Landerwaffe Flute

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Appearing to operate by way of an elaborate mechanism, this mysterious flute emits a shrill sound that summons forth Landerwaffe, mechanical dragon of legend.
Level 1
Item Level 1
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Reward from Quests (1)
Quest Level
The Dragon Made 1
Used in Quest (1)
Quest Level
The Dragon Made 1
Used to Summon

Mount Information
Landerwaffe (Mount) Icon.pngLanderwaffe (Mount)Flying Mount Dual Seater
Armed literally to the wings, this mechanical dragon is believed to have been created by the Allagan Empire to combat the creatures whose form it mimics. Magnificent and proud, it allows none upon its back save one whom it deems a true hero.
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Wow, you're swifter than a salamander!
- Pixie flowerkeep

Acquisition: Collect every Shadowbringers extreme trial mount and complete the quest The Dragon Made that unlocks.
Requires: Landerwaffe Flute
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Seats: 2
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