Category:Local Guide

Local guides are NPC in each game area that answers questions about the place and the people in it

Name Location Coords
Ahtbyrm Moraby Drydocks 26-33
Alison Revenant's Toll 22-6
Ardolain The Forgotten Knight 13-11
Baavgai The Hundred-and-one Revelations
Berkoeya Loetahlsyn Entry Counter 6-5
Berude The Dawn Throne 22.8-21.8-1.1
Byrglaent Wineport 20-20
Charline Quarrymill 25-20
Colina Tailfeather 33.6-23.5
Cracked Fist Camp Bluefog 22-29
Edelstein Ceruleum Processing Plant 20-22
Eliassin Whitebrim Front 12-17
Elured Black Brush Station 20-17
Expedition Engineer Port Surgate 19.2-31.7
Farrimond Rootslake 17-30
Forlemort First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena 25-29
Giselberdus Horizon 23-16
Gisilbehrt Little Ala Mhigo 17-13
Gold Saucer Attendant (Information) Main Counter 5-6
Gyofuku Dhoro Iloh 6-24.1
Inoshishi Doshin The Aftcastle 11.2-13.6
Inu Doshin The Aftcastle 11.2-13.6
Inu Doshin (Gridania) Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre 10.2-9.2
Inu Doshin (Ul'dah) Ul'dah - Steps of Nald 10.6-9.1
Kaizo Poraizo Aleport 27-26
Kasumi Wonder Square 7.2-7.3
Kenwrec The Convictory 17-22.5
Khorijin Dotharl Khaa 12.5-32.5
Kotokaze Shiokaze Hostelry 10.2-10.2
Loonh Gah Ring of Ash 23-14
Lyulf Swiftperch 34-32
M'zalikko The Peering Stones 30-26
Moggie Moghome 27-35
Mogpep Asah 20-26
P'ebaloh Costa del Sol 33-30
Raulin Camp Drybone 13-23
Rolfe Hawthorne The Hawthorne Hut 16-27
Rukusa Farusa Camp Bronze Lake 29-21
Sazaki Crick 22.4-9.4
Sehn Y Toh Anyx Trine 17.3-25.2
Softknox Wolves' Den Pier
Sonstelot Castrum Oriens 9.3-10.7
Staelwyrn Summerford Farms 25-17
Swygrael Camp Overlook 18-17
Tenzan Pier 2 Ferry Docks 9.2-10.1
Tsurugi The Ruby Price 38.7-38.9
U'mollpa Forgotten Springs 14-29
Wandering Dramaturge The Prima Vista Tiring Room 6.1-6.1
Yomogi Doman Enclave 5.2-5.5