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Under His Wing

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 85   Under His Wing

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Matsya: Thavnair - Night's Watch (x:30, y:16.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Yedlihmad

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png85Simple PleasuresMainquest1 Icon.png Simple Pleasures (Level 85)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 85)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Edit Under His Wing's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Matsya is eyeing you as if there is something he wants to say.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Estinien.
  • Speak with Thancred in Radz–at–Han.
  • Search for townspeople who missed the announcement.
  • Search for more townspeople who missed the announcement.
  • Wait at the designated location.
  • Speak with Alphinaud.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png85At World's EndMainquest1 Icon.png At World's End (Level 85)
071221.png80A Pisaca's PurposeSidequest1 Icon.png A Pisaca's Purpose (Level 80)
071221.png80Curry for the WatchSidequest1 Icon.png Curry for the Watch (Level 80)
071221.png80Dreams of VenomSidequest1 Icon.png Dreams of Venom (Level 80)
071221.png80My Friend the YetiSidequest1 Icon.png My Friend the Yeti (Level 80)
071221.png80Quick HeelsSidequest1 Icon.png Quick Heels (Level 80)
071221.png80Tea ForetellSidequest1 Icon.png Tea Foretell (Level 80)
071221.png80Treasure HuntersSidequest1 Icon.png Treasure Hunters (Level 80)
071221.png80What's in a ParentSidequest1 Icon.png What's in a Parent (Level 80)
071221.png85Long Live the GourmetSidequest1 Icon.png Long Live the Gourmet (Level 85)

  • Matsya is eyeing you as if there is something he wants to say.
  • With Palaka's Stand having regained a moment's peace, you and your companions leave the village in the care of Nidhana, Matsya, and the alchemists. You set off towards Radz–at–Han, stopping along the way to meet Estinien.
  • Estinien is relieved to hear that you and the others have brought the situation at Palaka's Stand under control. For his part, the dragoon assures you that the immediate environs are free of danger. Your mind put at ease, you make for Alzadaal's Path, where Thancred awaits.
  • Thancred is glad of your safe return, and is pleased to inform you that the threat within the city has been likewise quelled. He further explains that the citizens have been summoned to the square, where a proclamation of great import is to be made. At your friend's behest, you promise to convey the news to those who appear uninformed as you make way for Meghaduta yourself.
  • You share the news of the proclamation with a young boy who had been hiding for fear of the beasts. In part out of concern for Varshahn, whom the lad considers a friend, he dashes off toward the square as you, too, continue on your way.
  • You deliver word of the impending proclamation to a visibly frightened youth. Though reluctant to return to the site of the recent slaughter─and deeply suspicious of any who might presume to assume leadership in Ahewann's stead─he nonetheless heads off to the square ahead of you.
  • As the citizens congregate before Meghaduta, Vrtra descends from the sky and reveals unto them his secret, thus fulfilling Ahewann's deepest wish and ending the long deception surrounding the satrap's true identity. The great wyrm's words resonate with the people, overcoming their initial surprise and skepticism, and give them hope for Radz–at–Han's future. This historic moment, however, is soon interrupted when Fourchenault and his colleagues from the Sharlayan Forum arrive with shocking news and an even more shocking proposal. The star they live upon is dying, and he would assist the people in escaping it to take refuge on the moon. Sharing his people's deep and abiding love for their home, Vrtra promises he will make no decision that binds them, and retreats with his guests to discuss the matter in private. Not moments after the wyrm and the Sharlayans have taken their leave, Nidhana reappears to share with you her latest theory that a force other than aether empowers the blasphemies and beasts─namely, an energy called akasa, said to be influenced by emotion alone. You ponder the implications of this potential explanation as Nidhana takes her leave and the congregated citizenry go their separate ways.
  • Alphinaud muses on how, despite all that has transpired, much remains a mystery to you about the underlying cause and fundamental nature of the Final Days. Is there truly no way to forestall the star's calamitous fate? If there is a way, where might such answers be found? Only one thing is certain─you and your companions will not give up hope until all possibilities have been explored.

Hardship is an inescapable part of life, we believe. And so our traditions teach us how we might overcome these trials. Perhaps this is why we are quick to adapt to new situations.
I heard that the survivors we met at the temple have all returned safely. The crisis may not have passed, but being home and among friends should do much to ease their spirits.
The aroma of that chai truly is irresistible... Do you suppose Nidhana would mind if I helped myself to a cup?
First order of business is securing food and shelter. We also must contact our friends in the city and see how they fare. Hah, no rest for the weary!
As you have finished your deliveries, might I talk with you for a moment? I was curious to know...what has become of Mehvan and Qerasaf's remains.

