Going Underground

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 88   Going Underground

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Fourchenault: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Archons' Design - The Rostra (x:11.3, y:6.6)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → The Rostra

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png88Outside HelpMainquest1 Icon.png Outside Help (Level 88)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 88)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Chondrite Chest Gear Coffer (IL 545)
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Fourchenault's ability to maintain a stiff upper lip is being sorely tested.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png88No Job Too SmallMainquest1 Icon.png No Job Too Small (Level 88)

  • Fourchenault's ability to maintain a stiff upper lip is being sorely tested.
  • Alphinaud's proposal to aid the Forum in improving their starship in exchange for being allowed to borrow it for some unspecified undertaking was, surprisingly, accepted by the majority. Fourchenault, who was on the losing side of the vote, now finds himself forced to comply with the wishes of the Forum and guide the Scions to the secret location where the ark is undergoing its final adjustments.
  • The descent into the lower reaches of Labyrinthos begins at the Archeion, though you are required to obtain permission to ride the lift before proceeding farther. Having seen to the arrangements, Fourchenault leads the way to the Medial Circuit.
  • You follow Fourchenault past the many and varied facilities of the Medial Circuit, before arriving at Logistikon Alpha.
  • Alphinaud regales you with a tale from his childhood in which his father taught him the fundamentals of precipitation. Though somewhat unrelated to your present endeavor, the anecdote serves to remind you that relations between Alphinaud and Fourchenault were not always as strained as they have been in recent years...
  • You ride the lift down to the Central Circuit, where the Forum's greatest secrets are apparently kept. Despite the many hurdles you were required to overcome to even set foot here, Fourchenault permits you free rein of the area. However, as time is of the essence, you decide that you had best save your wandering for another time.
  • Fourchenault explains that the aetherburner is being constructed in a nearby location under the supervision of one Kokkol Dankkol. He then leads the way down the path, followed closely by your fellow Scions.
  • After finally rousing Kokkol Dankkol from his pondering, the eccentric engineer explains that in order to render the ark capable of achieving the required speeds, he must obtain large quantities of refined adamantite. Though you are no stranger to seeking out rare materials, this particular alloy is believed to be found only in certain highly coveted Allagan artifacts, such as those hidden in the depths of Dalamud's shards. Given the inherent risk in venturing inside these sites, Kokkol has refrained from sending gleaners to procure the adamantite. Luckily for him and the Scions, you have an extensive network of able-bodied warriors ready and willing to undertake such expeditions. With an impromptu linkpearl conversation, Alphinaud arranges for quantities of the metal to be delivered from every corner of the world─along with a Far Eastern relic or two from Othard─which should resolve Kokkol's predicament.
  • With so many visitors expected to be pouring into Sharlayan in the near future, Krile decides to return to the surface to make the necessary arrangements. She also hints that she may have her own means of acquiring refined adamantite, but decides to keep her source a secret for the time being.

As instructed, I shall take you to see the aetherburner.
Meet me outside the Archeion. I trust you can make your own way there.
So the ark is being built in Labyrinthos. Hardly surprising. Where else could they conceal such a massive undertaking...
Quest Accepted

I don't understand the appeal of reshaping it to look like the world above. Make your peace with what it is, or go outside if that's what you prefer.
Do they intend to carry everything in the Archeion to the moon? They said they'd started loading scientific records and biological samples, but do they really need all of it?
Among the many and varied documents sent to the moon, I did chance upon several inventories made in the Archeion.
Mayhap the Forum believed such records would provide insight into the intricacies of clerical duties. Regardless, the Loporrits did not consider them worthy of more than a cursory glance.
That we have been granted permission to enter the lower levels is proof of our increased standing. Would that they had been willing to confide in us sooner...
It seems so long ago we first set foot here.
Where once we were refused entry, we are now welcomed as guests...
It has been many moons since I last visited Labyrinthos. As vast as the archives were back then, they've only continued to grow in the days since.
Some would surely object to the Forum allowing “foreign elements” to have the run of their secret facilities. We should count ourselves lucky.

Our destination lies in the lower levels.

The Forum, in its wisdom, has granted you access to the Archeion's lift.

