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Ker Shroud

Icon.pngKer Shroud  Zoneicon.png
Level 90
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Mob Description:

Four of these mobs have a chance to spawn at specific locations upon killing an S rank. Killing them gives a chance to spawn the SS hunt mark Ker. Once engaged, they must be killed, and will despawn if all attacking players die or leave. If that happens with one, all will despawn and the SS hunt mark will not be summoned.

Genus Description:
Zone Level Drops Notes
Labyrinthos (x9,y23, x25,y8, x26,y33, x35,y18)  90 Aggressive.png
Thavnair (x12,y16, x17,y30, x23,y10, x17,y30)  90 Aggressive.png
Garlemald (x18,y10, x23,y33, x33,y9, x33,y29)  90 Aggressive.png
Mare Lamentorum (x12,y21, x12,y37, x29,y35, x34,y23)  90 Aggressive.png
Elpis (x8,y36, x17,y7, x29,y7, x38,y13)  90 Aggressive.png
Ultima Thule (x11,y31, x16,y17, x23,y33, x32,y10)  90 Aggressive.png
This minion is the equivalent of a B rank and count towards those achievement.
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