Oh, thank you, friend. Surely, they will be able to rest peacefully by each other's side.

I and the people of Palaka's Stand will perform the rites as soon as we are able.

As for the will not be easy for her, growing up without her parents, but I promise to do what I can. Once she is able to eat solid food, the fish I catch will help nourish her.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Well, we've finished delivering the chai. I do believe everyone has a piping hot cup.
I could almost believe there's a magick at work, how their tension fades with every sip. Let us pray that Palaka's Stand has seen the last of those transformations─at least for now.
They are still at risk─as every village in Thavnair, like as not. Still, I trust we can leave this place in the care of our friends from the Radiant and the High Crucible. Shall we return to Radz–at–Han?
By all means, do not let us keep you further! There are still many who have need of your wisdom and strength to deliver them from this terrible calamity.
And I will do what I can as well! I will bring rations and supplies from Akyaali─we have plenty to spare.
Then let us find Estinien and be on our way. Where did he wander off to again?
The Wakeful Torana? Near the bridge to Radz–at–Han, as I recall. Very well, then.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Accepted
When you and your friends entrusted me with the child, I was beside myself with fear. In bringing her back safe, however, I realized I was capable of so much more than I ever believed.

Nothing could be more terrifying than that moment I faced the beasts in the jungle. But I survived. I survived...and come what may, I will survive again.

Without you, I never would have found the strength. I thank you, and promise to make the most of this lesson.
Worry not─my colleagues and I will watch over this village when you have gone. And should my research bear any new fruit, you shall be the first to know!
I have apprised Estinien of the situation at Palaka's Stand, so we needn't have that conversation.
How do you suppose the others have fared in the capital? I hope things have not been too eventful in our absence.
Alphinaud told me everything. Full glad am I to hear the people are safe.

Likewise, you will be pleased to know I found no evidence of lingering beasts in the jungle and ruins. 'Twould seem you finished off the last of them.

Trying times yet lie ahead for the people of Thavnair. Fortunately, they have a wise and benevolent satrap to shepherd them through.

Speaking of which, I received word from Thancred not a short while ago. He awaits our return to the city on Alzadaal's Path. Come.
There is a lingering sense of desolation here, but that is much preferable to the panic and chaos we saw before.
The poor old woman who became a beast said her grandson had gone to Palaka's Stand. I hope he survived...
'Twill be a struggle for the people to come to terms with these tragedies. But they are far stronger than you may think.
It is good to see you safe. Given the skies, 'tis all too easy to fear the worst.

I am pleased to report that we've succeeded in quelling the threat here in the city. The beasts have all been felled, and the citizens are safe for now.

I've also heard from the Radiant that an important proclamation will be made in the city square, though they said no more than that. Might you have any idea what this is about?

...So Vrtra is finally coming out from behind the curtain. I suppose we, too, should hear what he has to say.

To Meghaduta, then. But before would appear that word of the assembly has not yet reached all the citizens.

If anyone along the way seems unaware, we'd best enlighten them.
I'm sure everyone will hear about it soon enough, but those who don't attend will be kicking themselves later for missing what's certain to be a historic moment.
A-Are the beasts all gone? I've been hiding, and...I'm too scared to go out and look.

O-Oh, that's a relief! I thought one of those beasts was going to eat me!

I wonder where Varshahn is... He's the slowest runner. I hope he got away.

Hmm... He could be with the other people from the palace. Maybe I'll see him in the square!
L-Leave me be, please! I swear to you, my flesh tastes absolutely terrible!

...Oh, gods, what are you doing, scaring me like that? If we're not quiet, those beasts'll find us!

The square, you say?

But that's where the satrap was killed─with my very eyes I saw him crushed in that creature's maw! So many lives lost...such terrible carnage...

