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When Good Dragons Go Bad

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   When Good Dragons Go Bad

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Drydox: Idyllshire - Freewalks Roundspot (x:7, y:7.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Idyllshire

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 60)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Drydox has a message for you from an old friend.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with the Vath deftarm at Loth ast Vath.
  • Rendezvous with the Vath deftarm at Moghome.
  • Speak with Master Mogzin.
  • Speak with Tarresson.
  • Speak with Ohl Deeh.
  • /rally Ohl Deeh's spirits.
  • Report to Tarresson.
  • Wait for the deftarm's return.
  • Speak with Mogzin at Zenith.
  • Speak with Mogzin.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071221.png60Who Was That Masked ManSidequest1 Icon.png Who Was That Masked Man (Level 60)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
DrydoxVath DeftarmMaster MogzinTarressonOhl DeehMogzinWounded Temple KnightMogzin Mockery
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • Drydox has a message for you from an old friend.
  • As Drydox tells it, the Vath deftarm recently paid a visit to Idyllshire in hopes of beseeching your aid with a task of great import. What ambition burns within your ever-earnest pupil this time? The answer awaits you in Loth ast Vath.
  • The deftarm rejoices at your arrival. He eagerly explains that he is seeking new clients to further expand the Adventurers' Guild in Loth ast Vath, and has reason to believe that establishing relations with the moogles might prove mutually beneficial. Make for the Moghome, that you might serve as a liaison between your enterprising apprentice and the Mogmenders.
  • You rendezvous with the deftarm at the Churning Mists, where he marvels at both the sights and the moogles themselves before proceeding on to the plaza of Bahrr Lehs. How will Master Mogzin respond to your pupil's offer of aid? Venture forth to preside over this momentous first encounter between moogle and Vath.
  • Mogzin happily accepts the deftarm's proposal, promptly tasking him with such stimulating tasks as rounding up rubbish and cracking kupo nuts. The Vath is understandably chagrined but undeterred, and trudges forth to complete his duties. In the meantime, Master Mogzin encourages you to pay a visit to Tarresson, who was looking to ask a small favor of you. Return to the plaza and see what the venerable stonemason has in mind.
  • Heartened by your presence, Tarresson asks for your assistance in buoying the spirits of your mutual friend Ohl Deeh. As he tells it, the dragonet is feeling uncharacteristically disheartened of late, his attempts to muster a majestic roar going for naught despite the tutelage of the mighty Gullinbursti. Mayhap your words of encouragement can reach the young dragon where others' have fallen on deaf ears.
  • You find Ohl Deeh flagellating himself over his perceived failure in living up to his ideal of what a great dragon should be. It would seem the situation is even more dire than Master Tarresson believed. Is there aught you might do or say to restore him to his confident and cocksure self?
  • Your rousing words of exhortation an unqualified success, Ohl Deeh flaps off with a renewed sense of confidence and resolve. Master Tarresson will doubtless be delighted to know that he need no longer fret for the emotional state of his high-strung dragon friend.
  • Master Tarresson is heartened to hear that Ohl Deeh is back to his usual self, and thanks you for your efforts. Meanwhile, it would seem the deftarm has yet to complete the mindless busywork assigned to him by Master Mogzin. Tarresson encourages you to take a well-deserved respite while you wait for your loyal apprentice to return to Bahrr Lehs.
  • The deftarm returns from a hard day's work, only to be rewarded for his labors with an explosive prank and a few perfunctory words of gratitude. Unfamiliar with the quirks of moogle culture and communication, the deftarm is incensed, and hurls a few choice invectives at Master Mogzin and the Mogmenders. Just as it seems the two may come to fisticuffs, Ohl Deeh arrives on the scene bearing grave news: the once-kindly Gullinbursti has suddenly flown into a bout of rage, and a Temple Knight now lies wounded or worse. All parties agree to put aside their squabble and investigate this dire situation.
  • You arrive on the scene to find Gullinbursti staring down your friends with savage fury in his eyes. Heartfelt pleas fall on deaf ears, and the mighty dragon lets out a mighty roar and soars into the heavens, his sudden and inexplicable furor entirely unplacated. Questioning the fallen Temple Knight─whose wounds, most fortunately, were not fatal─reveals that Gullinbursti's terrifying transformation came about after he was shot in a skirmish with a masked man wielding a curious firearm. All agree that the situation must be addressed swiftly before great and lasting damage can be done. At Master Tarresson's suggestion, you set off for Bahrr Lehs, that you and your friends might put your minds together and formulate a plan of attack.
  • Upon returning to Bahrr Lehs, you confer with your friends, who have resolved to put their differences aside to address the far more pressing matter at hand. Mogzin and Ohl Deeh offer to set out in search of Gullinbursti, while Master Tarresson wisely observes that you will also need to investigate precisely what has befallen the dragon─and how the madness might be reversed─lest future encounters have disastrous consequences. This will involve tracking down the mysterious attacker to glean more information, but who might be best suited for this treacherous task? The plot thickens...

