NPC Icon.pngTsurugi

Zone(s): The Ruby Sea - Rasen Kaikyo - The Ruby Price (38.7-38.9)
Affiliation: Kugane
Occupation: Local Guide

An ijin traveler? What are you doing here? If you are looking to cross into Kugane, you need go further east.



Additional Dialogue
Tell me about yourself.

I am one of the many bakufu soldiers stationed here, charged with patrolling the waters surrounding Hingashi. I hail from Koshu─the largest of the many islands that make up our great nation. For the next three years I will be serving at this post and shall do whatever is required of me to fulfill my duty here

What is this place?

This is the Ruby Price─a Hingan bastion erected by the bakufu in the middle of the Ruby Sea. Whenever an enemy ship draws too near, we fire upon them until nothing but burning planks remain. We must take extra precautions when doing so, however, as we are stationed very close to the trading port of Kugane. We do not want to mistakenly open fire on a commercial or otherwise friendly vessel. Such an error would be akin to waging war upon what may have been an allied or neutral nation.

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