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Though the Yellowjackets now serve to keep the peace in Lominsan territory and defend her coasts, they began as a branch of the Knights of the Barracuda. They became independent after the Calamity, at which point they were assigned their new duties as part of the Maelstrom.

Originally called little more than infantry, the Yellowjackets take their name from a popular sobriquet—chosen for the bright yellow overcoats that members must don in the line of duty. The name was officially adopted when the force split with the Knights of the Barracuda.
Organizational Structure
First Levy: Limsa Lominsa
Second Levy: Middle and Lower La Noscea
Third Levy: Eastern La Noscea
Fourth Levy: Western La Noscea
Fifth Levy: Upper La Noscea
Sixth Levy: Reserves
Members: Abylfarr, Alza Gamilza, Ancreta, Blanmhas, Doesrael, D'perjha, Firkmann, Fraeloef, Ginnade, Glazrael, Godebert, Grehfarr, Klindrael, Milala, N'delika, N'tanmo, Ossine, Ostfyr, Panicked Yellowjacket, Pfarstym, Reyner, Ryssfloh, Skaenrael, Skribyld, Sundhimal, Sylskaetsyn, Syngithuv, Yellowjacket, Yellowjacket Captain, Yellowjacket Drill Sergeant, Yellowjacket Patrol, Yellowjacket Recruit, Yellowjacket Veteran, Zahrmerl
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