Tendrils of Intrigue

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Tendrils of Intrigue

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Alphinaud: Coerthas Central Highlands - Dragonhead - Camp Dragonhead (x:26.1, y:28.5)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Camp Dragonhead

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png50For the Greater GoodMainquest1 Icon.png For the Greater Good (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Haddock Dip
Noct Lorica
Suit of Astrum Mail
Gloam Tabard
Allagan Silver Piece
Allagan Silver Piece
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Alphinaud is eager to hear Ilberd's report on the Ivy.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png50Chasing IvyMainquest1 Icon.png Chasing Ivy (Level 50)

  • Alphinaud is eager to hear Ilberd's report on the Ivy.
  • At the Observatorium, Ilberd furnishes you and Alphinaud with a progress report on his hunt for the Ivy. It is revealed that one of the imperial spy's confederates, a Flame stationed at Revenant's Toll, had been selling secrets to the merchant you apprehended, who had in turn been passing information to the heretics. Yet even as this revelation explains how the heretics came to possess knowledge of the caravan routes, it raises the question of how they and the imperial agents might be connected. Could it be a purely financial arrangement, or something more worrying? Whatever the answer, Ilberd seems confident that he is drawing closer to discovering the Ivy's identity. After issuing the captain further orders, Alphinaud bids you accompany him to an emergency meeting between Alliance leaders. Speak with him again to be informed of the particulars.
  • The council of Alliance leaders will convene at the Lotus Stand in Old Gridania. Alphinaud bids you join him at Nophica's Altar prior to the meeting.
  • The council of Alliance leaders will be convening shortly. Speak with the silent conjurer to be shown to the Lotus Stand.
  • At the Alliance council, you learn that the Garlean war of succession has concluded with the crowning of Varis zos Galvus, the late emperor's grandson. Under his leadership, it is feared the Empire will soon resume its march upon Eorzea. If the realm is to stand against the reinvigorated might of Garlemald, it seems clear that the Alliance must not only regain its former unity, but find a way to entice the long-estranged Ishgardians back into the fold. Speak with Alphinaud to hear his thoughts on the matters discussed.
  • Having bent your ear with his philosophical musings, Alphinaud informs you that Ilberd has made further progress in his hunt for the Ivy. Seek the captain in front of the Adders' Nest in New Gridania, and place yourself at his disposal.
  • You have reported to Ilberd. At your word, the final hunt for the Ivy will commence.

Captain Ilberd. Your report, if you will.
Aye, Commander. Firstly, with regard to the heretic we captured, I regret to say that the man could tell us naught that we did not already know of Shiva.

We have since handed him over to the Ishgardian authorities. Henceforth, the Holy See will pursue the matter independently.

Our inquiries concerning the Ivy, however, have proven more fruitful. We have ascertained the channel by which the heretics acquired their information on the shipment routes.
Go on...
You will recall the Flame we first identified as being in the Ivy's employ. From him we were able to trace a trail of conspirators, each taking us closer to his master.

Alas, the trail came to an abrupt end. Fearing that the investigation had been compromised, we took the necessary step of detaining all suspected of conspiracy.

There were five on our list, including a Flame stationed at Revenant's Toll.

The man's primary duty was to keep an inventory of donations from abroad, the particulars of which he would share with benefactors, thereby ensuring that needs did not go unfulfilled.
By virtue of his role, he was privy to the details of all shipments bound for the settlement. Needless to say, that included those originating from House Fortemps.
He knew the precise route the caravan would take. And he sold that information to a merchant.
I think I can guess which one...
None other. With a little encouragement, he soon confessed to knowingly aiding and abetting the heretics.
Well, that is one mystery solved, at least. But what of the Ivy? Are we any closer to prising off his mask?
I daresay we are, Commander. Our relentless pursuit has forced him to commit a grave error.

In a desperate bid to cover his tracks, the Ivy resorted to exercising certain administrative powers available only to high-ranking members of the Immortal Flames.

If you consider then that our investigation is known to barely a handful of them, the field of suspects is greatly narrowed.
You mean to say that the agent is among Raubahn's innermost circle? Someone who has been with him since the Immortal Flames' establishment?
'Tis the most plausible explanation. The infiltration likely occurred during the company's founding, with the groundwork for the act being laid beforehand.
To slip into a position of authority unremarked, and remain above suspicion all these years...
Aye. I, too, was surprised─though I really should not have been. Of the three Grand Companies, Ul'dah's was ever the more vulnerable to infiltration.

Both Limsa Lominsa and Gridania had long-standing armed forces that lent themselves well to the formation of the Maelstrom and the Order of the Twin Adder. To all intents and purposes, it was the same people─loyal ones, mind─under the same leadership. Only the banner was different.

Not so the Flames. Ul'dah's military was made up of disparate orders, most of which were glorified mercenary companies that answered only to their own paymasters.

