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Mononoke Aware

Featurequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 90   Mononoke Aware

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Shallow Moor: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Scholar's Harbor - The Peristyle (x:12.1, y:13.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → Scholar's Harbor

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png90An Odd JobFeaturequest1 Icon.png An Odd Job (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Miscellaneous Reward

Variant Dungeonicon.png Mount Rokkon (Level 90)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Shallow Moor wishes a word with her favorite well-traveled adventurer.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071221.png90Of Price and RuinSidequest1 Icon.png Of Price and Ruin (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
Shallow MoorTsubakiTokimoriShishu FalconerHancock
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • Shallow Moor wishes a word with her favorite well-traveled adventurer.
  • Shallow Moor wastes no time informing you of the latest odd job available through the gleaners' guildship: a request from none other than Hancock, which also happens to be addressed to you specifically. His letter bids you make for Hingashi to join in an expedition to Mount Rokkon. Though his ingratiating tone leaves much to be desired, the destination in question has never before been seen by ijin eyes, and so it seems a trip to Kugane is in order, that you might learn more of this rare opportunity.
  • No sooner do you arrive at the Bokairo Inn than are you approached by the irrepressible Hancock, flanked by a pair of unfamiliar Hingan faces. Tsubaki and Tokimori are servants of the lord who presides over the lands containing Mount Rokkon, upon the slopes of which sits a monastery that has been overrun by spirits known as mononoke. Though Hancock is driven by his interest in the accursed treasures responsible for this infestation, the others are clearly concerned for the welfare of the smallfolk in the region. For an accomplished slayer of gods, the exorcision of a few unruly demons is surely not an unreasonable imposition...
  • Ere you board the falcon that will take you deeper into Shishu, Tsubaki urges you to take every precaution for the trials that lie ahead. You steel yourself for an uphill climb, knowing that one false step may leave you at the mercy of foes from Hingan myth.
※Mount Rokkon can be accessed via the V&C Dungeon Finder.
※To open the V&C Dungeon Finder, speak with the Shishu falconer or select the option located under Duty in the main menu.
  • Having laid low one of Mount Rokkon's mighty mononoke and claimed a trophy for Hancock's collection, you make your triumphant return to Kugane on the wings of the falconer's strongest bird. However, the Ul'dahn merchant appears to have fallen behind...
  • After watching his belabored bird make its way across the sky, you finally welcome Hancock and his cargo back to solid ground. With the sights, sounds, and battles still fresh in his mind, the merchant wastes no time in regaling all present with his impressions of your adventure, as well as promising Lord Uzumibi's retainers your continued support in their efforts to rid Mount Rokkon of the demons─and by proxy Hancock's own personal quest for curios. For the time being, however, he must attend to other business, affording you an opportunity to share the promised tale of your exploits with Shallow Moor.
  • Shallow Moor is pleased to see you returned, and more pleased still to hear the details of your journey to Mount Rokkon. Though the guildship considers the matter concluded, you remain acutely aware that mononoke yet lurk in the mountain's shadows...

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Your timing is impeccable, Forename! How do you manage to do that?

An intriguing job has been laid at our feet, and the client insists you be the one to take it up.

That client? Why, none other than the East Aldenard Trading Company!

The missive was dispatched from the Kugane branch rather than Lord Lolorito's offices, but it nevertheless carries the piquant scent of moneyed interests. Care to give it a read?
(- Hancock -)

Dear Forename, In the selfsame spirit of friendship which has defined our every interaction to date, it is my pleasure to extend to you a humble invitation.

'Tis because of your endearing efforts to save this star that we may benefit from this rarest of opportunities, for it was in service to your noble quest to build the good ship Ragnarok that I was able to forge a fruitful bond between myself and another of Hingashi's elites.

This lord has seen fit to grant me─and a guest of my choosing─leave to go where few ijin have tread: beyond the bounds of Kugane, to the sacred slopes of Mount Rokkon itself.

I cannot overstate the significance of this gesture, nor the allure of sights heretofore unseen by Western eyes. Nor is it an exaggeration to say that no one is more deserving of this boon than your magnanimous self.

I eagerly await our reunion at the gates of the Bokairo Inn. Ever your faithful servant,

- Hancock Fitzgerald
What will you say?
Seems there's a holy mountain in Hingashi that needs climbing. There's flattery, and then there's...this.
Shallow Moor
Never thought the Hingans would crack open those gates. Gil talks, that's for damned sure...
Shallow Moor

Laid it on a bit thick, did he? I'd expect no less of a consummate merchant. Not too proud to debase himself when sufficient profit's at stake.

Still, there may be a crumb of sincerity beneath that slathering of honeyed words. And if not, you still stand to benefit from playing along.
Shallow Moor

You'll be heading to Kugane then, I take it?

Perfect! I'll send word that you're on your way.

