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The Little Postmoogle That Could

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   The Little Postmoogle That Could

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Deputy Postmoogle: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks - Mealvaan's Gate (x:10.5, y:11.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks → Arcanists' Guild

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Carrier Level 24

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Postmoogle Cap
026002.png Postal
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Postmoogle Cap
Carrier Level +1
Edit The Little Postmoogle That Could's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
The deputy postmoogle would entrust you with a missive to a certain Seedseer.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Deliver the letter to Raya–O–Senna at Camp Tranquil.
  • /rally the pusillanimous postmoogle.
  • /cheer for the pusillanimous postmoogle.
  • Speak with the pusillanimous postmoogle.
  • Speak with the presumptuous postmoogle at the airship landing in Gridania.
  • Speak with the presumptuous postmoogle at the airship landing in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Speak with the presumptuous postmoogle at the Drowning Wench.
  • Report to Raya–O–Senna at the Sanctum of the Twelve.

  • The deputy postmoogle would entrust you with a missive to a certain Seedseer.
  • The deputy postmoogle expresses his concern for two of his most recent recruits who are about to embark on their first delivery assignments. He has compiled copious notes of advice, which he would have you deliver to Raya–O–Senna at Camp Tranquil, where she watches over the two aspiring postmoogles.
  • You deliver the letter to Raya–O–Senna, but it is too late to benefit the two moogles, who have already flown off on their missions. Fearing for their safety, the Seedseer entreats you to escort them safely to their destinations. Seek out the first moogle in the vicinity of Quarrymill and /rally his spirits.
  • Heartened by your words, the moogle summons the strength to carry on toward his destination, while admitting that he may be unable to sustain the sentiment for long. Follow him to the South Shroud near Buscarron's Druthers and /cheer him up should he require encouragement.
  • The moogle once again musters his courage and sets off for his destination. Follow him to Buscarron's Druthers and speak with him again there.
  • Your charge succeeds in delivering the letter to Buscarron, who is pleasantly surprised when the moogle, in his anxiety, appears before him in plain sight. Concerned upon hearing of the deputy postmoogle's plight, the tavern keeper promises to keep an ear out for any information that might serve to aid his recovery. In return, he entrusts you with a letter for Baderon of Limsa Lominsa's Drowning Wench, which was mistakenly delivered to the wrong establishment. Identifying the letter as having been delivered by his brash and overconfident brother, the young postmoogle asks you to watch over him as well. Make for the Gridania airship landing, from which the presumptuous postmoogle is scheduled to depart.
  • The postmoogle insists that he requires no assistance, while saying that you are free to follow him if you wish. To assuage his brother's fears, follow him to Limsa Lominsa and speak with him at the airship landing there.
  • The postmoogle appears overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Limsa Lominsa, though he strongly denies it. Follow your fellow carrier-in-training to the Drowning Wench to see that the letter to Baderon is safely delivered.
  • The moogle was clearly more intimidated by the burly barkeep than he admitted to being, as─not unlike his more timid brother─he blows his cover upon delivering the letter to Baderon, who promises to do what he can to help the deputy postmoogle in his time of need. Taking great pride in his success, the young moogle delegates to you the honor of reporting his deeds to Raya–O–Senna. Journey to the Sanctum in the East Shroud and do as you will.
  • Raya–O–Senna is overjoyed to hear that the two young moogles have successfully completed their task. Though the deputy postmoogle's wounds will yet require time to heal, A–Ruhn–Senna has new ideas that may expedite the recovery process. In the meanwhile, the exploits of the two young moogles have apparently inspired countless young moogles to pursue a career in letter carrying. In recognition of your efforts, the deputy postmoogle names you a full-fledged member of his ranks. Though he has decided to prioritize the training of his new recruits for the time being, the day will surely come again that he requires your aid. Keep your legs strong, and your letter sack ever at the ready!

