NPC Icon.pngParnell  Sidequest3 Icon.pngMerchant
  Hyur / Midlander / Female
Zone(s): Old Gridania - Shaded Bower - Rosewood Stalls (14-9)
Affiliation: Gridania
Occupation: Retainer Vocate

Greetings! I take it you have come to see me about a retainer. Retainers are lads and lasses who will help you manage those spoils earned while off slaying dragons or whatever it is you adventurers do. Unfortunately, you do not appear you could even slay an eft, let alone a dragon, therefore I must decline any petition you may have to take a retainer into your employ. Build yourself a reputation in this city, however, and I shall provide you with whatever it is you need. Might I suggest you start by heading back to the Adventurers' Guild and seeing if someone has work for you?

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Modern Vocation
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A publication on lost combat arts and the weapons and armor associated with those ancient schools of teaching. It has a section of blank pages to record one's own observations.

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Additional Dialogue
Select an option
Hire a Retainer.
(When in possession of two retainers) - Very good,sir. Currently, you have 2 retainers in your employ. I am sorry, but you cannot hire any more retainers.
Dispatch a Retainer to Gridania.
Release a Retainer.
Very well. Allow me a moment to locate you documentation. Currently, you have 2 retainers in your employ. Confirm the retainer you wish to release.
Learn about Retainers.
Select a topic.
Retainer Overview.
Retainers are men and women who offer their services in exchange for coin. Though they're seldom as sharp as adventurers like yourself, they're no strangers to life's more menial tasks-tasks which your lot might not think worth your time.
Retainers can provide a host of different services, front tending to your items to protecting your gil. Oh and you need not worry about providing recompense for a retainer's services, for the Adventurers' Guild will not only cover his salary, but also replace anything that goes missing, should you wake up to find your belongings gone and your retainer nowhere to be found.
A Retainers Duties.
Another job retainers are often asked to perform is tending of items placed up for sale in the markets-something many adventurers cannot be bothered to do themselves.
If you wish to experience the market yourself, I ask that you seek out one of the nearby boards.
Summoning a Retainer.
Retainers in your employ can be summoned at any time using special bells like the one here to my right.
Summoning bells can also be found around the realm in oft-visited locations such as city markets and inns.
View Market Tax Rates.
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