And you say there is someone else who would lead Radz–at–Han in his stead!? Whoever they are, if they say anything to sully the memory of our beloved satrap, I'll make them regret it!
It would seem the people still have lingering doubts...and I cannot blame them.
Yet we know what strength is afforded us with one of the first brood on our side. I have faith the citizenry will come to understand and accept him in time.
People are slowly making their way here, but many are still gripped by fear and doubt. Hopefully Vrtra's message of hope will resonate strongly enough with the ones willing to listen, and spread to every corner of Thavnair...
Finished rounding up the stragglers? The proclamation will begin shortly─let's wait here, lest we miss something important.
Welcome back, Forename. Alphinaud told me everything.
I was pleased to hear that Vrtra has chosen to reveal himself at last. The people of Radz–at–Han need a strong and wise satrap more than ever.
I hear you were able to bring the situation at Palaka's Stand under control. Every life lost is a tragedy, but you should take pride in doing what you could.

When I assumed command during the earlier panic, I did so instinctively and out of necessity. 'Twas not my place to give orders, but I am glad the people heeded them.

But now they have need of a true leader─a magnanimous and just satrap who can guide them every step of the way. Fortunately, they are blessed with one such soul. If anyone can protect and guide them through this calamity, it is he.
Wyrm and man, working towards a common goal...
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Local Dialogue
Ah, now there is a face I remember well. Thank you for your assistance carrying those crates. Without you, we would have strained our backs and broken a few bones, like as not!
Now with such prosaic problems behind us, we can finally focus on our grief. It is time we pay our respects to our fallen brethren, for it is long overdue.
Bring that to the storehouse, would you?
Very well. The second storehouse, I presume?
We've lost so many experienced craftsmen of late. Some say we may even have to abandon the nation itself... I suppose this is how traditions become forever lost to the sands of time.
One final touch remains, and then I shall be finished.
So, it has come to this? We are to leave our home behind? In truth, I would prefer to stay here, protect our textiles. It may seem silly to you, but to us, these are more than mere fabric─they are pieces of art, into which our craftsmen have woven their very souls.
To think that despair and sorrow can turn any man, woman, or child into some murderous beast... I cannot blame those that have succumbed, though. It is not easy to govern one's emotions in these trying times.
I shudder to think what would become of the textiles in our storehouses were we to abandon the city. Though fretting will do none of us any good, I suppose.
A large swath of our silkworms have perished... They're sensitive creatures, so I've no doubt the current chaos is to blame for their passing.
They've given us so much, yet all I can offer in return is this prayer: may their departed souls know peace in their journey 'round the stars, and may the threads they've spun connect us once more in a life yet to come...
We've finished moving most of our equipment and materials to the storehouse. Only the barest of essentials have we left behind.
I confess, I wish the work weren't over just yet. I need to keep busy, or my mind wanders back to that day, to the cries of pain, to the pleas for the blood and the gore. There's nothing I want more now than to work, and pretend it never happened.
Is it true that we may have to evacuate this place? I'd hate to force our weavers to abandon their life's work, but if there is truly no other way of ensuring our safety...
Local Dialogue
All this talk of leaving the planet is too much for me to wrap my head around. Is it truly possible?
Local Dialogue
If we truly must flee to the moon, whatever will become of our hamsa? If they don't allow us to bring them along, I...I don't know what I will do.
So the dragon was our true satrap all along, it would seem. But I ask: what does that matter to us? It does not change the fact we still have hamsa to feed and eggs to gather.
Local Dialogue
With the silkworm population thinning out, we're left with an abundance of mulberry leaves to use in natural remedies. The High Crucible'll be happy to hear that─and so will our coffers!
I've heard a most disturbing rumor that we may have to flee this place. My only wish is that they ensure the safety of the children first and foremost.
Local Dialogue
Our chief trade is timber, and the satrap has commissioned us to provide the wood needed for the repairs on the destroyed developments. How lucky are we to land that contract?
Local Dialogue
My grain and spice stores are running low... Yet what if, in my rush to buy them, I deprive those truly in need?
I spoke with my daughter, as you suggested. Should we be forced to flee the city, then my husband and I will not be among the refugees. We have decided to stay behind.
It might seem like a strange choice, but consider─ We are old and would only get in the way. My daughter was understandably upset when I broke the news, but she would live, and what else matters, really?
Our resources are limited, yet the satrap has ordered us to take more from the emergency stores and prepare meals to deliver to the citizens...
