Organizations Icon.pngSultansworn
The Sultansworn—personal guard of the sultan—were formed in 969 by decree of Sasagan Ul Sisigan. Originally consisting of paladins who helped to found Ul'dah, they have remained loyal defenders of the royal line for five hundred years, even through changes in dynasty.

While their fealty currently remains with the sultana, the Monetarists have managed to cut the organization's strength to half of what it was in their glory days. Thus, the Sultansworn must now accept the aid of the Brass Blades even in guarding the Royal Palace, and their morale has suffered much for it. The loss of Oathkeeper—the blade Sasagan bequeathed to the first Sultansworn captain—has had a particularly lingering and deleterious effect upon their power.
Members: Aubelet, Bartholomew, Bubukkuli, Humphrey, Jenlyns, Owyne, Papashan, Phillice, Rereroto, Solkzagyl, Tutumoko, Yuyutazi
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