Highwind Skyways

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Founded in 1531 by Tatanora, Highwind Skyways is a privately-owned company focused on tourism and commercial applications of air travel. In 1563, the company partnered with Garlond Ironworks—a collaboration which bore fruit in the form of a lightweight airship model fueled by a ceruleum propulsion engine. With this new technology, Highwind Skyways began offering regular passenger service connecting Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania. Regular airship service was suspended indefinitely in 1570, however, after repeated attacks by the Garlean Empire on civilian vessels, limiting flights to instances of extraordinary circumstance. Seven years later, following the Calamity and the advent of the Seventh Astral Era, regular airship travel resumed with the defeat of the XIVth Imperial Legion of Garlemald.
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