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No Job Too Small

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 88   No Job Too Small

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Alphinaud: Labyrinthos - The Central Circuit - Kokkol's Forge (x:21.1, y:34.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte:

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png88Going UndergroundMainquest1 Icon.png Going Underground (Level 88)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 88)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Alphinaud is resisting the urge to pat himself on the back.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Alisaie.
  • Gather information in Sharlayan Hamlet. 0/3
  • Search for the behatted rabbit.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png88Wise GuidesMainquest1 Icon.png Wise Guides (Level 88)
071221.png80Apple-y Ever AfterSidequest1 Icon.png Apple-y Ever After (Level 80)
071221.png80Herbicidal TendenciesSidequest1 Icon.png Herbicidal Tendencies (Level 80)
071221.png80Seeing RedSidequest1 Icon.png Seeing Red (Level 80)
071221.png80The Case of the Missing GleanerSidequest1 Icon.png The Case of the Missing Gleaner (Level 80)
071341.png80Let the Good Times TrollFeaturequest1 Icon.png Let the Good Times Troll (Level 80)

  • Alphinaud is resisting the urge to pat himself on the back.

If Chronicles of a New Era - Bahamut is incomplete. If Chronicles of a New Era - Bahamut is complete.
Well, I'm all for relying on the power of friendship, but we're now left with the rare luxury of having nothing to do. There must be something that requires our attention!
Though Bahamut is long gone, the internment hulks are far from safe.

It could be much worse, of course. They won't have to fight their way past Meracydian dragons, nor is there any danger the elder primal might be summoned again.

Even so, I daresay there are still a fair few Allagan creations and contraptions remaining to bar our friends' way. I only hope that Grandfather watches over them.
First the Telophoroi, and now the Final Days. Heh─no one can accuse the Ilsabard contingent of backing down from a challenge!

Of course, they weren't all so committed to the cause when we first set out.

But after seeing the example set by you, Alphinaud, and the others, the change was palpable. They couldn't help but believe.
I'm confident that even the deadliest of Allagan defense mechanisms are no match for our allies.
At this rate, some of them might soon have as many accomplishments to their names as a certain Warrior of Light.
What serendipitous irony that the remnants of the Seventh Umbral Calamity would become the keys to mankind's salvation. Never more certain have I been that Master Louisoix watcheth over us from the aetherial sea...
Time and time again, it seems that Allagan something-or-other are either the cause of or the solution to our problems.
Hmm... To think the selfsame materials that once launched Dalamud will now be used to help ferry mankind to the moon. There's a poetry in that.
...Considering how much of a fuss he made at the time, I don't see why he takes every opportunity to bring it up. It was just firewood.
'Preciate you doin' all this, but I ain't gettin' me hopes up just yet!
Though our friends are searching for refined adamantite and sacred relics, we will only know if they meet your requirements once they have arrived.
In the meantime, is there aught else we might do to be of service?
Ha! You've already done more than enough!

If I had to say, though, I could use someone who knows a thing or two about Allagan technology...

You there! The lad with the red eyes n' matchin' hair! You seem to know more than the average scholar!
Ha! If only Master Kokkol knew how right he was. While he and G'raha establish a rapport, why don't we help with preparations for the great exodus?

Indeed, this would mean going above and beyond the terms of our arrangement─but I propose this not to curry favor.

As confident as I am that we will succeed, we must be ready for every eventuality. This would also be an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the logistics of traversing the great expanse. And if nothing else, it beats twiddling our thumbs while we wait for the adamantite.
Well, ain't you a bunch of helpful buggers? If you've a mind to lend a hand, I know where you ought to go.
Sharlayan Hamlet is lousy with researchers and scholarly types, busyin' themselves preparin' for the exodus. Pah! That lot need all the help they can get!
Well, then! Off we go!
Quest Accepted
I'll admit, without refined adamantite, I ain't got a bloody clue how else I could get the aetherburner performin' any better! If you lot don't come up with the goods, we're buggered!
I shall endeavor to provide Master Kokkol with whatever information he should require!
Local Dialogue
(- Elezen Male Researcher -)
You call these documents research?
They're not even worth wiping the privy floor with!
Is the view from here not simply breathtaking? If I did not know it to be a glamour, I would swear that sky was real.
Ahem! A little privacy, please?
(- Hyur Male Researcher -)
Excuse me. Do you have any digestives?
(- Female Researcher -)
We do stock them, but we just sold out. My apologies...
(- Hyur Male Researcher -)
I've not heard a thing about when the blasted research is due! You?
Don't think about those wretched tomatoes... No, you're doing it again! Stop! Hm? Oh, forgive me. I was speaking to myself. Pay me no mind.
Mammets, unlike those made of flesh and blood, can actually keep secrets, which is why we employ them here.
Just making sure everything is running as it should be. Things could fall apart very quickly if I don't keep a close eye on the equipment.
Careful walking through this area, outsider. The skatene are ever watchful of the goings-on here. One wrong move and it could mean your eyes.

Haha! I jest.

