Wailing Barracks

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Lancer Icon 8.pngWailing Barracks
"The Wailing Barracks are home to the Wood Wailers, the lancers of Gridania who keep the peace within the city, and the greater peace without. It is to this enormous wooden structure that the townspeople come with matters whose resolution requires a polearm's edge, and here that the nation keeps its gaols, the occupants of which have committed crimes that have wronged the forest or forestborn. It is also home to the Lancers' Guild, which is ever on the lookout for able bodies to aid in its grand endeavors.
Zone: Old Gridania
Region: The Black Shroud
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Guild
Aetheryte: New Gridania
Aethernet: Lancers' Guild
Weather: varies
Expansion: Original
Patch: 2.0
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