Smells Like Team Spirit

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 57   Smells Like Team Spirit
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png38,400 Gil Icon.png695
Informationicon.png Description
Hervoix is awaiting punishment for neglecting his duties.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: O'bhen Tia
The Dravanian Forelands -Chocobo Forest  (24-12)
Type: Sidequest
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngA Hunter's True Nature
NPCs Involved: Q'yantaaLoupardBauricoin
Mobs Involved: Brazen Outlaw (Mob)
  • Before Hervoix gets his dose of punishment from O'bhen Tia, a cry rings out through the forest, seemingly coming from the northeast. O'bhen Tia, suspecting that it may be the outlaws, hurries off in the voice's direction, and Hervoix follows at his heels. Go after the rest of the group to find out who let out the distressed scream.
  • Northwest of Tailfeather, you find an upset Q'yantaa standing next to a wounded Hudde. It appears the veteran hunter took an arrow in his protégé's stead─an arrow loosed by none other than the exiled Bauricoin. O'bhen Tia will help Hudde return to Tailfeather to be treated. Make your own way back and speak with the others regarding this troubling turn of events.
  • Upon returning to Tailfeather, you find your old acquaintance Gysol waiting, and he brings disturbing news: Bauricoin waylaid him on his way to Tailfeather, stealing his chocobo hatchling and promising revenge on Q'yantaa and Loupard. Q'yantaa, hot-headed as ever, hastens to Bauricoin's alleged location without considering the possibility of a trap. Both Hervoix and O'bhen Tia follow after her out of fear for her safety. Speak with Loupard to see what the best course of action could be.
  • Loupard bids you also follow the group in case Bauricoin's trap proves to be overwhelming. Meet up with the hunters to the north of Tailfeather.
  • Once you catch up to them, you find O'bhen Tia hunched over, apparently a victim of Bauricoin's trap. As you attempt to speak with the wounded O'bhen Tia, you are attacked by two outlaw hunters. Q'yantaa and Hervoix flee from the ambush in pursuit of Bauricoin. Defeat the hunters and save O'bhen Tia.
  • O'bhen Tia seems more concerned about the two novice hunters than his own wounds, and bids you follow them before they come to harm at Bauricoin's hands. Hurry to the northwest camp.
  • You arrive at the camp to find that Q'yantaa and Hervoix have somehow managed to subdue and restrain Bauricoin. Q'yantaa demands to know the whereabouts of Gysol's chocobo hatchling, and Bauricoin coldly explains that he cooked the poor bird, justifying his cruel misdeeds by stating that his actions are no different than any of the other hunters in Tailfeather. Q'yantaa hesitates, finally deciding to partake of the chocobo meat prepared by Bauricoin, stating that she is doing it out of respect for the hatchling's sacrifice. She further goes on to explain that the hunters of Tailfeather work to maintain the natural order, while outlaws like Bauricoin only threaten to destroy it. Hervoix seems to finally understand the significance of his chief's philosophy. Q'yantaa will return to Tailfeather to break the tragic news to Gysol, and Hervoix will take Bauricoin to Tailfeather in shackles. Return to Tailfeather and tell Loupard about what happened at the camp.
  • You return to Tailfeather and rejoin Loupard, Hudde, and O'bhen Tia. Loupard is grateful for your help in getting through this ordeal, and assures you that Bauricoin will not be troubling chocobos any longer. The other hunters reflect upon the incident, and hope that their partners both take away the fact that hunting─and life─does not always have an ideal outcome. Optimistic that everyone will come out of this tragedy a stronger person in the end, Hudde and O'bhen Tia leave to continue their hunting. Loupard thanks you once again, excited about the future growth of the two hunting teams.
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