Snapping Shrew

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Level Range 3-4
Snapping Shrew.png
Moles tunnel beneath the earth, forming nests out of the passages they excavate. Questing for the earthworms using their acute sense of smell, these creatures indiscriminately damage the roots of trees, thus incurring the ire of fishermen and botanists alike. Some species of mole are covered in spiky protrusions to protect them from predators. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Central Thanalan - Spineless Basin (22-26)  3-4 Animal Sinew Icon.png Animal Sinew Passive.png
Hunting Log (3)
Name Rank
Hunting Log: Gladiator 04 1
Hunting Log: Pugilist 04 1
Hunting Log: Thaumaturge 04 1
Quests (7)
Name Level Starter Type
My First Gladius &00000000000000010000001 Mylla Class Quest
My First Hora &00000000000000010000001 Hamon Class Quest
My First Scepter &00000000000000010000001 Cocobuki Class Quest
Tougher than Leather &00000000000000030000003 Jajakuta Sidequest
Way of the Gladiator &00000000000000010000001 Lulutsu Class Quest
Way of the Pugilist &00000000000000010000001 Gagaruna Class Quest
Way of the Thaumaturge &00000000000000010000001 Yayake Class Quest
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