Myrmidon Princess

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Level 38
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The vast majority of antlings in a colony are classified as workers or soldiers,[1] which can be identified by three-pronged carrying mandibles or two-pronged shearing mandibles, respectively. However, some workers are seen acting as sentries and soldiers in certain colonies.[2]. Soldiers tend to be lighter in color than workers, and high in a colony's hierarchy, hues can even shifts towards green (in the case of the health-restoring marshal) or blue (in the case of the princess). The egg-laying queen possesses abdomen that is visibly distinct in the genus.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Central Thanalan - Cutter's Cry - The Dry Sands - The Feeding Pit  38 Formic Acid Icon.png Formic Acid Aggressive.png
Hunting Log (1)
Name Rank
Hunting Log: Immortal Flames 16 2
The Princess will summon more Ants to her aid during the fight. These need to be killed quickly, or they will overwhelm the party. When She summons her Marshal, he must be killed first as he will heal her during the fight.
An alternative strategy is to have the healer "kite" the Marshal around, while the rest of the party kills the Princess. Easily done with a White Mage, as they can put Regen on the tank and get instant healing aggro on the Marshal, making it easy to run around. Scholar will have a harder time of it, but it's still possible. This is the fastest method to kill Myrmidon Princess.
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