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Logging: The Pipe

Botanist Icon 1.pngLogging: The Pipe
Garlemald - Regio Urbanissima - The Pipe (35.1-5.8) (Unspoiled Mature Tree)
Logging Node
The Pipe-LoggingCollectable.png
Garlemald Logging Nodes:
Logging: Camp Broken Glass
Last Verified: 6.01
Slot Item   Gathering Information Location Requirements
? Rarefied Red Pine Log Icon.png NewThis item can be gathered as a collectable.Rarefied Red Pine Log
Botanist icon.png
Node Level/Type: 85 Unspoiled (4 AM/PM)
Gathering Level: 83
Perception Bonus:
Regio Urbanissima - The Pipe (35.1-5.8)