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Staying Dead

Map64 Icon.png Lv. 20   Staying Dead    15m

Zone: Western Thanalan - The Footfalls  (13-11)
The restless spirits of fishers lost at sea have wandered back, unable to break their ties with the corporeal world. Purify these poor souls so that they may continue their journey into Thal's realm.
Experience Gil Seals
Expicon.png1,740 Gil Icon.png40 Flame Seal Icon.png115

World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Aldenard
Region: Thanalan
Zone: Western Thanalan
Area: The Footfalls
Coordinates: 13-11
Level: 20
Type: Slay Enemies
While Bloated Bogies have the FATE icon and count for contribution credit, only Dune Bogies will advance the fate's progress closer to completion.