The Scientific Method

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 74   The Scientific Method
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png620,000 Gil Icon.png1,283
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Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Giott: The Crystarium - The Quadrivium - The Wandering Stairs (x:10.7, y:15.5)
Type: Role Quests
Unlocks: The Lost and the FoundSidequest1 Icon.png
Class: Healer Icon 1.png Healer
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngAffronts and Allies,
Mainquest1 Icon.pngThe View from Above
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:The Scientific Method
NPCs Involved: Fallen Sin Eater

Giott in The Crystarium - The Quadrivium - The Wandering Stairs (x:10.7, y:15.5)
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Giott in Amh Araeng (x:27.1, y:15.9)
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Giott in Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber - Twitch (x:33.8, y:20.8)
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Fallen Sin Eater in Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber - Twitch (x:33.8, y:20.8)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Giott in The Crystarium - The Quadrivium - The Wandering Stairs (x:10.7, y:15.5)
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  • Giott is eyeing you. Presumably. It's a bit hard to tell.
  • You find Giott where you expected─deep in a mug of ale. Though neither one of you has had any sudden epiphanies as to how to defeat Sophrosyne, Giott has at least come up with a means of furthering your investigation into its enigmatic restorative powers. The dwarf reasons that by testing your own healing skills on a sin eater, it may be possible to suss out what differentiates the Virtue's magic from your own.
  • You proceed to Mord Souq, a settlement near which stray eaters have allegedly been sighted. What you sight instead is Giott, imbibing a sinister concotion that the dwarf affectionately refers to as “Mord swill.” Though you do not ask, Giott nevertheless explains that a healthy diet of alcohol serves to improve dwarven battle readiness, and rushes off to prove it, leaving you with a half-empty bottle of allegedly potable liquid.
  • You learn from the Mord peddler selling the stuff that other races do not generally imbibe their signature beverage, which does not come as a surprise. With the matter of the swill settled, you depart in pursuit of Giott.
  • You find Giott alongside the somewhat worse-for-wear body of an eater. The time has come to attempt what no sinner has ever had cause to do before, and heal it.
  • As expected, your magic has no effect on the sin eater, which remains limp and motionless before you. You can only conclude that traditional healing is fundamentally incompatible with sin eaters, which are in truth lifeless, if animated, husks. The question of how Sophrosyne's power is able to resurrect them anyway remains, however.
  • You return to the Crystarium, where Giott has come to reside in the usual spot. The dwarf is apparently in the midst of pondering what you have learned thus far, but has yet to arrive at any sort of conclusion, and so invites you to tend to your own affairs in the meantime.
※The next role quest will be available from Giott upon reaching level 76 in any healer class.

<gulp> <gulp> <gulp> Ahhh...
Lali-ho! Looks like you've been training hard!
In─<hic>─fact, your mushcles're shooo much bigger, it'sh almost like there'sh─<hic>─three of you!
Yes, I'm joking, as you know. But you do seem stronger!
I don't suppose you came up with a clever plan for stopping Sophrosyne while you were at it?
Don't worry. I have another test in mind that'll get us some more information. Then we'll be better set to think of something.
We'll be killing sin eaters again, but this time you're healing them─well, trying to, anyhow.
I don't expect it to work─sin eaters ain't like us, or like any sort of normal creature. But by seeing your healing magic fail to heal 'em, we should learn why it don't work. And then maybe we can figure out what's so different about Sophrosyne.
I've heard from folks passing through that stray sin eaters find their way to Amh Araeng pretty often. Meet me at Mord Souq, and be ready for carnage!
<gulp> <gulp> <gulp> <burp>
You know, I heard that the liquor here ain't fit to drink, but it's not half bad! Gets the job done, and with a real kick. Oh, I know what you're thinking...
“That Giott, always downing one ale or another,” you think to yourself, “And so good at it, too! I'm uncontrollably jealous! I just can't take any more!” And you quietly weep, on the inside.
I'm sympathetic. I am. But my drinking is important─no, indispensible. Dwarves get fiercer the more they drink. Really fuels the fire within.
I can see you don't believe me. Fine. You leave me no choice─I'll show you.
I'll go on ahead and dice some sin eaters in the time it takes you to finish off this Mord swill here. Just gulp that down and come and find me, southeast of here. You'll see.
Drink the Mord swill?
Place an answer Here

! Yeah! ! Oh hells no.

Amazing! You finish! Of all non-Mord customers, only you and dwarf ever drink so much!
Very good, very good! Only Mord enjoy our brew─no one else ever drink as much as that dwarf!
See? Your average sin eater's no match for me─not with the power of tradition and alcohol on my side!
As a matter of fact, I put down another before I got around to this one here, but, er...I did the job a bit too well. Really mangled the thing. It was pretty gross, flattened in all the wrong places with bits poking out and the like, so I got it out of here.
Anyway, you get the idea. I drink a lot, I kill stuff. You have to admit that it's an effective strategy.
And now that we've got our sin eater patient, you can try out your healing on it. Go on!
Just face it, concentrate, whatever it is that you do!
As we thought─nothing. Did you figure out the why of it?
What will you say?
I think it was never really alive to begin with. Healing magic and sin eaters just don't mix.
You're right on that one. Sin eaters may look like people or beasts, but it's like they're just pretending. They're not truly alive.
Hmmm... My expertise is more in hacking and slashing, but don't most healing magic use aether to tap into creatures' own vitality? Give it a boost, fill in what's missing─that sort of thing? But sin eaters ain't alive like you and me.
Only the Light drives them─keeps 'em going like winding an automaton. And healing magic ain't meant for restoring life to something that didn't have none to begin with.
But if Sophrosyne's power ain't like the healing magic we know, what is it?
I also wonder why it don't come and revive this one. Is it just too far away to take notice?
Then again... I never heard tell of it appearing at Holminster Switch, neither, and so many sin eaters got killed there that you'd think it would take note eventually.
So why only resurrect some sin eaters, and not others?
...This is all too much thinking, not enough drinking. To the Crystarium!
<gulp> <gulp> <gulp> The Mord stuff's alright, but this here is fine ale.
At least that's what my body tells me─and I always listen! That's how I keep my muscles primed and my spirits high.
Speaking of─would it kill you to relax a little? Being so serious all of the time can't be good for you. And the silent staring just makes you seem morose.
We won't kill Sophrosyne any faster for not drinking, that's for sure. Nothing comes easy to sober folks.
...And that's why I need a few more in me before I can really get to work figuring out why Sophrosyne does what it does. I keep feeling like I'm missing something obvious, but...hmm.

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