Working Off the Meal

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   Working Off the Meal
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png920,000 Gil Icon.png642
Guaranteed Rewards
White Oak Hand Gear Coffer
Informationicon.png Description
Cassard is impressed by your gastronomic fortitude.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Cassard: Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber (x:26.8, y:18.6)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: A Desert CrossingMainquest1 Icon.png
Work to Live or Live to WorkSidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngCity of the Mord
Required Items
Market Receipt Icon.png Mord Souq Merchandise Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Working Off the Meal
NPCs Involved: Thon TonThol TolMhul MulTesleen
Items Involved: Market ReceiptMord Souq Merchandise

Cassard in Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber (x:26.8, y:18.6)
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Thon Ton in Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber - Mord Souq (x:26.2, y:15.5)
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Thol Tol in Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber (x:28.1, y:15.7)
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Mhul Mul in Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber (x:25.6, y:15.6)
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Cassard in Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber (x:27.8, y:18.4)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Cassard in Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber (x:27.8, y:18.4)
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Gahahaha! You have courage, my friend! Rhon Ron's wares are more “exotic” than harmful, but I don't envy you the bellyache you'll have on the morrow.
Right. Now that you've eaten, I expect you're eager to get back on the road...
...Would you mind if we delayed our departure a touch? I have a few deals left to close before I can conclude my business here in Mord Souq.
Oh! Offering your services, are you? Aye, well an assistant would certainly help hurry things along!
I have a receipt here for some goods that need picking up from the market. All properly paid for─you'd just need to do the lifting and carrying.
I'll go and take care of some last-minute haggling, then. See you in a bit.
Table cactus ─ Thon Ton Iron ore ─ Thol Tol
Nabaath Areng antiques ─ Mhil Mil (to be collected from Mhul Mul)
Lift with your legs, and not with your back!♪
Now, then! ...What was I doing, again?
Hoohoo! Lovely, lovely pots!
Wait, what? No no no! This is Bhun Bun's private worm stash. Not for sale!
Hm? Hungry again already? You have a strong stomach, friend, but I wouldn't eat those!
Hands off! That water is for Mhil Mil's footbath! ...Unless you have coin or barter?
Oh, you work for Cassard? Mhul Mul has his antiques all boxed up and ready for transport!
If you're handling Cassard's porter work, you've come to the wrong place. He has no outstanding orders with my shop.
You came in with Cassard, yes? Good, good, I can finally stop thinking about that sack. Please, take your prickly purchase!
Cassard sent you, did he? Right. Yes. ...What kind of ore was it, again?
What will you say?
Answer 1
!Copper ore!
!Iron ore!
!Tin ore!
Yes! Wait, no. Are you sure? I don't seem to have any on hand...
Iron ore, of course! That would explain this box I have here. It's all yours!
Hey, no touching! That merchandise is spoken for! You couldn't possibly change my mind with a better offer...
...What? Cassard sent you!? Wh-Why didn't you say so? I wouldn't dream of selling his goods to a higher bidder! Oh no, no, no!
Nabaath Areng relics, wasn't it? All packed in that box there. Handle with care!
That's my business finished for the day! Come again if you need more spiky succulents!
Now, then! ...Where was I going, again?
Give my regards to Cassard, heh heh heh...
Don't tell me you've been round the entire market already!?
Aye, that's the lot, all right. Good work.
And quick work, too, considering you've not set foot in the place before. I'd thought you one to sit in the city like the Exarch, but something tells me you're not a stranger to visiting strange lands...
Unfortunately, your efficiency presents something of a problem. I'd hoped to conclude all my business before you returned, but it seems there's been some confusion over one of the orders I placed.
I'll have to drag in my middleman and sort this mess out. I'm sorry to make you sit around and twiddle your thumbs...
...Cassard? It feels like an age since I last saw you!
Well, if it isn't the lovely Tesleen! It has been a while, but your timing couldn't be better.
This gentleman was on his way to meet with Alisaie. I'm supposed to be taking him to your corner of the desert, but a misplaced order has commandeered my attention...
...Wait, I know who you are.
Alisaie has told me so much about you! You're Forename, aren't you!?
I knew it! How wonderful to meet you in the flesh after hearing all those stories!
I'm Tesleen. I work as a carer at the Inn, and I've gotten to know Alisaie quite well since she took up guard duties there.
Do you want me to take over as Forename's guide, Cassard? My shopping's all done and packed for the road, so it would be no trouble...
That would be a great help, thank you!
Well, it looks like you'll be able to head straight out after all. My caravan and I will be in the area for a while yet─seek me out when you've had your fill of Amh Araeng, and I'll send you back to the Crystarium.
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Market Receipt

  • Table cactus — Thon Ton
  • Iron ore — Thol Tol
  • Nabaath Areng antiques — Mhil Mil (to be collected from Mhul Mul) Edit Working Off the Meal's Notes

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