Fair fortune and safe travels! You'd best come back with plenty of stories to tell, you hear?
Quest Accepted
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Ah, my dear Forename. It gladdens me to see you returned to eastern shores.

As you can see, preparations for our journey are well underway. Partial though I am to the traditional Hingan kimono, if we are to climb a mountain, 'twould be prudent to do so in comfort as well as style.

But I presume you would rather discuss matters of greater import than my attire. Fear not─my capable associates are ready and eager to brief you on the challenge ahead.

We have reserved the finest chambers of the inn for the occasion, so let us reconvene away from all the hustle and bustle, shall we?
066464 hr1.png Far East of Eorzea

Master Hancock, Mistress Forename, we are most grateful for your aid in this matter. I am Tsubaki, and my onmyoji companion is called Tokimori.

We are come to Kugane on behalf of Lord Uzumibi, who presides over Mount Rokkon and the surrounding lands.

His lordship is the one I mentioned in my missive. Hearing of my interest in Far Eastern treasures, he knew at once that I would find the lure of the sacred peak irresistible.

Ah, but I forget that you are not as familiar with these lands as I. Let us begin with the basics, and expound upon the finer points as we go.

To orient our destination in your mind's eye, we must first review Hingashi's geography.

Of the many islands which comprise this nation, it is here, on the western coast of Shishu, where Kugane serves as our shining beacon of commerce.

Mount Rokkon, meanwhile, can be found far from our beloved city of trade...

...Here, in the northeastern corner of the isle.

Upon the slopes of the sacred mountain sits Shojo Temple, a monastery where monks gathered to train their bodies and souls.

Alas, in defiance of this holy purpose, a horde of otherworldly demons have claimed the temple as their own.

His lordship suspects that a collection of accursed treasures is to blame for this infestation. In the Far East, you see, 'tis believed that well-preserved objects may come to possess living souls after a time. These vessels-turned-kami are known as tsukumogami.

A tsukumogami in turn may attract─or even beget─other spirits. These mononoke clearly have no regard for the sanctity of the mount, and so Lord Uzumibi desires a swift resolution.

Compassionate soul that I am, I could not bear to stand idly by. But as men of wealth and influence, base altruism is beneath us both, so I offered to aid his lordship in a manner befitting our stations: by brokering a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Simply put, should I find a way to rid the mountain of mononoke, I may lay claim to any accursed treasures that I find. One man's trash is another man's takaramono! (That's Hingan for “treasure,” by the by.)

And here, my friend, is where you come in. During our jaunts to the mountain, you will serve as my bodyguard and slay any monstrous mononoke we encounter. In exchange, you shall become one of the blessed few to bear witness to the wonders and terrors of Mount Rokkon! A fair deal, yes?
What will you say?
I've always wanted to explore more of Hingashi! Collecting accursed treasures sounds like a dangerous pastime...
That's our Warrior of Light! I knew you wouldn't disappoint.

Your concern for my welfare is endearing but unwarranted. Once the spirit has been dispatched, the object it once possessed shall return to its original, soulless form.

Of course, if an object from my prospective collection were to possess me, you are welcome to violently exorcise it─provided my personage remains unharmed! In any event, let us cross that proverbial “hashi” when we come to it.
Now that the matter of Forename's participation is settled, might I inquire as to the current owner of these items, Mistress Tsubaki?

The treasures were brought into the temple at the behest of Gorai, the head monk. Though his disciples doubt not that his intentions were pure, his actions have brought them great misfortune.

Like you, Master Hancock, Gorai was an avid collector of antiques, and claimed that the tsukumogami who dwelled within them ought to be worshipped. Driven by this fervent belief, he purchased all manner of items he deemed worthy of veneration.

But as his collection grew, so too did certain troubling phenomena. An unholy shadow began to loom over the sacred mountain...and under this wicked veil were the mononoke emboldened to break their fetters. Fearing for their lives, the monks had no choice but to flee, their home defiled by demons.

We could not allow the scourge to spread further, and sent our strongest warriors to slay the fiends, but few returned. Knowing that victory could not be attained by our forces alone, my lord bade us employ magicks to contain the threat.

Tokimori is one of the valiant few who returned from the temple. 'Tis thanks to his diligent reports that we know aught of Mount Rokkon's present state.

Our orders were to find Gorai and convince him to part ways with his treasures, but our pleas fell on deaf ears...he was like unto an animal. I suspect any semblance of reason has left him.

Though the seal we placed upon the mountain endures, the mononoke have had ample time to corrupt the souls of those who could not make good their escape. Should you encounter any “survivors,” do not show them a modicum of mercy─'tis too late.

We have prepared our strongest falcons. Their keeper shall await you by the Bokaisen Hot Springs, and will summon the birds once your preparations are complete.

