - The Second Coil of Bahamut - Turn 4
Northern Thanalan - The Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3
Affiliation: Circle of Knowing
Title: Leader of the Circle of Knowing, Archon

"Wisdom must serve man."

Likely the greatest mage of his day, Louisoix Leveilleur was a Sharlayan Archon who was well versed in ancient prophecies. It is also said he delighted in tinkering with magicked items, and that his partiality to decadent sweets such as marron glace did not dim once in his seventy and two years.

Louisoix is perhaps best known for his defiance of the Forum's stance on the avoidance of war. He established the Circle of Knowing with twelve Archons for a simple goal: to save all who could be saved. He stood at the van of the united forces of the Eorzean Alliance at Carteneau, and invoked the might of the Twelve as Dalamud came crashing down from the skies. Yet it seemed this was not enough, and in his last moments he prayed that the realm be saved.

Dreams of Ice
Through this desperate wish, he was transformed into the immortal Phoenix, and so defeated Bahamut's earthly form. It is thought, however, that as the Elezen relinquished his hold on his power, the elder primal ensnared his essence and enslaved his spirit.

This NPC is found in multiple locations. The map below shows where the NPC is first encountered.

Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Body Type Adult
(~79.5 inches)
Jaw Option 1
Eye Shape Option 1
Iris Size Large
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 1
Nose Option 1
Ear Shape Option 1
Mouth Option 1
Ear Length



Pre-Calamity Involvement (6)
Member of Organization(s) (3)

Additional Dialogue
Dawn may banish even the darkest night.
Full Biography Map79 Icon.png
One of Sharlayan's most respected sages, Louisoix was a rival of the witch Matoya. He later founded the Circle of Knowing, hoping to intervene in the prophecy of the Seventh Umbral Era outlined in the Divine Chronicles. Though this went against Sharlayan's policy of non-intervention promoted by the dominant Bibliothec faction, his standing ensured that his activities in Eorzea went largely unopposed.

As he prepared to travel to Gridania in response to the sudden appearance of the Primal Ifrit, Louisoix gave his grandchildren, Alphinaud and Alisaie, a matching set of grimoires. Their tomes were actually halves of a larger grimoire, as Louisoux's wished for his grandchildren to understand each other and share a common goal. [1]

Arriving to Eorzea, Louisoix used his skills and connections to help adventurers gather the items needed to enter the lairs of the other Primals. He joined the Eorzean Alliance under Gridania's banner as their chief tactician. Gridania's newspaper, The Raven, credited him with initiating the Alliance's shift to the offensive, as well as ushering adventurers to join the battle. [2] When the Seventh Umbral Era drew near, Louisoix and the Circle of Knowing marked stones throughout Eorzea with the symbols of The Twelve, and urged adventurers to offer prayers to each of them with the hopes of summoning the gods to avert disaster.

Prior to the final battle before the fall of Dalamud, Louisoix met with Minfilia, leader of the Path of the Twelve. In this conversation, Louisoix revealed that he did not intend to allow the Twelve to fully manifest on Eorzea, as the aetherial tax on the land would be too great. Anticipating that he might not return from his mission alive, he entrusted Minfilia with the leadership of the Circle of Knowing. [3]

During the Battle of Carteneau, Louisoix supported the Eorzean Alliance. When Dalamud shattered and Bahamut escaped his prison, Louisoix attempted a ritual to call upon the powers of the Twelve to re-imprison the Elder Primal. The spell ultimately failed, however, and Louisoix teleported the Warriors of Light into an aetherial rift to save their lives.
Dreams of Ice
As Louisoix awaited his fate at the hands of Bahamut, he received a vision from the Twelve. Receiving their blessing, he was infused with aether and granted incredible powers. Taking to the skies, Louisoix flew straight into Bahamut's Teraflare, creating a barrier in an attempt to repel the massive fireball, only for it to be immediately shattered by the Elder Primal.

In one last, desperate attempt to stop Elder Primal, Louisoix released a massive burst of aether. This caused Bahamut's Teraflare to lose its form, crumbling in midair as it harmlessly turned to crystallized aether. Louisoix was able to push Bahamut out through the other side of the crumbling Teraflare where he penetrated the Elder Primal's chest using his own body. As Louisoix faded away into aether, the now-defeated Bahamut broke apart and exploded, igniting the crystallized Teraflare around him and devastating the surrounding land.

During the aftermath, Louisoix's shattered staff Tupsimati was recovered by Kan-E-Senna and returned to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn (the successors to the Circle of Knowing), where Minfilia kept it the Solar. [4]

Dreams of Ice
The circumstances of Louisoix's death remained a mystery, as no one was present to witness him being infused with aether. After defeating Bahamut, Loiusoix was supposed to return the aether he absorbed to the land. But Louisoix was grabbed by what remained of Bahamut and ended up in the The Binding Coil of Bahamut as a thrall to the Elder Primal to oversee his resurrection.
A Realm Reborn
During Alisaie's journey into the Binding Coil of Bahamut, Louisoix began to observe the party following their defeat of the ADS in Turn 2 but disappeared before being noticed. Following the defeat of Twintania, Alisaie saw her grandfather with an imitation of Nael deus Darnus as they departed further into the Binding Coil.
Through the Maelstrom
In the Second Coil of Bahamut, Loiusoix made his presence known by silencing Darnus before she could speak to Alisaie after her defeat in Turn 4. Louisoix presented himself as another thrall of Bahamut, warning Alisaie not meddle in the Primal's resurrection as he would not hold back against her or her comrades.
Dreams of Ice
Within the Main Bridge of the Final Coil of Bahamut, Louisoix appeared before Alphinaud, Alisaie, and their allies. He revealed the origin of Bahamut and how the dragons of Meracydia and the Elder Primal were imprisoned within Dalamud by the Allagan Empire in an attempt to further enhance their power. Louisoix then berated humanity, proclaiming that there could never be peace as long as humanity continued to exist. Alphinaud exposed Louisoix's new nature as the latter transformed into the Primal Phoenix.

As the battle ended, Louisoix revealed the events that transpired during his confrontation with Bahamut. Freed from Bahamut's control upon defeat, Louisoix encouraged his twin grandchildren to find their own paths while giving them the means to summon his Phoenix incarnation, giving Alisaie peace of mind. Finally, he opened a portal for his grandchildren and their fellowship to end Bahamut's resurrection once and for all.

After Bahamut's final defeat, Alphinaud and Alisaie feared that, if his transformation into Phoenix became known, people seeking salvation might attempt to summon him. As this would be against his wishes, they decided to keep the truth of his fate a secret.
Leveilleur roughly translates to "the watchman" in French. The French version of his journal entries refer to him as "Louisoix le Preux", or "Louisoix the Valiant".
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