Ushi Bugyo

NPC Icon.pngNewUshi Bugyo  Seasonalachievementicon.pngSidequest1 Icon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png
  Hyur / Midlander / Male

Zone(s): Seasonalachievementicon.pngMob14 Icon.pngLimsa Lominsa Upper Decks - The Aftcastle  (11.5-13.9)

Excuse me, sir, but are you by chance an adventurer? Yes, only one so well traveled would dress in such a peculiar manner... Though I suppose some might argue it is my garbs which make for a spectacle in these lands.

Ushi Bugyo.png
Starts Quests (2)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Steering Clear of Trouble &000000000000001500000015&000000000006927400000069,274 3360 Seasonal Events
Bully for Mochi &000000000000001500000015&000000000006928700000069,287 3360 Seasonal Events
Involved in Quests (2)

Additional Dialogue
My thanks again for your assistance in rectifying our mochi problem. If by some chance the mochi should again attain sentience, I trust we can turn to you for aid?
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