...Hardly an ideal environment in which to establish something as high-minded as a Grand Company.
The difficulties Raubahn faced when founding the Immortal Flames are well known. Even after he had convinced his fellow Syndicate members to share the cost, there remained the small matter of finding enough bodies to fill the ranks.
Indeed. And given the pressing nature of the imperial threat, that meant recruiting every passing sellsword.
Amidst the chaos of its founding, it would have been child's play to infiltrate the company.
A good deal easier then than now, aye.
The Immortal Flames have ever been caught between conflicting interests─the public and the private.

Though the Monetarists ultimately agreed to support the organization's founding, 'twas not out of charity that they did so, but simple self-preservation.

Had Nael van Darnus's ambitions been any less apocalyptic, you may be sure that they would never have risked supplying Raubahn with an army. 'Tis but a wonder they did not attempt to extinguish the Flames the moment the danger had passed...

Ahem. Returning to the present...
Even as we speak, our Doman allies are shadowing several high-ranking Flames, any one of whom could be the Ivy.
Desiring to deal a blow against the Empire, the refugees were eager to lend us their aid. I expect to hear from them ere long.
Very good. Pray continue your investigation with the 1st.

Meanwhile, have the 2nd attend to the unrest. The 3rd can join the 4th in inspecting crystal shipments.

If they notice anything unusual, I want to know about it. If Shiva is summoned in like manner to the other primals, the heretics will be looking for further supplies.
Understood, Commander.
I shall send word to Ser Aymeric informing him of our success in identifying the heretics' abettors. Hopefully, the information will be of some use to the Ishgardians.
It is time, Commander.
Yes, I am aware.

An emergency council of the Alliance leadership has been called. There have been developments in Garlemald, it would seem.

As commander of the Crystal Braves, my presence has been requested.

I would have you accompany me, Forename. As the realm's stoutest champion, 'tis only meet that you be present for the discussion. Oh, and the Antecedent has already given her consent, lest you worry.
Upon the honor of the Crystal Braves, I swear that I shall not rest until the Ivy is unmasked and in chains.
Like me, you are doubtless eager to conclude our business with Iceheart, but until another path to her sanctum is found, she will remain beyond our reach.

Minfilia and the Archons are sparing no effort to secure an alternate route. Until such time as they succeed, I suggest we give some thought to the realm's other problems...

I shall go on ahead to Gridania in readiness for the coming council.

Meet me at Nophica's Altar, and we shall make our way to the Lotus Stand together.
My thanks for coming, Forename.
When you are ready, speak with the conjurer yonder. She will show us to the Lotus Stand.
Unlike Raubahn, politics is not my cup of tea. While you and the commander attend the council, I will attend to some business of my own.
When you are ready, speak with the conjurer yonder. She will show us to the Lotus Stand.
The Alliance leaders await you at the Lotus Stand. Will you be joining them now?
Proceed to the Lotus Stand?
Place an answer Here

! Yes ! No

It will not have escaped your notice that the nations of Eorzea are no nearer to being of one purpose, despite their protestations to the contrary. Plainly, the threat of a resurgent Garlemald is not enough to stir them.

And the reason for this? Deep-rooted mistrust amongst the citizenry. The nations' leaders can come to all the understandings they like, but their unity means little and less to the commonfolk.

Take the Lominsans, for instance. Though Admiral Merlwyb outlawed piracy over a decade ago, foreigners still picture the nation as a haven for grog-swilling, wooden-legged cutthroats.

In like wise, the Gridanians are mocked as hermits who talk to trees, and the Ul'dahns scorned as swindlers who worship coin.
...Not that such sentiments are entirely without grounds, of course. Take that pillar of Ul'dahn society Teledji Adeledji, for example. But that is beside the point. The fact is that people are wary of outsiders whether they have cause to be or not.

On that basis, one could argue that the conflict at Carteneau is a necessary evil.

Each nation has its own warmongering faction that advocates the acquisition of Omega. In order to placate them, we present them something resembling warfare, and thereby curb their appetite for full-scale conflict.

...But enough idle musing. Let us speak of a more pressing matter: the Ivy.
Since we spoke at the Observatorium, Captain Ilberd has further shortened his list of suspects. And by happy coincidence, the one he deems the most likely candidate is lately come to Gridania...

The hunt nears its end, Forename. All that remains is to corner our quarry. Seek out Ilberd near the Adders' Nest. He will give you the particulars.

Should there be any developments in Coerthas, you may be sure that I will send word without delay. In the meantime, I wish you success in apprehending the Ivy.
My thanks for coming, Scion. Doubtless the commander has informed you, but we have unmasked the Ivy.
From this point on, we must proceed with extreme caution.
Gridania's lush abundance never ceases to delight me. 'Tis a far cry from the barren deserts of Ul'dah.
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