Step inside and have Ophilyne take you to the Medial Circuit.
You wish to use the lift, yes?

Proceed to the Medial Circuit?
Yes No

I have sent your associates ahead to Logistikon Alpha, on the other side of Meryall Agronomics.

Actually...there is something I have been meaning to...

...No, never mind. It can wait. Let us attend to the matter at hand.

The fields we passed along the way brought back memories...of Ferndale. Unfortunately, we were never blessed with such abundant crops.
Oh, there you are. Having words with Master Fourchenault, by any chance?
On our journey here, I was filled with an inexplicable sense of elation to see vegetables other than carrots being cultivated. Why, it near brought a tear to mine eye...
The further underground we go, the more surprises we find.
I wonder what this place is actually for...
We must be close to the Central Circuit, which is where Sharlayan's greatest secrets are held...if the tomes I perused told the whole story.
Knowing the Forum, even the people working down here are probably kept in the dark about the true purpose of this place...

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
We are to wait here while our father arranges for us to use the next lift.

"Here" being Logistikon Alpha, where the atmospheric conditions of Labyrinthos are regulated.

Water is drawn from underground and dispersed as vapor, stimulating the formation of artificial clouds and rain.

By manipulating the temperature and air circulation, they are able to create the ideal environment for the growth and preservation of the biological samples kept here.
Hold on. How do you know so much about it?
Why, Father brought me here as a child.
What!? And left me behind!?
Actually, you're the one who left me behind, when you went off somewhere with Grandfather.
The night before, I'd been asking Father how clouds are made, so he decided to show me. It was fascinating─I peppered him with questions the entire time.
'Tis all too easy to take for granted the many interweaving aspects of the natural world. To grow inured to the wondrous.

But having gained an understanding of the complex mechanisms employed by the Loporrits in recreating a similar environment, I have come to view such processes in a new light.

The subterranean gardens of Labyrinthos, the lunar prison forged to contain the ancient Zodiark, the habitations built for all mankind 'neath the moon's surface... Each unique, yet undeniably similar.
'Tis no mere coincidence.

Ever since Hydaelyn unfolded to us the grim fate that awaits Etheirys, every essential resource we could spare has been delivered to Labyrinthos, in preparation for the great exodus. But that is not all...

It is also a testing ground for the technologies that will allow us to settle on distant stars.

Though the Loporrits have endeavored to make the moon inhabitable, that is not our final destination. Mankind must learn to propagate life where there is none, to thrive where all is barren.

Alas, time is not on our side.

I have arranged for you all to enter the Central Circuit. It is there that most of our preparations for the great exodus are carried out, the construction of the ark among them.

Though our plans have been made public, access remains highly restricted. You, however, will not be subject to said restrictions, and will have free rein to come and go as you please. Such was the will of the Forum, after all.
We will prove ourselves worthy of their trust. Your trust.
Then let us proceed.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

By decree of the Forum, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are permitted to enter the Central Circuit.
Proceed to the Central Circuit?
Yes No

Local Dialogue
You will need to use this lift should you wish to go to the Medial Circuit. Let me know if you are headed that way.

Proceed to the Medial Circuit?

Yes No

Do you wish to enter the Central Circuit?

Proceed to the Central Circuit?

Yes No

I have no idea what makes Alphinaud so confident we can solve this problem of theirs. Relentless optimism, I presume. A not-unwelcome trait in a youth...but less so in a gambler. Aye─let us resolve never to let him set foot in the Gold Saucer.
We might finally have the chance to commune directly with Hydaelyn...provided we somehow manage to succeed where Sharlayan's finest engineers have failed. Still, it won't hurt to have a look!
The temperate environment here is not unlike that of Bestways Burrow, though the diverse vegetation doth produce a far more complex bouquet of aromas. A welcome difference indeed, for I have grown weary of the scent of carrots...
I imagine the secrets kept here would be of great benefit to mine own research, but I will refrain from indulging my curiosity for the time being.
Please tell me we're almost there... Or is there another underground level we have to reach? The Even-more-central Circuit, perhaps?
This is it... The Central Circuit!
The sooner we can get a look at this aetherburner of theirs, the sooner we can start working out how to improve it!
The farther down we travel, the more expansive the sky above becomes, artificial though it is.
Would that the heavens elsewhere could be so idyllic...

