Manic Pixie Dream Realm

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   Manic Pixie Dream Realm
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png230,000-410,000 Gil Icon.png1,798
Achievement Rewarded
062970.png Bring Me a Dream I
Informationicon.png Description
The pink pixie appears to be spying on some children.
※The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Pink Pixie
The Crystarium -The Quadrivium  (13.1-15.2)
Type: Pixie Quests
Misc Reward: Achieve Friendly reputation with the Pixies.
Unlocks wares from Jul Oul.
Unlocks: Sustenance for the SoulSidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngThe Wheel Turns
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Manic Pixie Dream Realm
NPCs Involved: Pink PixieHume GirlMystel GirlElven BoyTyr BeqEzel IISullen GirlThon Sul
Mobs Involved: Nightmare Puppet
NPC Locations
Pink Pixie in The Crystarium (x:13.2, y:15.3)
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Hume Girl in The Crystarium (x:13.3, y:15.3)
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Mystel Girl in The Crystarium (x:13.3, y:15.3)
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Elven Boy in The Crystarium (x:13.3, y:15.3)
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Tyr Beq in Lakeland (x:24.6, y:34.6)
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Ezel II in Lakeland (x:17.5, y:36.3)
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Tyr Beq in Lakeland (x:17.5, y:36.3)
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Sullen Girl in Lakeland (x:17.4, y:36.3)
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Tyr Beq in Lakeland (x:26.1, y:36)
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Ezel II in Lakeland (x:26.2, y:36.1)
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Thon Sul in Il Mheg (x:12.3, y:33.2)
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Tyr Beq in Lyhe Mheg (x:7, y:8.1)
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Tyr Beq in Lyhe Mheg (x:5.5, y:5.8)
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Ezel II in Lyhe Mheg (x:5.6, y:5.8)
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Tyr Beq in Il Mheg (x:12.2, y:33)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Tyr Beq in Il Mheg (x:12.2, y:33)
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  • Strolling through the Pendants, you chance upon a pink pixie named Tyr Beq. Though you can make little sense of what they say, it would seem some unsavory individual is causing people to suffer from nightmares. Out of concern for your fellow man, you decide to lend the pixie your aid, and together you set forth for Sullen to rendezvous with another ally.
※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level. Furthermore, you may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
  • Joining Tyr Beq in Sullen, you soon encounter the ally, a prodigious porxie familiar. Introducing itself as Ezel II, dream devourer extraordinaire, the familiar reveals it has been investigating the nightmares. The culprit, it believes, is a certain pixie bereft of color, who has the power to manipulate dreams directly─something which, Tyr Beq remarks with alarm, should only be possible by one who is the equal of Titania. At this juncture, noticing your deepening confusion, Ezel II bids you follow it─hopefully to a place of some clarity.
  • Coming to a shack, you find a little girl in the grip of a nightmare, which Ezel II proceeds to devour with relish. However, no sooner does it gulp down the last of the unholy meal than everything threatens to come back up. It is then that the colorless pixie appears before you. This An Lad reveals that they were the one who planted the nightmare within the child. In a stroke of quick thinking, Tyr Beq uses their power to give corporeal form to the regurgitated nightmare; it now falls to you to vanquish the abomination.
  • You have struck down the nightmare creature, thereby earning Tyr Beq's admiring gaze.
  • According to Tyr Beq, your victory will have changed the ending to the child's dream. Without further delay, you and your companions make your way back to Sullen to look in on the little girl.
  • Your victory over the nightmare appears to have instilled the little girl with courage. Upon awakening, she is able to bare her heart to her stepbrother, thus effecting a positive change in her reality and eliminating the void in which her torment resided. By way of thanks for your cooperation, Tyr Beq extends you an invitation to their playground. In order to enter, you need but present yourself to Thon Sul in Lydha Lran.
  • You speak with Thon Sul, who duly shows you to Lyhe Mheg.
※In the event that you leave the instance, you may re-enter by speaking with Thon Sul in Lydha Lran.
  • You arrive in the mysterious Garden of Dreams, where you find Tyr Beq awaiting you with a smile.
  • Welcoming you warmly, Tyr Beq enlightens you on the nature of Lyhe Mheg. Within this illusory realm, there are gates that lead to the dreams of mortals slumbering across all Norvrandt. However, these gates were recently sealed off by An Lad, who desires to control the dreams of those mortals who share their torment. By your recent victory, Tyr Beq senses that their hold over the gates has weakened, and they urge you to reach out to the Lakeland gate while holding an image of the region in your mind.
