Bite-sized Pudding

Bite-sized Pudding Icon.pngBite-sized Pudding  Gold chest icon.png
Though seemingly delicious, this spoonful of slime is not intended for consumption.
Sells for: Gil Icon.png x 60
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
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Acquisition Uses
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Acquired from Duty (1)
Dungeon Icon.png The Wanderer's Palace
Miscellaneous Uses
  Grants you the Bite-sized Pudding (Minion).

Lord of Verminion Information

Bite-sized Pudding (Minion) Icon.pngBite-sized Pudding  Gold chest icon.png
Lord of Verminion  Cost: 10  Monster
HP: 400 ATK: 30 DEF: 40 SPD: ★★
Strengths: Gate, Eye Auto-attack: Single-target
Special Action: Silly Pudding
Renders the action party immune to all attacks by poppets.
0 Area Icon.png
Type: Enhancing Points: 20 Duration: 10s

Unable to reproduce, puddings increase their number solely via mitosis. Because of this, it is widely believed that all of Eorzea's puddings descended from a single entity - a proto-pudding, if you will. This, however, leaves us with the question: whence did the first pudding come from?

A talking...pudding? - You

Acquisition: Obtained from chests in The Wanderer's Palace
Requires: Bite-sized Pudding
Behavior: Independent
Bite-sized Pudding Patch.png

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