The aetherburner is being constructed not far from here.

Overseeing the work is Kokkol Dankkol, after whom the forge is named.

Once the necessary introductions have been made, I shall leave you with him to discuss the particulars. This way.

Local Dialogue
No, no, if we do that there's a chance the mechanism won't function at all. We'd best rethink the design from scratch...
Just checking to make sure everything is of an acceptable quality. I make a point of rejecting anything that doesn't meet my standards on the spot.
(- Hyur Male Engineer -)
Spare some extra material?
(- Roegadyn Female Engineer -)
You're out already? <sigh> Fine—but be frugal with it.
Are my eyes to be believed!? Forename Surname, in the flesh?
Why, I've read all about you in the memoirs of Count Edmont de Fortemps, but never did I dream this day would come! Someone pinch me!

This is the man we seek. Do try not to startle him...
I was expecting the Skysteel Manufactory, but instead I find the village smithy...
He looks lost in thought, although it seems he's hit something of a stumbling block...
Surely the Forum hath already petitioned the aid of the Loporrits, given their familiarity with such technologies...
While many of the facilities within the Central Circuit seem to be visible from the upper levels, the more secretive work must be carried out behind closed doors.
Is he...talking to himself?
Perhaps you'd like to break the ice?
He hasn't even realized we're here... Or perhaps he has realized, but just doesn't care.
For a closely guarded secret, you can see practically everything from outside, even with the magical barrier surrounding it...

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
I could swap 'em out... No─been there, done that, damn near lost me eyebrows...
Think, Kokkol, think! We'd be well on our way to paradise, visionaries pattin' themselves on the backs for their grand accomplishments if you'd only think!
Yes... That does sound rather lovely...
Gyaaah! ...I mean, Master Fourchenault, what a pleasant surprise! We're not blastin' off already, are we!?
Which is why the Forum has elected to accept assistance in resolving the aetherburner conundrum.
Huh. Not seen you lot down here before.
There are Archons among their number, but engineering is not their expertise. Nevertheless, the Forum concedes the slim possibility that they may have insights to offer. If not, you are at liberty to return them to the surface...by whatever means you see fit.
assure you that won't be necessary. Now, about your troubles with the aetherburner...?
Aye, aye, I'll walk you through it. S'pose I could do with a change of pace.

As the name ought to tell you, the aetherburner "burns" aether─ambient or otherwise─and transforms it into motive force. Think of it like a giant bomb that never stops explodin'.

Even out in that black void where the aether's right sparse, it's strong enough to move our ark. And it probably won't kill you like an actual bomb!

...But it ain't perfect.

Accordin' to my calculations, to travel to the moon and back fast enough for the Forum's likin', the conversion rate needs to be six percent more efficient.

"A measly six percent," you say, but if I could've squeezed even another “point six” out of it, don't you think I'd've built it that way in the first place!
Hast thou consulted with the Loporrits?
Yes. They too are conducting their own research, for lack of a ready answer.

The moon's propulsion systems are considerable, naturally, yet they are commensurately massive.

It is no easy feat to convert their technology into an efficient means of propulsion for a "teeny-tiny toy boat," as they say─and as I most certainly do not.
Yes, exactly! Damn it all, I ask for refined adamantite and they send me uppity rabbits with inscrutable, ancient, incompatible technology... You tryin' to drive me mad?
Do you speak of Allagan-refined adamantite, perchance?
You know of it?
Only in the most general terms, I'm afraid. 'Twas an alloy of Allagan make, but the secrets of its production were closely guarded.
Aye, that's the stuff! No material more conductive far as I know. Slottin' some in's like blowing up a dam and watching the river of aether come rushing through!

Ain't a living soul that knows how to make it, though.

We were fortunate enough to salvage some for the aetherburner─just a wee bit, mind─from a chunk of Dalamud that came hurtlin' into the Northern Empty during the Calamity.

With more...well, that extra six percent efficiency would be child's play. It's a cryin' shame that we've no other sources.
Surely the many shards of Dalamud scattered throughout Eorzea would suffice. Why not get the refined adamantite from them?
Oh we tried, believe you me. But only a few specialized pieces would've had any in 'em to begin with.

