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This page is a Stub for items and information from the Stormblood Patch 4.0 series of patches. Please expand it if you have additional details, or remove this template from the page if the article is complete.
«A Safe Place to Hide

The Chase»

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Setoto! You appear to be doing much better. Even your complexion has returned to normal.
Indeed! I, too, noticed that my skin once again glows a healthy shade of green!
Forename, now that Setoto has recovered, our search can begin. Ere we depart, let us quickly review what we know.
Setoto's father was a scholar in the Royal Marines who had been dispatched on a mission to infiltrate Amdapor. He was to return with a cure to the disease that threatened to engulf Nym─only, he never did.
Yes. I am almost certain he was caught, captured, and then killed by the Amdapori...
Even if that was not the case, after fifteen hundred years, we can safely assume he is no longer alive. I hold out hope, however, that some of his belongings remain.
The Amdapori were extremely dedicated to expanding their knowledge of healing magic. Anything in a scholar's possession would have been of incredible value to them, and had your father been captured, they would have confiscated all that he had.

He would then likely have been transported to a remote and secure location for interrogation. That means...

Our chances of finding anything that once belonged to him will be highest in Amdapor Keep.
Oh, Alka, not only are you terribly kind, but you are keen of mind, as well!
Ahem. Thank you. Now, in the final years of the War of the Magi, Amdapor was demolished by the Mhachi. It was overrun with a myriad of voidsent beasts that linger to this day.
As we forge forward, you must be sure to keep your wits about you! Amdapor Keep is fraught with dangers both known and unknown.
For so long I've been treated like a hideous beast that I'd forgotten what it was like to be thought of as a girl. Alka has reminded me, and for that, I cannot thank him enough.
We've finally made it! Forename, if you're ready, please lead the way.
So this is Amdapor Keep...erstwhile home to the mages we fought so long and hard against.
Look! It's a Nymian grimoire!

I recognize this! It's my father's! And these...

These are his robes! Th-They're from the day he left. All of it has been so perfectly preserved, it's almost as though he were wearing them but yesterday...

Oh? What's this?
...Is that his soul crystal!?

Yes...and within slumbers the faerie that has been with my family for generations.

I thought I had lost nearly everyone to that godsforsaken war and the terrible disease that followed... Yet, in spite of all odds, here she is─the last of my family, sitting right in the palm of my hand. I would give anything to see her again.

Lilac...? Lilac, please... Answer me!
Setoto? Setoto!? What happened? Wake up!
Forename, something's wrong! She's not responding. We must get her back to Camp Tranquil immediately!
Forename, you're a Royal Marine and an outstanding scholar, besides. Surely, you can diagnose what's wrong with her?
She won't be waking any time soon!? No, that can't be! What in the seven hells happened back there!?
Troubled civilians in need of a helping hand, I presume? Might the Wood Wailers be of assistance?
Ah! Well, if it isn't the adventurer! What brings you to this neck of the woods?
Forename, this is another one of your friends, I take it?
So, in essence, a botched invocation rendered this thing unconscious? The solution to that is simple enough. Just leave it there to rest until it wakes up.
Thing!? Thing!? How dare you speak of Setoto in such a callous manner! And to think that you would suggest we leave this beautiful young lady out here in the open until she wakes up─you must be mad!
Young lady...? You're quite sure that's what he─er, she is?
Ahem. My apologies. I shall carry the young girl inside and see that she is given a proper place to rest. But before that... This...coat of green mucus isn't contagious, is it?
Green mucus!? That's not green mucus, it's... <sigh> Never mind.

No, it's not contagious. You should be fine. Thank you for your help, sir. It is greatly appreciated.

At least for now, we can rest easy knowing that Setoto is safe─or as safe as she can be given the circumstances.
All should be in order. I've seen to it that your friend has been given a comfortable bed to rest in until she recovers.
Forename, I shall return to Bronze Lake and inform Surito Carito of all that has happened. Perhaps he will be able to shed light on what is wrong with Setoto.
In the meantime, I would ask that you remain near on hand and keep an eye on her. Don't worry. I shouldn't be away too long.

Battle Dialogue

The Presence Chamber... From here we must tread with caution. We know not what dangers lurk in the shadows.

Whatever happens, I shall not leave this place without something to remember my father by.

<gasp> Forename! This log─I think it's about my late father...
The interrogation of the Nymian spy we apprehended is scheduled to soon take place at the Moot Hall.

The healing powers his people wield are not like to those of white magic. Regardless of what it takes, we must find a way to determine the mysterious source of his power.

We suspect his robes are crucial to his spellcasting. They will no doubt hold some of the answers.

For now, however, we will be sealing them away in one of our mana idols.
Then we must begin dismantling the mana idols!
One of them might be carrying Setoto's father's things!
Rubbish, nothing more...

All the pages are in tatters. Perhaps we'll have better luck with the next one we find.

Nothing in this bag looks as though it could have belonged to him...

<cough> <cough> The stench... It's worse than that of spoilt milk!
This book appears to─

<grunt> Wh-What's this? My body tingles from head to toe and suddenly I feel so light! It must be charmed!

This chest is full to the brim with treasure!

No. This isn't what we're looking for. Let us leave it.
Why are there so many broken mana─ Great gods! That beast! Over there!

He's spotted us! We have no choice but to fight him. that a coffer!? This thing must have been feeding on the mana idols!

Setoto, Forename! Perhaps this is it...
Seven hells! We're done for...
Father...forgive me...