Once Upon a Time

Map64 Icon.png Lv. 72   Once Upon a Time
Zone: Il Mheg - Timh Gyeus  (10.3-23.5)
Starting NPC:
The sweet nectar of Il Mheg's blossoms is coveted by many a species, not excepting the aggressively territorial anemone─an unfortunate reality that the pixie charged with collecting this moon's supply of the stuff is now discovering firsthand.
Experience Gil Bicolor Gemstone
Expicon.png243,000 Gil Icon.png144 Bicolor Gemstone Icon.png12
World: The First
Landmass: Norvrandt (Landmass)
Region: Norvrandt
Zone: Il Mheg
Area: Timh Gyeus
Coordinates: 10.3-23.5
Level: 72
Type: Slay Enemies
Changes Status: Spawns Twice Upon a Time Caution Icon.png
Fate Chain: 1/3