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  Hyur / Midlander / Male

Zone(s): Western La Noscea - Quarterstone - Swiftperch (34-32)
Affiliation: Limsa Lominsa
Occupation: Local Guide
Title: Lyulf the Swollen

Aside from the aetheryte, there is precious little of interest in Swiftperch. You are, however, welcome to stay as long as you like.

Lyulf is a La Noscean farmer who farmed wheat near Swiftperch Tower with his father prior to the Calamity. Despite the destruction of their fields and scattering of their livestock during that disaster, he intends to restore his father's lands to the prosperity they possessed before his death.

Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Body Type Adult
(~68.9 inches)
Muscle Tone
Jaw Option 4
Eye Shape Option 3
Iris Size Small
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 1
Nose Option 2
Mouth Option 2
Facial Features/Tattoos/Ear Clasp/Face Paint




Starts Quests (1)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Need to Breed &000000000000001200000012&Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".{{{Quest Number}}} 2625 188 Sidequest
Involved in Quests (3)
Pre-Calamity Involvement (1)

Additional Dialogue
What do you do here?
Up until the Calamity reduced this place to a smoking ruin, I aided my father in raising crops of wheat. Now my dear old dad is gone, our once-beautiful fields are untilled and overgrown, and our dodo livestock has learned a taste for unfettered freedom. But I will not let this tragedy defeat me! I have sworn to restore my father's beloved settlement to the way it was when he yet lived—single-handedly, if I must.

What manner of place is Swiftperch?
This settlement was constructed here as part of the efforts to rebuild the destroyed aetheryte camps after...well, after that horrible incident. It was originally found further to the northwest, but when we returned from Limsa Lominsa—we were taking shelter from the fiery destruction and such, you see—there was not much left of our homes or fields. The scene that greeted us was enough to wilt our very spirits. Folk were left with barely enough enthusiasm to shuffle about in a fugue-like depression, let alone lift a hoe or mend a fence. But I have plans to expel this air of defeat with a fresh breath of hope!
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