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The Hidden Chapter

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 25   The Hidden Chapter

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in a level 29 instance with a 30 minute time limit.
Cocobygo: Ul'dah - Steps of Nald - Arrzaneth Ossuary (x:6.4, y:13)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Ul'dah - Steps of Nald → Thaumaturges' Guild

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png20The Threat of PerplexityFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Threat of Perplexity (Level 20)

Thaumaturge Icon 3.png Thaumaturge (Level 25)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Toothed Staghorn Staff

Cotton Halfrobe

Goatskin Ringbands

Altered Goatskin Moccasins

Silver Spectacles
Allagan Silver Piece
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Guildmaster Cocobygo wishes to enlist your assistance.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Cocobuki.
  • Defeat all enemies that appear! 0/3
  • Deliver the Book of Mormo to Cocobuki at the Thaumaturges' Guild.
  • Take the Book of Mormo to Cocobygo.
  • Speak with Cocobuki at Thal's Respite.
  • Speak with Cocobuki at the Thaumaturges' Guild.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png30Facing Your DemonsFeaturequest1 Icon.png Facing Your Demons (Level 30)

  • Guildmaster Cocobygo wishes to enlist your assistance.
  • Cocobygo is disturbed by his eldest sibling's uncharacteristic indecision. Speak with Cocobuki, and see what might be done to aid the hesitant thaumaturge in taking a definitive course of action.
  • The scholars who originally requested the destruction of Mormo's urn have returned from their expedition into the ruins of Sil'dih. Seek out the three voidmaths in Camp Drybone, and ask for their chapters of the Book of Mormo.
  • You have collected the three chapters of the Book of Mormo. Deliver the completed tome to Cocobuki at the Thaumaturges' Guild.
  • Upon handing the Book of Mormo to Cocobuki, he reads several key excerpts to you out loud. The scholars' work seems to have given him an idea on how to handle his voidsent-possessed brother. Returning the book back to you, Cocobuki requests you show its contents to Cocobygo.
  • Cocobuki bids you undertake the trial depicted in the true final chapter of the Yawning Abyss, and prove to his siblings that a brave mage is not necessarily a dead mage. When you are prepared to demonstrate the heretofore hidden chapter's lesson, proceed into the hallowed hall of Thal's Respite in eastern Thanalan, and speak with Cocobuki.
  • You have completed the terrible and deadly trial of the hidden chapter. Return to the Thaumaturges' Guild and speak with Cocobuki.
  • With the horrors of the hidden chapter safely vanquished, you have inspired the guildmaster siblings to greater heights of thaumaturgy. Return to your studies, and prepare for the coming confrontation with Mormo herself.
※The next thaumaturge quest will be available from Cocobuki upon reaching level 30.

Ah, Forename─I saw you coming this time. I've been more watchful since Cocobuki told us about that dreadful business with Cocobusi. We must locate our unfortunate younger sibling as soon as possible and...and deal with him.
But Cocobuki is not his usual, unflappable self! It frightens me to see our eldest so indecisive. Terrifies me, in fact. Perhaps you might speak with him, and help banish this air of uncertainty.
Long have I agonized over Cocobusi's plight...and the measures I might take to extricate him from it.

It would not do to call upon my thaumaturge colleagues. No, they would simply seek to obliterate my brother outright. Our teachings from the Yawning Abyss allow for no other alternative.

There is, however, one tiny glimmer of hope. I have had word that the scholars who requested the destruction of Mormo's urn have returned from their expedition.

They are currently in Camp Drybone, blowing the ink dry on their collective findings regarding that wretched voidsent. I would ask that you go to these experts of otherworldly phenomena, and beg permission to peruse their work.'re interested in reading our Book of Mormo? Of course, of course, it would be a pleasure to share our findings with a fellow student of the voidsent!

Here is the first chapter─mine own humble contribution to our research. It tells the tale of how we became aware of the creature's existence, and delves into the nature of the urn that imprisoned her fell power.

I think you shall find the opening pages quite enlightening. Ah, there is no greater reward for a scholar than to have one's work appreciated!
You wish to learn of Mormo? Right this instant? But we've barely─ How did you─ Well, I suppose I could spare a copy of my writings. I've already prepared several extra sets to share with potential publishers.

I can well understand your curiosity. Mormo is truly fascinating, even among the oddities of the voidsent. She is far too powerful to make use of the tiny holes that open between our realities, and thus must send across only her spirit to possess a corpse or some other suitable host. You'll find it all explained there in the second chapter.

While I do so adore our field expeditions, it is nice to have a respite from the blowing sand and roving brigands from time to time.
If you seek the definitive work on Mormo, then seek no further! I have penned an in-depth analysis of a most cunning ritual─a method contrived by the mages of eld to annihilate the soul of this especially potent voidsent!

When it comes to draining such a creature of its aetheric energies, one must─ Ah, but I have not the time to stand here explaining the intricacies of shaping arcane pottery. Here, take my chapter and read it at your leisure!

Pray read those passages carefully─one never knows when one may need to bind some murderous threat of otherworldly origin!