Pshhh... Shkohhh...

Uplander comes at perfect time. Deftarm was just here, looking for uplander. Something about new busydeals that Deftarm would be making─busydeals for which Deftarm is needing uplander's aid.

Must be big busydeals, thinks Drydox, because Deftarm was running here and there like wild wildebeest. Uplander is master to Deftarm, yes? Uplander should make quickfeet to village of walkybugs, help pupil.

Deftarm was waving his arms around like this, so Drydox gives wordbond: Drydox will send uplander to walkybug village, and quickly! Uplander does not want to make falseteller of Drydox, yes?
<click> <click> Master! You return, and not a moment too soon! I have come upon a tremendous opportunity to further expand our Adventurers' Guild, and I would seek your aid in seeing it to fruition.

I was consulting with Vidofnir some days ago, when she spoke to me of another tribe that might benefit from our services. I believe she called them...moggles? Muggles? Something like that, at least.

As she told it, these furry creatures make their home in the Churning Mists, where they now toil day and night to rebuild a great and ancient plaza, with the aid of dragons and men. Surely such an industrious tribe would have much in common with myself and my compatriots. Very much indeed!

Yes, I simply must make the acquaintance of these─what were they called again?

Ah, yes! Moogles! I trust that a great adventurer like yourself is on good terms with these moogles, Master? You will introduce me to them, yes?

<click> <click> A thousand thank-yous, Master! The success of our guild has brought much prosperity to our colony, but a true hero does not rest on his laurels! This is a lesson I have learned from observing you, Master. Yes, one of many.

Master and student, striking out on adventure once more─my heart pounds in anticipation! Let us make for the Churning Mists without delay. I shall race you there!
<click> <click> I have never been above the clouds before, Master. The sight is simply breathtaking! So breathtaking!
That said, these “moogles” are curious creatures. How do they stay airborne on such tiny wings? And whatever purpose do those glowing spheres attached to their heads serve? Very curious indeed... At any rate, if they are in need of an adventurer, I am happy to offer them my aid!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
🎧 Kupopo? You would introduce to us a pupil of yours, you say? I thought I was your only pupil! Could it be that I'm not as special as I thought I was, kupo?

Not a pupil in the art of crafting, but of adventure? And like myself, he is not of your kind? Color me confused, but if this pupil of yours can help to lighten our load, I see no reason to refuse his aid, kupo!

🎧 Kupopo! Whatever have we here? Those hard scales, those claws...that puny body. Are you some kind of lesser dragon, kupo?
<click> <click> Collecting... <sigh> Very well. Consider your kupo nuts as good as cracked.
Did you see how quickly he agreed to take on those tedious tasks? I've taken a liking to this one already! We'll have to prepare a very special welcome for his return─in true moogle fashion! Kupopopo~♪
But I almost forgot! Tarresson wanted a word with you, Forename. Why don't you pay him a visit? Now, I must be off to prepare a special surprise for our new friend!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Ah, Forename. 'Tis a pleasure to see you again. I see that it is not merely the moogles and the dragons who hold you in the highest of esteem. Yes, I knew you were different from the moment I first laid eyes upon you.

If you will indulge this old man once more, there is a small favor I would ask of you as well. It concerns our mutual friend Ohl Deeh.

'Twould seem Gullinbursti has taken him under his tutelage in hopes of teaching him to roar like a mighty dragon, but the little one's efforts have yet to bear fruit.

I tried to reason with him─why, by his own admission, even the greatest of dragons often need a hundred years to muster their strength─but the stubborn lad was having none of it.

He insisted that he could not afford to wait. For you see, he means to show off his roar to his dear friend Mogzin─and he has recently learned that moogles are not blessed with the longevity of dragons.

He made me promise to keep this a secret from Mogzin, but he said nothing of you. Might you be so kind as to offer him a few words of encouragement? I am certain they would carry more weight coming from a brave adventurer than a mere artisan such as myself.

You will pay Ohl Deeh a visit and rally his spirits, will you not, friend? It would mean ever so much to the lad.
Oh, Forename. What brings you to Bahrr Lehs? Let me guess: you, too, have come to watch the puny, pathetic Ohl Deeh bring disgrace and dishonor to the name of dragons everywhere. <sigh>
Ohl Deeh is clearly not his typically confident self. Mayhap there is something you might do to lift the dragonet's spirits?
Forename! But of course you speak true! A proud dragon does not stew and sulk when there is work to be done! Just watch: the next time we meet, my roar will be as mighty as that of Hraesvelgr himself! I do hope Gullinbursti is not cross with me for running off...
Ohl Deeh's back to his old self, you say? Warms this old man's heart to hear it. I knew I chose the right lad for the job. Truly, you stand as a model to dragon, moogle, and man alike.

Speaking of which, your pupil has yet to return from his task. I'm sure he won't be much longer, but in the meantime, I daresay you've earned yourself a rest. Why not warm yourself by the fire while we wait?

