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Moonfire Faire

The Moonfire Faire is one of the many annual event festivals held in Eorzea. ...

Official History

2013 [1]

Signs of an Old Flame

Before the fall of Dalamud, which would bring about the end of the Sixth Astral Era, a Bombard invasion set ablaze panic in the hearts and minds of the people, threatening to reduce our cities to smoldering rubble and ash. Thanks to a band of adventurers who unwittingly joined the Cascadiers, the igneous invaders were vanquished, and the realm was spared a fiery fate, or so reports had us believe. There has been talk of sightings around Costa del Sol in eastern La Noscea. However, one must always be wary of the whispers of sailors. Ever wont to make sea hares into giant sea serpents and moat carp into mermaids, their wild fabrications have led many an adventurer to misfortune and abashment. Although these were but simple rumors, I would be remiss to overlook reports now coming in from all corners of the realm. Talk of Bombards has spread like wildfire, and for the first time in five years, the Adventurers' Guild has announced the return of the Moonfire Faire.

The Fallacious Festival Returns

Five long years have passed since the fall of Dalamud, and a new generation of adventurers has taken up arms in the absence of the Warriors of Light. But would they be so foolish as to run headlong into the proverbial oven that is the Moonfire Faire? There's no mistaking the Cascadier officers thronging the streets with their pamphlets, permeating the air with platitudes and empty promises. It may not be long before even you, dear reader, come face to face with these ardent recruiters. Though times may change, the insatiable desire for exotic garments and gear shall ever persist among adventurers. A sense of yearning can be seen burning bright in their eyes at the mere mention of garbs they would receive in preparation for battle. The Adventurers' Guild is sure to entice adventurers to heed the call of the Cascadiers, but will it be enough? I can only hope the whimsical farce known as Moonfire Faire will both drive off this incendiary incursion and bolster our spirits.

2014 [2]

Adventurers' Guild Breathes New Life Into Festival!

At last we welcome the tidings of summer─the warm glow of the sun, glistening in the crystal blue waters of the Rhotano Sea; the chirping of birds and the humming of busy bees; and the festivals by which we celebrate the season. Though a time for mirth and merriment to be sure, summer also gives us pause, for the memories of Bombards and their onerous assaults still burn brightly in the minds of many and more.

Given time, these fiery visions of the past would fade, but not before the Adventurers' Guild announced the revival of the Moonfire Faire. With nary a Bombard in sight, the people of Eorzea are baffled by its return. As the premiere purveyor of truth in Limsa, it is the duty of the Harbor Herald to dispel the fog of rumors that clouds the guild's motives.

After speaking with several members of the Adventurers' Guild, it would appear that a fellow by the name Haermaga is behind the festival's return. In fact, my sources say he has donated a fair deal of his own coin for its funding. But why go to such great lengths to rekindle the flames of a festival that has long since lived out its purpose? I asked this very question to a representative of the Adventurers' Guild.

As you may know, the Moonfire Faire was first held five years ago as an initiative to drive out an incursion of Bombards─fiery fiends that meant to reduce the realm to ash. Although the foul creatures have not returned, the Moonfire Faire was, in a manner of speaking, always meant to be a joyous occasion. We feel that is reason enough to hold a summer celebration. A host of events are planned for this year's faire, giving townsfolk the opportunity to better acquaint themselves with the guild, and see what it truly means to be an adventurer. There is more to our work than battle and spoils, and hopefully the people of Eorzea will come to understand that.

They claim this to be an appeal to the masses, but the allure of the faire in previous years was just as sweet. Lacking the impending threat of fiery oblivion, we can only wait and see what surprises await in this year's Moonfire Faire. - Petyr Winsome

Moonfire Faire Celebrations of Eorzea