Well, if it isn't my favorite whipping boy─er, my most promising pupil. You couldn't have picked a better time to pay a visit, kupo!

Two of my postmoogles-in-training are set to embark on their first assignment. While they have completed a thorough training session administered by yours truly, the sensitive and sympathetic superior─that's me─is ever concerned for his subordinates' safety.

I have here in my paws a veritable compendium of choice counsel for the aspiring postmoogle─your task is to deliver it to Raya–O–Senna, in whose custody my subordinates have been placed, at Camp Tranquil. Consider it the next stage in your own training, kupo!
Quest Accepted
Whatever is keeping that deputy postmoogle? He promised he'd drop by to offer some parting words of advice to his newest recruits, but he's taken so long that they've already fluttered off! Hm? You have something for me?

Be wary of low-hanging branches, and remember to keep a wide berth of any goobbue maws... I say, could this “choice counsel” be any more blindingly obvious?

That said, I cannot fault the deputy postmoogle for showing concern for his subordinates. After all, 'twas his own injury that pressed the two tyros into active service so far ahead of schedule.

Sadly, I fear that it will be some time still before his wings are fit for duty. A–Ruhn believes he has insight as to how a suitable remedy might be formulated, but the process will require the services of a first-rate alchemist.

Meanwhile, I have two wet-behind-the-ears moogles wandering aimlessly across the realm. I would like nothing more than to see them succeed at their charge─that they might inspire a new generation of aspiring postmoogles─yet I have my doubts that they will do so if left to their own devices.

I would have accompanied them myself, but I fear my duties as Seedseer leave me little time to play chaperone. Might you be willing to see them safely to their destination in my stead?

The first moogle flew off in the direction of Quarrymill. Though he does not want for enthusiasm, he is easily frightened by unfamiliar sights and sounds. Should you find him in such a state, pray rally his strength and let him know that we stand behind him.
Why are you still dallying about when your fellow initiates are in need of your aid? Deliver my sage advice to Raya–O–Senna at Camp Tranquil, that she might see my postmoogles-in-training off to a smooth start on their first assignment!
I say, this sack must weigh a tonze! N-No, I can't do it─I can't fly another ilm! Oh, woe, woe is me, kupo...! Is there not a single kind soul in this realm who will rally this poor moogle's sunken spirits?

Why, thank you! I daresay you've given me the strength to carry on a bit─wait a moment, I know you! You're the loyal delivery <Switch(PlayerParameter(71))><Case(1)>Hyur</Case><Case(2)>Elezen</Case><Case(3)>Lalafell</Case><Case(4)>Miqo'te</Case><Case(5)>Roegadyn</Case><Case(6)>Au Ra</Case><Case(7)>Hrothgar</Case><Case(8)>Viera</Case></Switch> the deputy postmoogle is always talking about, kupo!

You came all this way to watch over me? I thank you truly, deeply, from the bottom of my little moogle heart! You are truly a shining example to delivery moogles everywhere!

Oh, to think that one day I might be a full-fledged carrier like you and the deputy postmoogle... Why, it would be a dream come true, kupo!

But how can I hope to reach such heights by staying here fluttering in circles!? No, I must deliver this letter safely to Buscarron, just as the deputy postmoogle instructed me!

And let me just state for the record that no matter what Raya–O might have told you, I am not intimidated by this task─n-not in the slightest! W-Well, off I go, kupo!
I say, this sack must weigh a tonze! N-No, I can't do it─I can't fly another ilm! Oh, woe, woe is me, kupo...! Is there not a single kind soul in this realm who will rally this poor moogle's sunken spirits?
The first moogle flew off in the direction of Quarrymill. Though he does not want for enthusiasm, he is easily frightened by unfamiliar sights and sounds. Should you find him in such a state, pray rally his strength and let him know that we stand behind him.
I-I'm not scared, kupo! It... It's just that I've never been this far from home, you see? And what if Buscarron doesn't like moogles? F-Friend, might you be able to offer any words of cheer?

