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Beastiary Icon.pngOmni  NMicon.pngZoneicon.pngHuntmobicon.png
Clockwork Predator
Clockwork Predator
Level 60
Mob Description:

Histories tell that in the dying days of the Allagan Empire, uprisings occurred one after the other in every corner of their vast territory. The imperial army came up with a plan both to suppress these insurrections and stave off revolt from within—they'd build an army of automata that would never disobey their masters' orders. And where better to station these soldiers than their magical flying fortress? No doubt the captain of these automata, “Omni,” would not take too kindly to adventurers stripping the fortress of all it's worth and selling the looted artifacts back on land for a pittance![1]

Species Description:
Genus Description:
It was not long before the enemies of the Allagan Empire—most often resistance cells from within—learned ways of tampering with clockwork soldiers’ original programming, effectively turning the machina on their masters. To prevent this, imperial technologists worked with aetherochemists to create a more manlike soldier which would prove nigh impossible to corrupt. The result was the clockwork predator, which, in addition to having an impenetrable security protocol, was also a faster, more efficient killer.[2]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Azys Lla  60 Passive.pngElite Monster
The Hunt (1)
Hunt: Omni
28-16, 28-11, 34-13, 27-11,33-6, 38-7, 13-38, 8-34, 11-30, 17-29, 10-27, 15-29
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