Out of the Frypan

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   Out of the Frypan
Out of the Frypan Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png83,700-120,150 Gil Icon.png1,103
Optional Rewards
Gatherer's Guile Materia VI Icon.png Craftsman's Cunning Materia VI Icon.png Craftsman's Command Materia VI Icon.png 
Informationicon.png Description
Gyoshin is so eager to speak with you that he can no longer contain himself, and is now rocking back and forth with anticipation.

※Please note that you may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.

Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Speak with Cirina.
  • Speak with Magnai.
  • Speak with Sadu.
  • Report to Gyorei.
  • (DoH)  Synthesize a set of ceremonial bow components HQ Icon2.png. 0/1
    Deliver the set of ceremonial bow components HQ Icon2.png to Gyoshin. 1/1
  • (MIN)  Mine mondite HQ Icon2.png south of Reunion. 0/1
    Deliver the mondite HQ Icon2.png to Gyoshin. 1/1
  • (BTN)  Gather a straight shoot HQ Icon2.png south of Reunion. 0/1
    Deliver the straight shoot HQ Icon2.png to Gyoshin. 1/1
  • (FSH)  Catch an arrowhead snail at Dotharl Khaa. 0/1
    Deliver the arrowhead snail to Gyoshin. 1/1
  • Speak with Gyorei.
  • Demonstrate your skill with a bow by hitting the target held by Gyoshin.
  • Do not hit Gyoshin!
Issuing NPC: Gyoshin
The Azim Steppe -Nhaama's Retreat -Dhoro Iloh (6.1-23.3)
Type: Namazu Quest
Misc Reward: Achieve Honored reputation with the Namazu.
Unlocks new wares from Gyosho.
Unlocks: Into the FireSidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngWaiting for Gyodo
Reputation: Respected (990/990)
Required Items
Ceremonial Bow Component Materials Icon.png Ceremonial Bow Components Icon.png Arrowhead Snail Icon.png Straight Shoot Icon.png Mondite Icon.png
NPCs Involved: CirinaMagnaiSaduGyorei
Items Involved: Ceremonial Bow Component MaterialsCeremonial Bow ComponentsArrowhead SnailStraight ShootMondite
  • Gyoshin is on the point of relaying another dire warning imparted by his ancestor when Seigetsu the Enlightened, having detected a familiar pattern, interjects to hasten matters along. He recommends that Gyoshin look into the Xaela's traditions, which may have been influenced by those of the Namazu long ago, for clues as to what vital element might be missing from the festival. Gyoshin, however, refuses to go without your protection, lest the Xaela get any ideas about their evening meal.
  • You and Gyoshin speak to Cirina. She is more than willing to share information regarding her tribe's horse-racing customs with you, though the growling of her stomach is somewhat distracting. Perhaps sensing the intent behind her hungry stare, Gyoshin thanks her and asks that you set off for your next destination, the Dawn Throne, immediately.
  • You speak with Magnai, who gives a brief overview of the Oronir's Azim Bökh wrestling competitions. In his usual contemptuous tone, he adds that a Namazu would likely make a poor opponent, but Gyoshin seems undeterred─if somewhat miffed at being deemed “malformed.”
  • Your final stop is Dotharl Khaa, where Sadu─apparently laboring under the delusion that Gyoshin is some sort of small and round khun chuluu─speaks of the Dotharl's customary archery contests. Satisfied with the information you have gained, Gyoshin proposes you return to Dhoro Iloh to apply your newfound knowledge.
  • Based on what the Xaela said of their own traditions, the Namazu conclude that a proper festival must include fins-on activities for attendees. Without sparing a thought for such seemingly vital questions as, “Is it possible to pull a bow without getting one's whiskers tangled in the string?” and “Are horses not a bit high off the ground?” the Namazu decide to copy the three Xaela tribes' competitions wholesale. You have been tasked with preparing for the archery contest together with Gyoshin.
  • Once all materials for the ceremonial bow and arrows are assembled, Gyoshin excitedly reveals what he has been working on in the meantime─a target. Unfortunately, said target cannot stand on its own, so Gyoshin is volunteered to hold it. You will be in charge of aiming accurately enough not to impale him.
  • Accepting the bow and arrows from Gyorei, you take aim at the target, and fortunately manage not to cause anyone permanent injury.
  • The successful archery demonstration gives heart to the festival participants, and in no time at all, the archery, Azim Bökh, and equestrian competitions are open to the public. With several Xaela now on site, the festival grounds are poised to become a venue for cultural exchange.
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