Sightseeing Log: Quarrymill

Quarrymill SS Icon.png 047   Quarrymill
Sightseeing Log
"As I was cleaning out the chimneys, I could not help but be struck by the view below. My village may be a humble one, but there's nowhere else I'd call home." Such were the hunter's words, and I would see as he saw.
Once a deal had been struck between the Gelmorrans and the elementals allowing their return to the forest surface, the Elezen began unearthing large quantities of boulders to build the foundations of their new city, Gridania. The waterwheels of Quarrymill were raised to power the hammers which rendered the massive stones into workable blocks.
Atop the chimney on the southern-most building in Quarrymill; accessible from the walkways encompassing the village.
Quarrymill Vista.png
Weather: Clear Skies icon.pngFair Skies icon.png Clear Skies / Sunshine
Time: 05:00 ~ 08:00
Emote: Lookout Emote Icon.png Lookout
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