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Pyros Gulo Gulo

Beastiary Icon.pngPyros Gulo Gulo  Zoneicon.png
Gulo Gulo
Level 47
Element Fire
Mutation Mutated monsters change into a completely different genus and sometimes change elements.
Pyros Gulo Gulo.png
Species Description:
Despite bearing a striking resemblance to the miacid, this quick-tempered carnivore has proven a far greater bane to the inhabitants of the Azim Steppe, preying on the very livestock that sustains so many of its nomadic peoples. It is widely believed that the domestication of yol began in an attempt by Xaela tribes to control the gulo gulo population. [1]
Genus Description:
Best (or perhaps worst) described as a giant carnivorous weasel, the miacid will walk on all fours except when attacking its prey, choosing to stand on its hind legs so that it might add more force behind its deadly strikes. The Sharlayans were so frightened of these creatures that they would conduct periodic miacid cullings in an attempt to keep their numbers down. These efforts could not outpace the beastkin's remarkable reproductive capabilities—a female miacid is capable of giving birth to litters of ten kits every sixmoon. [2]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Eureka Pyros - West Flamerock (13.8-13.7)
  Miscellaneous Dutyicon.pngThe Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros
 Fire47 Aggressive.png
Name Description
Dirty Claw
Ferocious Forehand
Mutates during the night (6 PM—6 AM) into a Miacid and changes element to Lightning.
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