Yes, that is exactly what I needed to hear! You're exactly right... Why, I can do anything I put my pom to, kupo!

Perhaps you're wondering why one as fearful and faltering as myself doesn't just leave the stressful life of a carrier behind? But you see, what I truly wish to leave behind is my own miserable lack of courage!

I remember the day like it was yesterday. My dear brother lay wounded, struck in the wing by a particularly savage stroper, and yet I could do nothing but quake and quiver beside him.

It was the deputy postmoogle─who, much to our fortune, was in the vicinity on a delivery assignment─who carried my brother to Camp Tranquil, where A–Ruhn tended to his injuries.

Today, it is our turn! We shall do our duty, and help the postmoogle in his time of need, just as he did for us. And after all you have done for me, it would mean ever so much if you would drop by to witness the moment. I will await you at Buscarron's Druthers, kupo!
I-I'm not scared, kupo! It... It's just that I've never been this far from home, you see? And what if Buscarron doesn't like moogles? F-Friend, might you be able to offer any words of cheer?
What our moogle friend lacks in courage, he makes up for with genuine enthusiasm. Should you find him in a dispirited state, pray cheer him on in his task.
I've made it! Aren't you proud of me, kupo? Now behold, as I deliver this letter straight from my paws to Buscarron's while remaining stealthily out of sight, just as the deputy postmoogle showed me!
Bloody hells─if it isn't a moogle, in the flesh! Talk about something you don't see every day!
Oh no, kupo! In my eagerness, I've gone and blown my cover! The deputy postmoogle will never let me hear the end of it!
So you moogles like to stay out of sight when you make your deliveries, eh? No wonder letters have a habit of appearing out of thin air. Sounds like a right thankless job, but you have my gratitude today.
Did you hear that!? Mister Buscarron gave me his gratitude! Why, this just might be the happiest day of my life, kupo!
Since you've proven yourself the capable sort, mayhap you could do me a favor. I've a letter here marked for Baderon in Limsa Lominsa that somehow has found its way here to the Druthers.
Oh, dear me! This is doubtless the work of my confident-yet-careless brother. The two of us, you see, have taken over deliveries here in the Shroud while the deputy postmoogle rests his wounded wings. Oh, pray forgive us our failings, kupo!

New to the job, eh? You needn't go flogging yourselves, now. Baderon and I─well, our names and professions do bear more than a passing resemblance, after all. Besides, I daresay that having the chance to meet my first moogle is worth an errant letter or two.

That said, it troubles me to hear that this associate of yours─the deputy postmoogle, was it?─has come to harm. Might there be anything I could do to lend a hand?
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Ask for Buscarron's aid?

Speak of the medicine.

Speak of the need for an alchemist.
...I see. You just leave that to me, friend. If memory serves, one of my regulars is something of an expert in such matters.

As for Baderon's letter, have no fear! My brother and I will atone for our errors, and see it delivered to the right hands. That said, for all of my brother's bravado, I suspect that deep down he, too, feels a measure of anxiety about his first foray outside the Shroud.

Might you be so kind as to escort him as you did me? It would mean the realm to me, kupo! We agreed to meet at the Gridania airship landing. I will pass this letter along to him, and wait for you to join us!
So the young moogle has set off for his final destination? That is heartening news, indeed. Pray stay with him until the task is completed and his mind is fully at ease.

So you're the deputy postmoogle's prized pupil, eh? Didn't he teach you anything about punctuality, kupo!?

I don't know what my little brother told you, but I've trained my whole life for this. This might be my first time out of the Shroud, but if anyone's up to the task, it's me, kupo!

P-Please, Brother! If you got yourself hurt again, I simply couldn't live with myself! Pray let this adventurer accompany you, just for safety's sake, kupo!

...Ever the worrywart. Look, just because you can't fly more than two fulms without getting the quivers, it doesn't mean that your brother is in need of a chaperone.