Drive cores from Ragnarok-class internment hulks—those are the prize bits we really need.

But accordin' to the gleaners, gettin' to 'em means delvin' deep into the shards—and the defenses are still very operational and very eager to blow 'em up.

It's rough goin' in there, even for the cream. Not sure they'd make it out alive...
...Weren't we near that part of the Ragnarok when we went to destroy Bahamut?

What will you say?
You want me to go and fetch the wotsits?
The White Raven's ghost...it haunts me...
This sounds like a job for someone else.
That may be for the best...though you'd doubtless find the task too dull for your liking.
Forename, are you alright? You look pale as a...well!
Best put that battle from your mind for now. Deep breaths, that's it...
Oh, very funny. Hah hah.
Hmm... There are multiple internment hulks in Eorzea alone, so handling this ourselves may not be the most efficient option.

Rather, if we could salvage adamantite from the shards simultaneously...

Thancred, is the linkshell we established before you went to Garlemald still active?
Of course. The floor is yours.
What's all this?
Gathering firewood, so to speak. We alone can accomplish little, but joined by others, we may yet build a bonfire to carry us heavensward.
This is Alphinaud. The Scions have need of you.
(- Lucia -)
Understood. I will contact the Lord Commander and dispatch our finest at once.
My sisters are somewhat preoccupied with the Final Days─so I will lead the Twelveswood expedition myself.
Are you aware of any other sources of refined adamantite?
Logically, such an invaluable alloy would have been utilized solely where absolutely necessary─in components intended to conduct or collect surpassing amounts of aether.
Any extant instrumentation or devices would have likely found their way into the hands of aetherologists or...enthusiasts.
(- Cirina -)
Magical artifacts of Allagan design? The Eastern alliance will send word to one and all.
Are there other ways we may offer aid? No shards of the lesser moon scar our soil, but our stake in this cause is no less for it...
Is there anything in Othard that might be of use to you?
Othard, you say!? You've got friends in far places, lad!

Anyroad, if you're offerin', I wouldn't say “no” to one of those Far Eastern sacred relics.

Some of them can hold enough aether to summon a whole damn primal. Combine a source like that with the aetherburner and three...two...one...kaboom!
...I gather you heard his explosive enthusiasm. Might you secure us a suitable relic?
(- Cirina -)
It shall be done! I know little of machines, but I promise we will do our utmost to gather the materials you need to finish your starship.
I am glad for the work, in truth. Better to busy oneself than wait and fret over disasters foretold.
(- Sicard -)
Then why're we all still standin' about yappin'? There's plunder for the takin'─an' I'm a born plunderer!
I'll be in Ol' Sharlayan before you know it. Start mixing the grog!
I'm certain that can be arranged. Thank you all─and do be careful.
Just like that!
Aye, just like that, our refined adamantite is on its way.
Now let us consider our next steps, shall we? There's yet much to be done.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

'Preciate you doin' all this, but I ain't gettin' me hopes up just yet!
...Considering how much of a fuss he made at the time, I don't see why he takes every opportunity to bring it up. It was just firewood.
What serendipitous irony that the remnants of the Seventh Umbral Calamity would become the keys to mankind's salvation. Never more certain have I been that Master Louisoix watcheth over us from the aetherial sea...
I'm confident that even the deadliest of Allagan defense mechanisms are no match for our allies.
At this rate, some of them might soon have as many accomplishments to their names as a certain Warrior of Light.

Though Bahamut is long gone, the internment hulks are far from safe.

It could be much worse, of course. They won't have to fight their way past Meracydian dragons, nor is there any danger the elder primal might be summoned again.

Even so, I daresay there are still a fair few Allagan creations and contraptions remaining to bar our friends' way. I only hope that Grandfather watches over them.

Well, I'm all for relying on the power of friendship, but we're now left with the rare luxury of having nothing to do. There must be something that requires our attention!