  • At your outstretched hand, the haze shrouding the gate lifts, its doors swinging open to release a cluster of dream bubbles. Tyr Beq explains that these objects hold the memories of mortals' fun and happy dreams, and are used to fill Lyhe Mheg with delightful things. In order to restore the garden to its former glory, however, it seems you will require many more of them.
  • Satisfied with the small but momentous first step, Tyr Beq invites you to continue the conversation back outside in Lydha Lran.
  • Tyr Beq speaks to you and Ezel of their plans. Though the gates to the other regions remain sealed, the pixie believes your priority is to ensure that the one to Lakeland remains open. To that end, they entreat your continued cooperation in filling the region with fun and happy dreams.
<sob> It happened again... I had another scary dream...
M-Me too! In mine, a bunch of toys became a monster and chased me all over!
What!? I had the exact same dream! This...this can't be a coincidence. The pixies─I'll wager they're behind it!
Those beings in Il Mheg the grown-ups say we must never go near?
Aye, them. Mammy said that, if you're naughty, they'll come into your dreams and drag you off to a world of nightmares!
Truly!? O-Oh no, I haven't been doing my chores! I must hurry home and finish them!
Hmmm, it seems they were right... What a dilemma this is...
And to think that they pin the blame on us! We like fun dreams, not scary ones! Hmph!
What will you say?
Place an answer Here

! I'll have no mischief on my watch! ! Is something the matter?

Give a pixie a fright, sneaking up like that! And how can you even see me, anyway!?
...Wait, I know you─you're the new king's sapling! I've been wanting to meet you since forever! Forename is your name, is it not?
My name is Tyr Beq, and I'm the leader of the Dreamspinners! Oh yes, I'm an expert at spinning dreams, and for this they call me the Weaver─though “weird” and “eccentric” are often thrown around too. But whatever others say, there's no place I love more than children's fun-filled dreams!
But...there's a problem: we've recently been shut out of the dreams. At around the same time, I received word that children were being racked by nightmares. So I came here to investigate...and it's just as I had feared.
Ah, I suppose a few things bear explaining. Simply put, someone's trying to ruin our precious Lyhe Mheg─the Garden of Dreams─and they must be stopped!
You know, this problem concerns mortals as well. And as an upstanding member of your kind, it pains you to see your fellows suffer from nightmares, doesn't it?
But of course it does! And that's why you'll lend me your aid!
Without further ado, then, let's set to work solving this problem! Come with me to the place called Sullen west of here. We're going to rendezvous with another ally.
Ooh, you came! You really came! Hee hee, it's true what they say─the king's sapling is as kind as he is strong!
Right then, our ally should be around here somewhere...
In case you were wondering, it's a porxie─those pig-like familiars─and one that has a fondness for nightmares. My Nu Mou acquaintance who alerted me to the strangeness in the children's dreams has sent it to aid us.
Did someone say...nightmares? <sniff> <sniff>
Uwaaah! It's enormous!
Well, of course I'm enormous. It would be impossible to contain all my cuteness otherwise.
Nor your vanity, it seems...
Ah, but where are my manners? Ezel II, dream devourer extraordinaire, at your service. You show me a nightmare, and I'll show you a feast! <snort>
Now, you will be wondering: what is a familiar doing without its master? Well, by virtue of the hat that my creator bestowed upon me, I am my own master!
Yes, yes, you're no ordinary porxie. Good for you. Now, I trust you know about the trouble that's afoot?
Oh, I more than know about the mass nightmares that have been plaguing mortals. I already have a suspect in my sights.
My investigation leads me to believe that a certain pixie bereft of color is our culprit. Of late, they have been sighted fluttering about most suspiciously in the vicinity of Lyhe Ghiah.
Bereft of color? How unusual...
Now, this pixie has the ability to manipulate dreams directly, without even entering Lyhe Mheg. With such power, they could seal away the garden's gates completely.
What!? be able to do that, you have to be at least the equal of Titania!
<snort> You're confused, mortal, and small wonder. But rather than trying to explain, it would be quicker to simply show you.
After all, by keeping company with the Weaver, you've already stepped into the place between dreams and reality. Come.
Do you see that little girl there, moaning and muttering in her sleep? The stench of a nightmare pervades her, unnatural in its potency.