Th-That's what you said last time, when you almost got yourself swallowed by that slavering stroper! Wh-Why, if the deputy postmoogle hadn't wandered by at that precise moment...

That was then─this is now, kupo! I've put on two ponzes of pure muscle and pored over every map of Eorzea to prepare myself for this task! The last thing I need is some glorified sellsword holding my paw.

Now, enough chitchat─I have an airship to board. If you want to see how a real delivery moogle does his duty, feel free to tag along. Or don't─it's your loss, not mine, kupo.
Oh, there you are─and not a moment too soon! I had my paws full convincing my brother to delay his departure, kupo!
The timid one completed his task, you say? Well, that is quite a load off my mind. Might you be kind enough to escort his brother as well? That one, I fear, has more confidence than common sense.
I didn't have the heart to tell that poor moogle, but that's the fifth letter for Baderon to come to the Druthers just this week. I'll see what I can do to track down some help─this deputy postmoogle can't get back on the job soon enough, if you ask me.

So this is Limsa Lominsa! Everything here is so big and boisterous! And the smell of the sea is sending needles up my nose!

N-Nervous? Me!? Patently preposterous, kupo! I was born for this assignment! Did you not notice the aplomb with which I handled my maiden airship voyage? H-Hurk...upo!

But no, a buccaneer's den like this is no place for the ordinary moogle. With the deputy postmoogle out of commission, the people of Limsa are lucky indeed that I'm here to shoulder the slack.

Speaking of which, I believe I have a letter to deliver. If you care to learn a thing or two, come join me at the Drowning Wench─but you'll want to move fast. I'm a busy moogle, kupo!
P-Pray forgive my brother, kupo. You may find it hard to fathom, but there truly is a warm, fuzzy heart under that brusque exterior. You will see that no harm befalls him, won't you?

What took you so long? Take a wrong turn at the Octant? Good thing I'm the one in charge of this assignment!

Wh-Why haven't I delivered the letter yet? Well, it's not because I'm scared of that burly bearded gentleman over there, that's for certain. I just wanted to give you a chance to witness mastery in motion. Now watch me deliver this letter, all discreet-like, kupo...
Bugger me with a broadsword! Which one of ye snivelin' sops set yer wind-up moogle loose in my establishment!?
Wind-up!? Are you blind or just balmy!? I'm a living, breathing moogle─not some glorified child's toy! ...Oops, there goes my cover.

Are me eyes and ears to be believed!? A gods-honest moogle, 'ere in the Wench!?

A letter? I thank ye, me furry little friend. But strap me to the mast if this ain't a rare pleasure, indeed. I've 'eard many a rumor 'bout yer kind, but I always reckoned ye weren't too keen on lettin' yerselves be seen.
...Ahem. B-But of course. I simply thought that on this momentous occasion─my first foray to your fine nation─I would take the opportunity to personally introduce myself. I'm sure that's what the deputy postmoogle─bless his wounded wings─would have wanted.
What's that ye say? One o' yer mates is 'urtin', is 'e? Men in my line o' work tend to know a little somethin' 'bout everythin'. If there's anythin' ye might need o' me, say the word.
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Ask for Baderon's aid?

Speak of the medicine.

Speak of the need for an alchemist.
...Aye, I reckon one o' me regulars just might know a thing or two about that sort o' business─I'll send word if I dig anythin' up. And with that, I'd best get back to pourin' grog afore one o' me customers conks ye in the 'ead with an empty flagon.

See? I told you there was nothing to be afraid of! Exploring new environs, forging friendships with the locals─yes, the carrier's life is the life for me, kupo!

But what I've accomplished today will have even more far-reaching repercussions. Yes, once my fellow moogles back in the Shroud hear of my stunning success, they'll be beating down our doors to join the postmoogle ranks!