Many are wracked with grief, having lost their homes or people they love, and he hopes a warm meal will bring them some comfort. I certainly can't argue with that sentiment.
Heard things were bad, but I didn't think they were this bad.
But I'm taking Master Vrtra's advice at face value. If it's a sense of normalcy they want, then it's back to bed I'll go. Who wants to stay awake amidst all this, anyway?
Local Dialogue
Our people slaughtered, our satrap left unprotected... “Radiant Host” indeed. Hapless Babes in the Woods more like.
It is as Master Vrtra says, should the people unite in the midst of adversity, then the Radiant Host has a duty to risk life and limb to keep them safe.
You heard the latest, I take it? As much as I want to open up shop again, doesn't feel like quite the right time to be hawking wares.
Things're hard enough for a small business like mine, so imagine what the bigger places must be dealing with! I'd hate to be one of them, that's for sure.
Local Dialogue
I didn't notice at the time, but I realize now that some of my fellow merchants vanished during the chaos. You don't think that... Oh gods!
I know Master Vrtra has asked us to carry on as if nothing were wrong, but how can I possibly do that after all I've witnessed? Just look at the state of the market. This is hardly the time to be “acting normal.”
And yet we must. That's the duty of the living, I suppose─to keep marching on no matter what.
Local Dialogue
Master Vrtra's spirits appear to be flagging a touch, and while I'm sure some of our famous liqueurs would cheer him right up, we haven't the supply to be handing out anything for free. Come to think of it, do dragons even drink alcohol?
That Master Vrtra revealed his true nature to us was surprising, yes, but I am grateful that he did.
Just as we depend on him for guidance and protection, he is depending on us to maintain the vitality and prosperity of the city. I must work harder than ever to ensure the happiness of my customers and employees alike.
A traveler, are you? No, I'm not blowing off work, I'm... Oh what's the use in denying it? I'm too tired for that.
After everything that's transpired, I'm not entirely myself at the moment. But I'll be back on my feet soon enough. Just...need a moment is all.
...Hm? Oh, hello. Welcome to Mehryde's Meyhane.
These are dark days for the people of this city, and I believe it's our responsibility to offer a place where they can come and, for at least a moment, forget their troubles. Not that it matters, really. Everyone's so heartsick they can't even leave their homes.
Local Dialogue
Forced to leave the star? Well, that will certainly put paid to my shop. Then again...this exodus could provide new business opportunities. Hmmm, perhaps I shouldn't rule it out just yet.
Local Dialogue
What brings you to the High Crucible? If you are suffering from any unpleasant ailments or afflictions, do not hesitate to consult with one of us. A little medicine can go a long way toward easing the troubles of daily life.
Needless to say, we have been flooded with orders for curative salves and elixirs. I must concentrate to mix the proper ingredients in perfect proportions─someone's life could depend on it.
Ever since I heard that we might have to evacuate, I've been trying to decide which books I should bring along. But I simply can't bear to part with any of them...
Alchemists in the employ of the satrap work here at the High Crucible of Al-Kimiya. And it is under his instructions we crafted that highly detailed, very precise doll.
I can't rightly believe that it was used in such a manner, and by Vrtra no less. It is almost inconceivable, really.
No medicine in all the realm can save folk once they've turned into monsters. We've been practicing alchemy for ages, but when faced with unknown maladies like this, I can't help but feel we've made little progress in that time...
But that doesn't excuse indolence! If unease and despair are what trigger this transformation, then it is our duty to find a way to help put people's hearts at rest.
Seems we need more medicines and philters.
We have no better, safer course of action to offer them than fleeing to the moon. I know this. And yet, Vrtra and his people love their home. There must be something we can do...
Their solution sits ill with me. But if life has taught me anything, it's that there is little to be gained from arguing with Sharlayans. We must take it upon ourselves to find a better way.
Even were Vrtra to acquiesce to their proposal, just how do the Sharlayans intend to transport the nation's entire populace to the moon?
That soldier of the Radiant there─if I am not mistaken, he accompanied Ahewann to Vanaspati. Could it be that he knew Vrtra's identity all along...?
Under normal circumstances, the Forum's proposal would be regarded as sheer madness. But when the sky burns, even madness can sound appealing.
Doubtless Vrtra is loath to abandon his home. And yet, absent other options, he cannot dismiss the option out of hand...
I have been entrusted with a message meant for you and your companions. When you are done speaking amongst yourselves, I would share it with you.
As far as we have come─and after all the horrors we have seen─there is still so much we do not know about the Final Days.
Could it be as Nidhana said? That the cause of this phenomenon is beyond our comprehension? And, if so...are we powerless to forestall it?
Quest Completed
No matter what my father and the Forum say, giving up and abandoning this place cannot be our only recourse!
Local Dialogue
Could it be? Are you...?
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