The Oracle of Light

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Gwee, gwee!
Gwee, gwee! Gweeeeee!
In readiness for the operation, the amaro will need to be treated with the same serum as us.
As you well know, however, it is not pleasant. In order to coax them into taking it, we have sprinkled it on their fodder.
All that remains is to feed it to them. A task I am sure you will enjoy. Fetch the fodder from the amaro launch and see to four of the beasts. Dismissed.
The treated fodder is by the launch. Report back to me when you've finished feeding the patients.
Gwee, gwee! Gwee!
Gwee? Gwee...
Gwee, gwee, gwee! Gwee, gwee!
Gwee? Khrrr...
Gwee, gwee!
Gwee... Gwee...
The amaro are fed?
Good. The rest have already been dosed, so we need not fear any of our mounts succumbing to the dream powder.
All units have now entered the final stages of their preparations. The time is nigh.
Make ready, and await deployment atop the main watchtower. I will send your uniform along as soon as it arrives.
That is all. May night smile upon us.
Why are you still here? Go and await deployment atop the main watchtower.
The operation is about to commence! Stand ready!
Th-Thank you. Are you...from the Crystarium?
Correct. We've come to rescue you.
Your weapons─made to the same specifications as Thancred's.
Be ready to use them.
U-Understood. Please lead the way.
Hmph, brazen thieves.
You will regret coming here.
Faeries, I take it?
I was worried about the others back in Lakeland, but maybe I should be worried about us.
I'm trying my best to remember...but it feels like peering through fog.
Il Mheg is the faerie kingdom, and as one might expect, it is home to the fae folk.
The most prominent among them are the pixies, who have a penchant for making mischief. They use powerful illusions to play tricks on all who venture into their domain.
By way of an example, they can make a familiar path seem wholly unfamiliar, or lead you to believe you're somewhere you're not.
And we are now, I am sorry to say, entirely at their mercy.

Battle Dialogue

Fight your way to Minfilia!
Escape from Laxan Loft!
Defeat Ran'jit!
The first contingent has already entered. Let us follow.
There you are, Forename! Mayhap you could lend us a hand!
Reinforcements! We need reinforcements!
My men will occupy the enemy while we rescue the Oracle.
Come, we keep close to the wall!
They're here too! To arms, to arms!
Damn it. Let's make this quick!
You certainly took your time. Let's cut a path through this rabble and keep moving!
Your zeal is admirable, Sister, but we were told to avoid enemy attention, not invite it!
We do not have time. Leave them to the guard.
Eulmore may boast the world's largest army...
But woman for woman, we are no less mighty!
Intruders! Stop them!
Gah, not again!
Crystarium scum!
This is no token force. They were serious about invading.
If you can stand, you can fight! Push them back!
There are more still standing than I would have liked...
But we must press on regardless. The longer we take, the harder our task will become.
We don't seem to be getting anywhere...
Forename, Lyna─go on ahead! We'll hold them here!
Understood. With me, Forename!
The way is relatively clear. Good.
There she is!
Quickly─free her!
Let's rejoin the others and quit this place.
All this trouble because of me... I'm so sorry...
Save your apologies until after we've escaped.
It's quiet. Too quiet.
Is that...Ran'jit!? This will not end well...
You will return to Eulmore.
N-No! I won't go back to that cell!
It is for your own protection.
Are you all right!?
I-I'm fine... I just...can't move...
Stay there while I tend to these vermin.
The tales do not lie. He is fierce beyond reckoning. We are outmatched!
He cannot maintain this onslaught forever! Be prepared to run!
You will do no such thing.
And now it is just you and me.
Ungh... Be careful, Forename!
You are made of sterner stuff than the rest.
But will it be enough...?
Gukumatz, do my bidding!
It seems you are no ordinary soldier.
You are persistent, that I will allow.
I have your measure now. The game is up.
Know your folly.