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Pyros Hawk

Beastiary Icon.pngPyros Hawk  Zoneicon.png
Tarantula Hawk
Level 50
Element Wind
Adaptation Adapted monsters greatly increase in size and strength, but also offer more EXP and occasionally additional items upon defeat.
Pyros Hawk.png
Genus Description:
Along with the wespe, the tarantula hawk is another oversized species of aggressive bee introduced to Eorzea from the New World. Sharlayans are documented as having employed the vilekin at Saint Mocianne's Arboretum to pollinate the thousands of rare and exotic species once grown in the facility. Several tarantula hawks, however, are believed to have escaped during the chaos of the Sharlayan exodus back to the Old World, and have since formed several independent wild colonies in the Dravanian hinterlands. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Eureka Pyros - West Flamerock (23.1-11.9)
  Miscellaneous Dutyicon.pngThe Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros
 Wind50 Aggressive.png

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