Please... Please give me back my doll... <sob> It's all I have left of Mother...
From what I know, the child is an orphan of Holminster Switch. Though she was adopted, she struggles to fit in with her new family and feels alone.
Tell me, mortal. In what times do you experience nightmares?
All men are driven by certain needs. When severely deprived of a need, their hearts come to harbor a void in which torment quickens. This torment then assumes terrible forms in dreams and takes root in the dreamer's heart.
Tragic enough that this little girl lost her mother, but she also had her doll─her source of solace─taken from her by her stepbrother. It is a heartrending tale. Yes, truly heartrending... <slurp>
Ahhhhhh! This stinky sweet aroma! I can't resist it anymore!
Uh... I'm going to look away...
If you'll excuse me, friends, it is time for me to do what I do best!
As far as I know, porxies can't hide themselves from mortal sight. If the little girl wakes up and sees Ezel slavering over her, she's liable to get a good fright.
Yes, very flavorsome... <burp> And now the child is free of... Uhhh...
What's the matter?
The's richer than anything I've ever eaten... Ohhh, my belly... I think─hurk─I think I'm going to throw up...
What!? You can't! We'd be back to where we started!
Leave that child alone.
Y-You... Who are you? Judging by your color, you're not from Lydha Lran.
Who am I? Hm... I suppose An Lad will suffice for a name.
So, An Lad... You have lots of power, that much is plain. Are you the one plaguing the children with nightmares?
...Plaguing? We simply share in each other's misery.
That child understands me─understands my loneliness. So I sealed the gate, that she might be my friend─and mine alone.
There's nothing you can do. No mere familiar can remove the dream I've sown. Even if it could, the dream will always return, for the child's own heart embraces it.
Not good... If she can't break free of the dream's hold, her mind will inevitably be consumed! She would die!
Ahhh, what a pain this is! It doesn't bother me so much what happens to a few mortals. But it does bother me to have our precious garden ruined!
<sigh> I hate to use my powers this way...but I have an idea. If it's the child's own heart that embraces the nightmare, then we'll just have to change it!
Ezel! You can bring that nightmare back up, but first we have to get somewhere far away from here.
Forename, I need your help too! Come on!
Why? Why must you torment me?
Now then, Forename─for better or worse, you're about to see why they call me the Weaver! Here I go!
Uwaaah! Th-That was inside me!?
This is where you come in, Forename! Vanquish that nightmare creature!
Hurry, strike it down! It shouldn't be any trouble for the king's sapling!
Unnngh... I've done my part... The rest is up to you!
My, you truly are strong! The king chose their sapling well!
Now then, your victory will have changed the ending to the child's dream. She'll awaken feeling as though she has conquered her fears.
Had you not felled that nightmare, it would inevitably find its way back to the child. Excellently done, Forename!
Right, let's hurry back to Sullen and see how she fares. Ezel and I will hide and leave the talking to you.
Huzzah, you did it! And my belly is right as rain again!
Huh? Where am I...? Did I fall asleep?
Um...thanks for waking me up.
There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Mother's worried, so hurry up and go home!
B-Brother! I'm sorry, it seems I dozed off...
There's...there's something I want you to know. It's been lonely. I didn't know how to fit in. What to say and what to do...
Wh-What's this all of a sudden? You haven't so much as spoken a dozen words to us before, much less talked about your feelings...
I know... I was too scared to. And I don't know why, but I feel I have the courage now. To say how I feel.
There's one other thing. The doll... It was a present from my mother. She gave it to me so I wouldn't be lonely.
Is that the way of it? I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't realize how important it was to you. I only meant to tease you, is all.
I'll give it back, all right? So come on, let's go home together.
It seems you've been watching over my sister. Thank you.
Please take care...and see you again!
Hm, that went rather well! Mortals are surprisingly impressionable things!
I see, I see... By eliminating the child's nightmare, we wrought a positive change in her reality, thereby eliminating the void in which her torment resided.
Something like that! An Lad appeared to be drawn to the torment in her heart. With it gone, they have no more reason to plague her.
And with that, we may begin reclaiming our precious Lyhe Mheg...
No matter what, I'll keep it safe. I promise you, Titania...
Tee hee! You're even more adorable when confused! For now, let's just say you've done me a great service.
By way of thanks, it's only fitting that I invite you to our playground. Come to Lydha Lran and seek out my friend Thon Sul. They'll show you the way in!