Oh dear, did you believe me?
Ah yes, I remember you. You're with the Students of Baldesion, are you not? How can I help you?
I wonder how a rabbit got in here... And why would anyone put a hat on it?
Master Fourchenault is the head of Aporia, and it is for his beliefs I continue to labor so.
Without the aetherburner working to the required capacity, we will be forced to make some very difficult decisions...
(- Elezen Male Researcher -)
One must always be learning, even during periods of rest.
I am cogitating great thoughts at the moment. Please do not interrupt me.
There's no end to the work we're required to do for the exodus. Even so, we must remember to rest, as I am now. These are not the sort of tasks you can perform while half-asleep.
In order to protect the secrets of the Central Circuit, the researchers must navigate a bewildering maze of paperwork before they are permitted to return to the surface.
I suppose it's no different than any other aspect of Sharlayan society. We do love our bureaucracy. It's very much a mirror of the city above, which is perhaps how it came to be called Sharlayan Hamlet.
As surprised as I was to learn the Forum planned to send everyone to the moon, I can't imagine how the commonfolk must feel about it.
What a quaint little settlement this is. A shame it is hidden underground.
Do my senses deceive me? In the shadow of yon corner...
Hmm. One can but hope this leadeth not to mischievous undertakings.
I don't mind a bit of heavy lifting, but I draw the line at paperwork. So much as wave a sheaf of documents at me and I'll put my lance through it.
From what I can tell, a lot of the people actually live down here.

I don't know how much help we can offer, but I daresay they'll benefit from some of that “fresh inspiration” Scholarch Montichaigne mentioned.

Let's start by asking around, ideally without getting in anyone's way!
Let's meet by the aetheryte once our work is done.
Local Dialogue
In my spare time while I wait on that adamantite, I'm believin' in you as hard as I can... Is it helpin' yet?


...How 'bout now?
Oh, um, hullo. Are you one of the new helpers?

Working on the aetherburner? Oh dear... I hear things have come to a standstill on that front.

Even so, I'd choose that over my current duties. Checking and loading samples, day in, day out. It's tiring, thankless work...

Still, no one'll be cross if I misplace a few legumes or what have you. The Forum's got enough on their plate as it is, what with deciding who gets to board the ark and when. Lot of powerful people have “opinions” about that.

My heart goes out to Master Fourchenault and the others. Hardly get a moment's rest, I expect. Do they even have time to sleep?
It's a race against time to prepare for the great exodus, but with everyone in such a rush, we're bound to make mistakes.
Helping with the ark? Even with all the power Master Kokkol's managed to squeeze out of the aetherburner, it's still not enough, apparently.

And now I hear the Final Days have arrived. Horrible creatures running rampant all over... <sigh> If only we'd begun the exodus sooner.

People are dying, and there'll be no end to it if we don't fulfill our duties.

But we will. We've spent years preparing for this moment. Believe in the plan, and all will be well.
If the aetherburner isn't up to snuff, we'll have to begin the exodus sooner than planned so we can make as many trips as possible.
Might fail to meet the projected targets, too. If so, we'll be faced with some hard choices about what to leave behind. And who...
Offering to help? That's very kind, but I should be able to organize the rest of the documents by myself.

It's mostly lists of the things we'll need once we arrive on the moon, and then whichever star we choose as our new home. My duties largely concern the maintenance of living conditions, so I'll be a lot busier after we depart.

I hear that our lunar collaborators have come down to assist in our efforts. I'm looking forward to finally meeting them in person, after having communicated with them in such a limited capacity thus far.

To be perfectly honest, I've not even the slightest idea what they look like! I do hope they're not enormous, looming giants... Why, I would much prefer something small and fluffy, like that behatted rabbit that ran by...
Come to think of it, rabbits don't normally wear hats, do they? Or run on their back paws? Hmm... Perhaps it was an escaped sample.
'Twould appear the Loporrits have infiltrated Sharlayan's most heavily guarded facility. How, I know not.
Crikey! I wasn't expecting to see you here, Forename!

I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to say good-bye. And for, uh, having those other Loporrits attack you. Terrible misunderstanding, that.

Not to worry, though, as all have since recovered from the rather savage beating you administered. They bear you no ill will! Well, perhaps a little, on account of the savagery, but time heals all wounds! Most, anyway.
Hum hum-hummm~♪
What joy to sample the delights of Etheirys!
How marvelous it is to see you again! You'll be pleased to hear I've learned much since our fascinating discussion at the Carrotorium.

It's all thanks to Urianger, you see. He's taught me the finer points of cooking, which, despite my name, I knew very little about. So many dishes, so many hard-to-pronounce words!

Actually, I was rather hoping he'd show me how to bake an Archon loaf. They're quite popular, I hear, though it doesn't sound like it contains any flavor to speak of. Still, if that's the sort of thing your kind enjoys, I shall make enough to last the whole journey!
Fancy meeting you here, Forename!

Our friends in the Forum brought us to see their teeny-tiny toy boat, which was quite impressive considering they didn't use any creation magicks.

What we're really interested in is Etheirys itself, though we now find ourselves in a sort of funny, underground, miniaturized version of it.

We were hoping the Forum would give us a guided tour, but it appears they're rather preoccupied. Honestly! All that time to prepare, and they're still not ready!

I suppose we'll just have to show ourselves around. Or at least, that's what we were planning to do until we chanced upon Urianger and your good self!

Since you're both dawdling about, engaging in idle chitchat, perhaps you could show us a few points of interest! Won't that be fun?
Quest Completed
If you're too busy to show us the sights, we'll find other ways to keep ourselves amused, don't you worry.
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