The Confederacy

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The Confederacy are the pirate lords of the Ruby Sea, founded years ago on the island of Sakazuki. They are based in Crick on the island of Onokoro, paying no heed to superstitions regarding the towering Heaven-on-High—that fabled home of the kami which frightened generations sailors into giving the area a wide berth.

Long recognized by both Doma and Hingashi as the primary power in the region, all passing through their territory are expected to pay the Ruby Tithe, an extortive fee paid to ensure safety from the Confederacy's raiders during travel. The Garlean Empire refuses to recognize the pirates' authority, however, and crosses from Othard to Kugane without fear, to the increasing ire of the brigands.

The founder of the Confederacy initially attempted to scale the tower, and even triumphed over the thirtieth floor of Heaven-on-High. Upon realizing he could go no further within the ancient tower, he chose to become a protector of the Ruby Sea. Every Confederate leader since has used the thirtieth floor as a yalmstick to measure themselves. This includes their current leader, Rasho.
Members: Afumi, Aokumo, Aranami, Bankai, Confederate Sentry, Guardian Pirate, Hansaku, Hayase, Hirase, Hiun, Ihaki, Kaizan, Kajika, Minasoko, Nawashiro, Pirate Boy, Rasho, Rikufu, Ryuboku, Sazaki, Shihoji, Suzume, Tansui, Tsukikage, Umibeta, Uoni, Ushiogi, Uzushio, Yana, Yusui
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