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NPC Icon.pngAlpa  Sidequest1 Icon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png
Gatekeeper Alpa
  Ananta / Vira / Female

Last Known Location:

Kugane - Bokairo Inn (x:9.6, y:8.1)
Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Kugane → Bokairo Inn


Zone Sublocation Coordinates Map
The Fringes The Circles of Answering (x:21.7, y:26.3) Map
Rhalgr's Reach Starfall (x:11.7, y:11.5) Map
The Fringes The Percipient One (x:19.9, y:26.1) Map
The Fringes The Circles of Answering (x:23.6, y:27.5) Map
The Peaks Ala Ghiri (x:16.7, y:37.2) Map
The Peaks Ala Ghiri (x:16.7, y:31.6) Map
The Fringes East End (x:19, y:21.6) Map
Rhalgr's Reach Starfall (x:8.9, y:10.1) Map
The Fringes Pike Falls (x:11.6, y:12.9) Map
The Fringes The Striped Hills (x:24.4, y:29.7) Map
The Fringes The Yawn (x:24, y:33.6) Map
The Fringes Virdjala (x:27, y:28.4) Map
The Fringes The Circles of Answering (x:21.7, y:26.3) Map
The Fringes Virdjala (x:18.4, y:24.7) Map
Kugane Kugane Castle (x:14, y:11.1) Map
Kugane Matsuba Square (x:9.7, y:7.7) Map
Kugane Bokaisen Hot Springs (x:9.1, y:8.4) Map
Kugane Bokairo Inn (x:9.6, y:8.1) Map

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Captain of the Velodyna Gatekeepers
Alpa is the only daughter of Sarisha, the Vira broodmother. Although unskilled in battle, Alpa wished to play a part in Gyr Abania's emancipation, and enlisted in the Ala Mhigan Resistence as metalsmith. Upon hearing of the Warrior of Light's exploits, however, she was inspired to request the position of guard caption at the newly liberated Castellum Velodyna. Her superiors granted the request, and immediately following her seventeenth nameday, she assumed command at the border outpost with her adjutant, J'olhmyn. Cultural differences between the Ananta and Ala Mhigan members proved problematic, but Alpa would overcome these challenges and more through steadfast bravery and even-handed diplomacy.

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