You've done enough work for the time being, friend. Why don't you go warm yourself by the fire while we wait for your pupil to return.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
<click> <click> My arms ache fiercely. Very fiercely. I thought I had long since left this shell-breaking busywork behind, but it would seem that only “crafters” are trusted with important tasks in this place.
Do not ask me, mind you, what those important tasks might be. These moogles spend more time flying about and pulling each other's poms than doing anything resembling actual labor! <sigh> But forgive me my griping, Master. I will go report to Master Mogzin.
<click> <click> I am done with my task. The rocks that littered your plaza will plague you no more, and your kupo nuts are cracked and fit for consumption.
<click> Do you have nothing to say? I said that I picked up your damn─er, those accursed rocks and cracked every last kupo nut. Every last one!
🎧 Surprise! Did my oh-so-clever creation fool you? Your exasperated expression tells me that it did, kupo!

I planted the fur hair by hair, and added a few tufts of cloud mallow to make the pom float! I daresay it's as lifelike as I am, kupo!

The only difference is the hammer in its hand. But no one notices, kupo! Yes, I can say without a doubt that this will go down in moogle history as one of Mogzin's most prodigious pranks ever!

Oh, and good work, by the by! Next time we have some rubbish that needs picking up or kupo nuts that need cracking, rest assured you'll be the first one we call, kupo!
<click> <click> I...I have never been so insulted in my life! I toil and trudge from dusk till dawn for you, and you repay me with this mockery!? I take umbrage at this. Great umbrage!
Wh-Whatever is the matter? Surely you have heard that it is through our clever pranks that we moogles show our appreciation and affection for our fr─
<click> <click> Enough! I came here to lend my aid as an adventurer, not play errand boy for a group of slackers who wouldn't know what hard work was if it came up and ripped those ridiculous poms off their heads!
Slackers, kupo!? I'll have you know that we Mogmenders have restored Bahrr Lehs to a glory not seen in generations! You take that back, kupo! Take it back this instant!
🎧 Friends! You must come quickly! Gullinbursti has gone mad! Wh-Why, he nearly torched an unwitting Temple Knight! I scarcely escaped with my own life!
What is this!? A dragon seized with anger bodes ill indeed. Come, Violet! Mogzin! We must look into this at once!
A-An angry dragon...? I... But no─the deftarm will not falter! Wherever you go, Master, I will follow! Lead the way!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
This masterfully crafted mannequin holds Mogzin's old hammer in its remarkably lifelike paw.
Have mercy, Gullinbursti! I promise to be a better student from now on!
<click> <click> Never before have I sensed such anger... Such rage... The urge to run consumes me, but I must resist...!
Worry not. The man got the breath knocked out of him, but he still lives.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
🎧 What is the meaning of this, Gullinbursti!? You promised to keep Bahrr Lehs safe from harm. Now you would turn against us and our friends, kupo!?
Have mercy, Gullinbursti! Surely these men and moogles have done nothing to incur your ire!
...Something is gravely amiss! I see naught but pure animal rage in the dragon's eyes.
Please stop this, Gullinbursti...I beg of you!
🎧 Th-Thank you...<pant> friends. I owe you my life.
What in the name of the Good King happened here, kupo!?
<pant> <pant> I am not entirely sure myself... I had just arrived to seek Gullinbursti's wisdom concerning the restoration effort, when all of a sudden, we were set upon by a masked man brandishing an imposing firearm.
<pant> <pant> Gullinbursti was struck by a bullet in the course of the battle, after which the man made a swift retreat. Just when I thought we were safe, the dragon turned upon me with a terrifying gaze and unleashed a mighty roar. The next thing I knew...I was lying right where you found me.
Inconceivable! The Gullinbursti I know would never act with such mindless savagery! This masked assailant you speak of did something to our friend─I just know it! I'll see that he suffers for his deeds!
Calm yourself, Ohl Deeh. If we put our poms together, we'll get to the bottom of this in no time. Now, why don't the two of us go in search of Gullinbursti, kupo?
Not so fast, my dear Mogzin. We must tend to this man's wounds, and besides─'twould be unwise to dash off without forming a proper plan of attack. Let us return to Bahrr Lehs for the moment, and consider our next course of action with due care.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
The madness in those eyes...that was not the Gullinbursti I know! That masked man is behind this somehow─I'm certain of it!
I cannot say for sure what madness has taken Gullinbursti, but it bodes ill for our well-being here. We must take action, and swiftly. And yet first, we must needs formulate a plan.
Well, one thing is clear: this is no time to be bickering amongst ourselves, kupo! We must put our poms together and figure out what has become of Gullinbursti!
Indeed, indeed! I refuse to accept that he turned on us of his own accord. We must find him and free him from this madness!
Indeed we must, little one. And yet, we must also find out precisely what fate has befallen our friend─and what we might do to cure him─lest any future encounters prove perilous indeed. Aye, I believe our first course of action should be to track down this masked assailant, that we might ascertain the truth behind all that has transpired.
Wise counsel, indeed! And yet that sounds like a positively perilous proposition in its own right, kupo. Who might we know that would be up to the task...?
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