A word of caution: the falcons fear the mononoke and will refuse to fly close to the temple. They shall bring you to the foot of the mountain, but no further. Beyond that point, you will have to climb.
Many thanks, my friends. Now then─if we are to depart
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Mount Rokkon is rife with dangers. Do not underestimate your enemies.
You are the adventurer who will aid us, I presume? 'Tis an honor and a privilege. My birds shall deliver you to Mount Rokkon's base─go well, my friend, and may the kami keep you.

My thanks once again for your assistance, Master Forename.

Master Hancock had some business matters to attend to before your expedition. Once you are ready, I shall summon him.

I feel compelled to warn you... Even in times of peace, the climb up Mount Rokkon is not for the faint of heart. I suggest you procure sufficient provisions if you have not yet done so, and ensure that your equipment is in working order.

Tokimori's disciples have been tasked with maintaining the mountain's wards. They will open the way for you upon your arrival.

Speak with our falconer when you wish to depart. Though I must remain here, I shall be praying for your success.
Mount R Unlcoked
You may instruct the falconer to call his birds at any time. I trust you will only do so when you are ready to face whatever lies ahead.
You are returned. Few can slay a great mononoke and live to tell the tale...

Master Forename... Full glad am I to see you hale and whole.

I espied Master Hancock's falcon in the distance, but its movements appeared awfully erratic. We can but hope they land safely...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Terribly sorry to have kept you all waiting! Our souvenir was a tad more cumbersome than I realized, but as you can see, we are none the worse for my misjudgment.
Indeed you are not, Master Hancock. My lord will be pleased to hear of your return─and your success, I presume?

'Twas Forename's victory as much as my own─but then, I knew a few demons would be no match for a slayer of gods such as he.

Honestly, for all its perils, I found the journey quite invigorating.

And the pagoda's architecture was nothing short of divine! A masterpiece wrought from timber of the ancient forest within which it stands─a treasure unto itself.

Gridanian works may possess a similar charm, but even an Ul'dahn such as myself could see that it was in a class of its own.

I had high expectations for Shojo Temple, yet it managed to surpass them with ease. I shall not soon forget the silent crowd of statuary, the very picture of divine tranquility.

Would that Gorai still had his wits about him, that I could discuss the collection with a fellow expert! Alas, the poor man was too far gone.

The path was as precarious as we predicted. Inexperienced hiker that I am, I feared I would not reach the peak... Yet my suffering was not in vain. When at last I gazed down upon the sea of fiery foliage, my spirits soared.

Less pleasing to the eye was the beast we encountered at the end of our excursion, though in retrospect, we should have braced for such a surprise, tucked away atop the mountain where unwary pilgrims are unlike to tread.

The shrine upon the lake was the embodiment of Hingan beauty. A vision of elegance shrouded by the ephemeral.

A shame that this vision had to be disturbed by the swift and decisive violence Forename brought to bear against the tsukumogami, but such chaos is inescapable when exploring a mountain rife with demons.

That the pipe was kept away from the other treasures suggests that the monks were aware of its power to some degree. Even so, they failed to anticipate the potency of its influence.

And the pagoda's architecture was nothing short of divine! A masterpiece wrought from timber of the ancient forest within which it stands─a treasure unto itself.

Gridanian works may possess a similar charm, but even an Ul'dahn such as myself could see that it was in a class of its own.

In any case, the people of Shishu can rest easy, knowing a great mononoke has been consigned to oblivion.

...But we, my friend, have malms to go before we sleep!

There were several paths we eschewed, were there not? The mind races to imagine what other delights we may yet behold...
Indeed. A number of treasures remain unaccounted for...and the demons are like to linger until their masters are slain.

Precisely. But take heart, Mistress Tsubaki, for Forename shall not rest until these villains trouble the smallfolk no longer. He shall sally forth, again and again, until the treasures which drew them thither have been secured─and my new collection is complete!

Alas, time waits for no man, and business for no merchant. I must away, but when next you wish to take Mount Rokkon by storm, you need only say the word!

Before you do, however, you might consider sharing the tale of our exploits with Mistress Shallow Moor. The missive I received indicated a rather strong preference in that regard.
We are in your debt, Master Forename. Pray give our regards to Mistress Shallow Moor as well.

I was wondering when you'd be back! How was your adventure in the Far East? Everything go well with Hancock?

I doubt I'd fare well against demons, but I do like the sound of that mountain. Green as far as the eye can see, ripe for the gleaning... Would that I had an assignment like that.

Bah─no need to bemoan my lot in your presence. I suspect Osmon's been awaiting your return more eagerly than I.

Go on and tell him your tales of the mountain. I guarantee you he'll love every word of it!
Quest Complete
The Mount Rokkon Exorcism Record is now available within the V&C Dungeon Finder in the Duty section of the main menu.
New entries will be added to the log as you complete each possible route through the variant dungeon.
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