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Radz-at-Han is a city-state located on the island of Thavnair, and is the most prominent civilization in the Bounty. [1] It is ruled by several noble houses and frequently trades with the Eorzean city-states of Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah. [2][3][4]

Interestinlgy, despite having a very limited outward military presence, the city-state has succeeded in forging a non-interference treaty with the Garlean Empire, ensuring their independence while mightier nations fall about them. Thus, Radz-at-Han remains an active hub for trade between Eorzea. It has been noted by some that the treaty was only formed so that Garlemald could obtain items from Eorzea via Thavnair, as official trade between the regions was frozen after the Empire's failed invasion twenty years ago. [1] Radz-at-Han also maintains a consulate in the Hingan port of Kugane.

Radz-at-Han is best known as the birthplace of modern alchemy. [1] Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil comes from the city-state, a high-quality oil used to treat hot metal, as does Thavnairian Mist, a concentrated elixir developed by Jalzahn Daemir. Alchemists in Radz-at-Han claim to have discovered a cure-all from leaves harvested from the heads of living mandragoras, though its effectiveness is unknown. [5] Thavnairian alchemists are presumably responsible for the rare and valuable Radz-at-Han skin tonic, which is popular among Ul’dahn nobles. [4]

Because of the island’s sweltering days and muggy nights, the nobles of Radz-at-Han are obsessive about their odor and spend large amounts of money on fragrances and perfumes - the rare plant Althyk lavender among the most prized aromas.[3]
Location: Thavnair
Realm: Near East
World: Hydaelyn
  • The demonym of Radz-at-Han is "Hannish".
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