And since you've been such a loyal observer, I'll give you the honor of reporting my deeds to Raya–O. Oh, if only the deputy postmoogle were here─doubtless he would be moved to tears by my magnanimity! Speaking of which, I really should pay him a visit...
Welcome back. I hear that these two's first assignment was quite the success─and that you played a pivotal role in seeing that it was so. For this, I thank you.
I must offer my gratitude as well. Knowing that the two younglings were in capable hands allowed me to focus my mind on the deputy postmoogle's treatment, with which I have made considerable progress.
At first, the mere thought of an adventurer accompanying me on my assignment annoyed me to no end. But now, I say the more, the merrier, kupo!
And with word of your success spreading throughout the Twelveswood, aspiring delivery moogles are signing up in droves! Why, the ranks have burgeoned such that we could assign two moogles to each task if we so chose─and judging by recent events, that might very well be wise.
Heartening tidings, indeed. I daresay that the deputy postmoogle may rest and recuperate for as long as he desires. Why, I might even suggest an early retirement.

Retirement? Gods forbid! I'm still a postmoogle in my prime, kupo! The mere thought of hanging up my letter sack for good─why, wherever would I derive pleasure and meaning from my meager existence!?

I most assuredly agree, kupo. The sheer joy of seeing satisfied faces after a job well done instilled me with newfound energy and enthusiasm! After all my superior has done for me, I could not bear to see him deprived of this most splendid sensation!
...Intriguing. Thus far, I have concentrated my efforts on physical remedies, but perhaps lightening the postmoogle's spirits might serve to speed the recovery process. At the very least, it is an avenue worth exploring.
You just may be onto something there, dear brother!
So I can resume my duties once I've healed? No more talk of putting me out to pasture, kupo?
If that is your true desire, how can we deny it of you? I only ask that you take care not to overexert yourself.
By the Twelve, to think I'd ever see a moogle who truly lives for his work! And with all the younglings eager to follow in his footsteps, we should be able to manage without imposing on adventurers for a while.

Just leave it to us! My brother and I understand the significance and satisfaction of our job now more than ever. We won't let you down, kupo!

Now that's the spirit, kupo! And it's all thanks to you, my artful assist─but no, you have proved to be far more than just a helping hand. You have earned the respect of the young ones, and mine as well.

Forename Surname! By the powers vested in me as deputy postmoogle, I hereby name you a full-fledged letter carrier! The honor is typically reserved for moogles, but I am happy to make an exception in your case, kupo!

While I would love to give you your next assignment, the young ones are in more immediate need of training. But don't let your skills wane, for there is no telling when we will call on you again, kupo!
Quest Completed
With your successful delivery, your reputation as a letter carrier has grown!
In recognition of your efforts, the deputy postmoogle has promoted you to the rank of full-fledged letter carrier! Though it may be some time before your next assignment, be ever ready to return to duty should the moogles require your aid.
The medicine I have administered will serve to ease the postmoogle's pain. To cure his wounds completely, however, the services of an alchemist─and an exceptional one, at that─are essential.
Oh, thank you, friend! I shudder to think of what trouble my brother might have gotten tangled up in if it hadn't been for you, kupo!
Oh, there you are. I assumed you got gobbled up by a goobbue or something, so I went ahead and shared my success with Raya–O myself. Don't get down, though─I'm sure she'd love to hear about my exceptional exploits from you, too, kupo!
If it isn't my favorite flunky─er, that is, my most capable colleague! I hear that thanks to you, my two trainees' first assignments were a resounding success! I cannot begin to express my gratitude, kupo!
The two moogles have safely completed their tasks, you say? I thank you for your efforts. I was just about to depart for the Sanctum to assist my brother with the deputy postmoogle's treatment. Pray join me there─I would speak with you further.
Ye just leave the matter of the moogle's treatment to me, lad. Truth be told, I 'ad a mind to keelhaul that moogle if 'e 'anded me another letter for Buscarron─but seein' 'im in person changed all that. Besides, we all 'ad to start somewhere, right?
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