Do you have the three chapters of the Book of Mormo?

"The histories unearthed in the ruins of Sil'dih depict the suffering wrought by a singularly powerful voidsent─the cunning and terrible seductress known as Mormo.

"With genius born of desperation, the mages of the now-fallen city fashioned an urn that would drain and imprison the aetheric vitality of any creature that laid a hand─or claw─upon it. Mormo, believing she was receiving a gift of appeasement from the beleaguered citizens, found her very essence drawn forth and trapped within the ensorcelled pot.

"Over the course of several centuries, the captive aetheric energy was intended to weaken and dissipate, allowing any surviving descendants to safely shatter the urn and thus destroy Mormo's enervated spirit.

"The pot's lid was never to be opened again─to do so would release the ravenous voidsent, freeing her soul to enslave the nearest mortal vessel. As possession of this nature is irreversible, the only mercy afforded such a host should be a swift and decisive demise."

Hm hm hm... This explains Mormo's fixation on thaumaturgicide. Cocobusi's body provided little arcane sustenance for the weakened voidsent, forcing her to prey upon richer sources of aether to restore her hideous power.

This morsel of information may prove most vital! In fact, it may be the only glimmer of hope our poor sibling has. Pray hand this work over to Cocobygo─I shall be along momentarily.

Pray hand over the Book of Mormo to Cocobygo─I shall be along momentarily.
<shudder> This is a work devoted to studying that nasty voidsent? I should hope it provides some hint of salvation...
Uhhh, Cocobuki... These passages hold naught but misery and despair. It seems we have little choice but to employ our...traditional approach.
Though fraught with danger, there is one solution that promises an alternative to killing Cocobusi. If we fail, however, it will likely mean death for us all.
Who is this mad mage that poses as our eldest brother!? What of avoiding the threats? Of eliminating the risks? Is that not how we thaumaturges do battle!?
With each passing moment, Mormo draws ever closer to her full strength. It pains me to even suggest it, but...we should strike now, Cocobuki, while the voidsent is yet feeble.
I share that selfsame sentiment. Sorrowful though it may be, we must slay our enslaved sibling...and soon.
Listen, brothers, for my solution is thus: in return for releasing Cocobusi from Mormo's thrall...I will offer the voidsent the chance to glut herself on my mana.
<gasp> You cannot! That succubus will drain you to a lifeless husk! And such a feast will awaken all her terrible magicks!
The well of my power is vast─I wager Mormo's thirst will be slaked before my spirit fully runs dry. And the newly enlivened voidsent? She will then face the combined wrath of Forename and four guildmasters of thaumaturgy!
How can we hope to prevail against this paragon of preternatural potency? We have always avoided adversaries against whom we held no advantage...
The fault lies with me. Ever have I encouraged such avoidance, and taught only the wisdom of certain victory. It is time we learned the courage to fight battles of unsure outcome.
And it is you, Forename, that I ask to instruct us. There is yet one chapter left in the Yawning Abyss─one that is customarily hidden from newer members. Undertake the trial found within, and show my brothers what it means to be brave.
<quiver> H-How can you ask such a thing of p-poor Forename when even her guildmasters have yet to attempt that ghastly test!?
The arcane might you all possess is far greater than you believe. Forename, once you deem yourself prepared for the lesson of the true final chapter, meet us in the hallowed hall of Thal's Respite.

Forename! Why are you talking to me!? You should─
...Oh. The trial has yet to begin. Of course. I knew that.
There's still time to flee, you know. That's what I would do!
I always thought that the trial of the hidden chapter was to avoid taking the trial of the hidden chapter...
Do you truly intend to undertake this torturous test? Are you not terrified!?
I regret having to drag you into our family's troubles, but I am confident that, with the many and terrible trials you have bested already, you will prevail once more.

The hidden chapter of the Yawning Abyss presents a trial that challenges the accumulated knowledge and skills of a single thaumaturge. You must employ all the tools at your disposal if you hope to seize victory this day.

Let the trial commence!

<tremble> I cannot stop sh-shaking. But I think...I think this may actually be excitement!
Do you see now, my brothers? With the primal energies of thaumaturgy at your command, there is no threat which you cannot overcome!
Perhaps there is a chance to save Cocobusi! I need to reconsider some of my strategies.
It seems we have been wasting our potential. I would never have believed it possible for a mage to show such courage and live...
What a wonder Forename was. I feel my fingers itching to fling fire with a fury!
Hm hm hm... Imagine, my siblings, what towering enemies you might topple should you stand firm...together.
Thank you, Forename. Your inspiring display of magecraft has set the minds of my brothers reeling with new possibilities. Let us now return to the guild and discuss what is to come.
What a formidable team you all shall make... Cocobygo. Cocobani. Cocobezi. Cocoboha. Forename. Even Mormo must wither before the onslaught of your combined thaumaturgy.

But before we engage the voidsent, perhaps some time is needed for my brothers to unlearn their ingrained inclinations. Meanwhile, I suggest you hurl yourself into the chasm of your studies.

Your fearless thaumaturgy is as a beacon to us all.
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