There are no oaths or contracts binding the members of the Ilsabard contingent, and in many ways, it was even more loosely organized than the Crystal Braves.
Nevertheless, I knew none would refuse this call to arms. Truly, we have been blessed with trustworthy and dependable allies.
Time and time again, it seems that Allagan something-or-other are either the cause of or the solution to our problems.
Hmm... To think the selfsame materials that once launched Dalamud will now be used to help ferry mankind to the moon. There's a poetry in that.
First the Telophoroi, and now the Final Days. Heh─no one can accuse the Ilsabard contingent of backing down from a challenge!

Of course, they weren't all so committed to the cause when we first set out.

But after seeing the example set by you, Alphinaud, and the others, the change was palpable. They couldn't help but believe.

It's times like these we're reminded of how famous─or infamous─Alphinaud has become. Who'd have thought he could achieve so much with a single linkpearl conversation!

As we're expecting rather a lot of visitors in the near future, I'd best return to the surface and inform the relevant parties.

I also have a contact of my own that might be worth a try...
Oh? And who might that be?
That's for me to know and you to find out!
And on that note, I leave matters here in your capable hands. Best of luck!
Quest Complete

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
(- System -)
Meanwhile, in Ul'dah...
...Our course of action is clear. We must harvest refined adamantite from the shards of Dalamud, and procure arcane relics of Allagan make.

Summon the best and brightest of our Immortal Flames, and form an expeditionary party at once! Call upon the Sultansworn and Brass Blades for support as you must.

Papashan, send word to the guilds. We will require the expertise of master artisans if we are to have any hope of identifying and recovering these elusive materials.

Fyrgeiss, we have need of your Stone Torches.

They are to assist the Immortal Flames in scouring the ruins, and to help secure the surrounding areas. I trust I can count on your support?
As commander of the Stone Torches, my son Zirnberk will personally see it done.
Pipin. I would have you lead the raiding party. Assemble your finest, and with Tizona's blade clear the way.

Lord Lolorito, I pray you take charge of the search for Allagan relics. Surely you know of some being traded on open or clandestine markets, or sleeping in collectors' vaults.

Of course, I ask not that you do this out of the kindness of your heart. By all means, profit on the transactions. I wish you the joy of it.

The Final Days descend upon our world. If circumstances are truly as dire as they say, Ul'dah's best efforts may be for naught.

And yet, when we Eorzeans rose from the ashes to rebuild our broken realm, did we not learn one simple truth?

That which seems all but impossible to overcome alone, may yet be possible if we stand together.

It was the Scions who united us then, and it is the Scions who call upon us now.

Ul'dah will answer that call. We will summon our courage, and join the fight for our world's future.

You know your duties! I, Nanamo Ul Namo, seventeenth in the line of Ul, bid you good luck and godsspeed!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
(- System -)
Meanwhile, in the Black Shroud...
We've fielded a goodly number, but our ranks are heavy with healers. And an abundance of restorative magicks will be of little help in destroying Dalamud's defenses.
Still, it has ever been thus with Gridania. We must steel ourselves for a protracted engagement...
In that case, might I suggest taking us along?
Commander Hext!? What are you doing here?
None of the shards in Gyr Abania are big enough to hold an internment hulk.
So we said to ourselves─why not lend our neighbors a hand? We thought you might be short on people with a talent for breaking things.
While it pains me to admit it...you are right. Are our deficiencies so plain to see?
It might've been a lifetime ago, but I was once one of the Scions assigned to the Shroud.
I know this forest well. I know your people. And I know we will be stronger if we fight this fight together.
Then I will impose upon you with a clear conscience. Come, let us speak of how to integrate our forces.
I won't let it all be for nothing. I promise you, Papalymo...
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
(- System -)
Meanwhile, in Coerthas...
There...there you are!

We've no time to waste, Brother! Everyone has already... Ah.

That...that was a roar. A dragon's roar!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
(- System -)
Meanwhile, in the Ruby Sea...
...And so, in summation, the Eastern alliance, as well as the honorable Lord Lolorito himself, reached out to me for assistance in procuring these treasures of the divine─and I, in turn, do beseech the Confederacy for aid.
Hm? Is that...?
Hancock? What a surprise this is!
And a fortuitous one at that. I have a favor to ask, you see...
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Local Dialogue
Master Fourchenault has apprised me of your situation. You may take the lift to the Central Circuit as you see fit.

Proceed to the Central Circuit?

Yes No
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