NPC Icon.pngRamuh  Sidequest3 Icon.png
  Monster / Primal / Male

Zone(s): Player7 Icon.pngThe Striking Tree
Player7 Icon.pngEast Shroud - Sylphlands
Title: Lord of Levin

Lightning given sage form, venerated by the sylphs. Though depicted in legend as a wise and benevolent elder who harbors ancient secrets, Ramuh is a merciless arbiter of those who would defile the sacred depths of the forest, striking down interlopers with fulminating bolts of divine fury.

Whilst Ramuh is revered as the creator of the race of sylphs, the appearance of his physical manifestation suggests that he is also a god of man. Some scholars even go so far as to claim he and Rhalgr are one and the same, pointing to the Destroyer's command over lightning as evidence of their theory.

Many races believe that their own people were the first sentient beings to come into existence, but the sylphs make no such claims. On the contrary, the creation myths of the diminutive woodland folk hold that the world of man was long in evidence ere the race of sylphs emerged.

Their tales speak of men as greedy, thoughtless creatures who brought destruction to the forest with axe and torch. Unable to flee from the bite of steel of the lick of flame, the root-bound trees had no recourse but to beseech the gods for succor. It was Ramuh, a deity of man, who heard their agonized pleas, and thence sent his levinbolts to strike budding fruits from ancient branches. Born of lightning and blessed with secrets, the sylphs awoke from charred husks to serve as the forest's protectors. Ever since have their kind dwelled beneath the Black Shroud's canopy, defending their domain with the arcane wisdom bestowed upon them by the Lord of Levin himself.

This NPC is found in multiple locations. The map below shows where the NPC is first encountered.

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