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Bokairo Inn

Bokairo Inn Banner.png
Zoneicon.pngBokairo Inn
An inn with sweeping ocean views, famed for the healing properties of its hot springs. The Bokairo Inn is the first choice for accomodations for the countless merchants and dignitaries who pass through the port of Kugane. The public baths of Hingashi are largely mixed gender, and it is customary to bathe naked. But in a trading hub such as Kugane, where folk of myriad cultures and creeds mingle, one is expected to don not one's nameday but bathing suit.
Area: Rakuza District
Zone: Kugane (9.5-7.3)
Region: Hingashi
Landmass: Othard
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Outdoor
Aetheryte: Kugane
Aethernet/NPC: Bokairo Inn
Weather: varies
Expansion: Stormblood
Background Music: Behind Closed Doors
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NPCs (6)
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