Having played an instrumental part in our success, it goes without saying that I'm invited as well!
Go on! See how she is!
Tyr Beq says I'm liable to frighten the little girl, but this can't be true, surely? These adorable ears and snout, these winsome curves─I was designed to delight!
Ah, Forename, I presume. I've been expecting you.
You should know, it's quite risky for a mortal to enter the Garden of Dreams while wide awake. You might not be able to fall asleep ever again. That could be interesting too, I suppose?
Aaanyway! By order of Tyr Beq, one of the esteemed founders of Lyhe Mheg, I bid you welcome!
Enter Lyhe Mheg?
Welcome, Forename, welcome! You stand within an illusory space created by our magicks. Normally, it's filled with fun things, but it's been empty like this since the gates were sealed off...
The gates lead to the dreams of mortals in various regions of Norvrandt, you see. They allow us to interact with dreams─to shape them and rollick in them.
<sniff> <sniff> A sinister magic hangs over the gates. The work of An Lad, I shouldn't doubt.
So it seems...
H-How did you get in here!?
Why, Thon Sul showed me in, of course. And even if I weren't your distinguished guest, my cuteness doubtless would have won them over! <snort>
You're not nearly as cute as you think you are... But all right, you can stay. Now, where was I?
Right. With that little girl freed from her nightmares, I sense that the magic over the gates has weakened, slightly but surely.
This is because An Lad has lost interest in the girl, I'm sure of it. We should be able to open one of the gates again─the one leading to Lakeland.
Hm-hmmm... I grasp the situation now, but I daresay our mortal friend is confused. Permit me to summarize it all for his benefit.
An Lad has identified mortals across Norvrandt who strongly share their torment, and planted nightmares in them. In order to prevent interference, they sealed off the gates to the locales beyond.
These mortals under An Lad's hold have spread their influence to those around them, giving rise to the phenomenon of mass nightmares.
What will you say?
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! Why do you suppose An Lad is giving people nightmares? ! Pixies do things for fun. An Lad seems different.

It is quite a mystery. Indeed, knowing An Lad's motivation will be the key to our efforts, and rest assured I shall continue sniffing about for answers. <snort>
All right, that's enough talking. Let's do something fun for a change!
Forename, I'm going to lend you my power. What I want you to do is stand before the gate yonder, and reach out to it─while holding an image of Lakeland in your mind!
Hm? Want to go to Lyhe Mheg, do you?
Enter Lyhe Mheg?
With that, we've reopened the first gate! We only have a few dream bubbles, though, so we can't do much here yet...
The bubbles hold the memories of mortals' fun and happy dreams. They're used to fill our garden with all sorts of delightful things, and we can never have enough of them!
On that note, we could still use your help, Forename. We went through a lot to reopen the gate─we have to make sure that it stays opened!
Proceed with the story?
Right, let's continue this back outside. I'll arrange it so you can always return here─just let Thon Sul know whenever you want to come and go!
So this is the Garden of Dreams... I have been wanting to visit for a long time.
Well, there you have it, Forename─Lyhe Mheg. It's a bit bare at the moment, I know, but we'll collect more dream bubbles and we'll fill the place with fun things again.
What of the gates to the other regions? Shouldn't we try to reopen them as well?
Oh, we should and we will. But first, we need to focus on the one that's already open.
As it stands, Lakeland is still vulnerable to An Lad's influence. In order to keep them and their nightmares away, we must keep the mortals happy─by filling the region with lots of fun dreams!
So you see, Forename, there's still much to be done. Won't you keep helping us so that mortals and pixies can have a place to play together?
Lend your aid to Tyr Beq?
Place an answer Here

! As long as you don't play tricks on me. ! I'm sorry, but it sounds dangerous.

Huzzah! Thank you, Forename! Rest assured I wouldn't dream of playing tricks on you. After all, I'm a good Titania-fearing pixie!
Awww... Well, let me know if you change your mind. If you're worried that I'll play tricks on you, don't be. After all, I'm a good Titania-fearing pixie!
Without further ado, then, let's get to work bringing smiles to the people of Lakeland!
For your part, I want you to gather lots of dream materials─items that we can enchant and use to rebuild Lyhe Mheg.
Lakeland is home to many lonely orphans, so objects that would alleviate loneliness would be ideal. My thanks in advance, Forename!
I too shall continue my investigation! This porxie will not hover idly by while stomach-churning nightmares plague the land! <snort>
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