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Inferno (Boss)

Beastiary Icon.pngInferno (Boss)  BossIcon.pngZoneicon.pngDungeon Icon.png
Level 69
Inferno (Boss).png
Genus Description:
Zone Level Drops Notes
Castrum Abania (Zone)
  Miscellaneous Dutyicon.pngCastrum Abania
 69 Aggressive.png
Dungeons (1)
Name Minimum Level
Castrum Abania 69
It is based on the boss 'Inferno' in Kefka's Tower in Final Fantasy VI.
Inferno uses the following moves and mechanics:
Attack Name Description
Ketu Slash Tankbuster. Affected by Roids, giving the tank a 20-second Bleed DoT that must be dispelled. The second Roids gives this ability an additional 20-second Vulnerability DoT that must be dispelled.
Rahu Blaster Targets a player with a long line AoE.
Ketu & Rahu Boss will walk to the center and use this ability. Followed by a selection of various AoE abilities.
  • Large ground AoE & player AoE: Dodge the ground AoE, marked player should move away from others while avoiding other mechanics.
  • Cone AoEs & Proximity Marker: multiple conal AoEs fan out from the boss while a proximity marker appears along one side. Move to the other side of the arena from the proximity marker while standing in between the cone AoEs.
  • Large ground AoEs and Proximity Marker: Two ground AoEs will appear on either side of the boss, along with a proximity marker on one side. Players need to move to the side opposite the proximity marker while avoiding the AoEs.
  • Cone AoEs & Player AoEs: multiple conal AoEs fan out from the boss and two players are marked with large red AoEs. Marked players should spread out and avoid standing with other players; everyone should ensure they are standing between the cones.
Roids "Medicine" for the boss that increases his abilities. The first one he will receive no matter what, and affects Ketu Slash.
Legion Adds Two Death Claws will appear and tether to players, along with one Packer carrying a glowing canister. If the Death Claws reach their tethered player, they will trap them and slowly kill them until the Death Claw dies or they do. Kill these quickly and then burn down the Packer, as it will provide Roids for the boss.

Advice and Tips

  • Healers MUST have Esuna on their bar for this fight or Ketu Slash will just kill the tank. The damage from the DoT and increased damage from the Vuln stack makes it very easy for the tank to die, and it happens too often to just ignore it.
  • Kill the Death Claws first, then the Packer.
  • If you are tethered to a Death Claw, keep moving. Don't let it reach you. Attack the other Death Claw or the Packer while someone else kills your add for you if you are melee.
  • This fight is VERY healer intensive. If you've not done it before, it may be best to see how things pan out before spending all of your MP only to find you need it for other things.
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