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Body and Soul

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   Body and Soul

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Automaton: Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.2, y:10.5)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Helix

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png60Born Again AnimaFeaturequest1 Icon.png Born Again Anima (Level 60)


Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
The inoperative automaton sits quietly, waiting to be given a purpose.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png60Words of WisdomFeaturequest1 Icon.png Words of Wisdom (Level 60)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
AutomatonRowenaArdashirAnima (NPC)

  • The inoperative automaton sits quietly, waiting to be given a purpose.
  • Ardashir is ready to present the results of his research to Rowena. Perhaps due to the strange weather in Azys Lla, however, he is unable to contact her using his linkpearl. He bids you travel to Idyllshire and request she come to Azys Lla while he makes final preparations for the anima's unveiling.
  • Rowena is pleased to hear work on the anima weapon is finally complete. Unfortunately, she has unfinished business keeping her in Idyllshire. She asks that you return to Azys Lla ahead of her.
  • There is still time before Rowena arrives, and Ardashir seizes the opportunity to present you with a gift. You use the strange device he gives you to summon the anima, and are astonished to see it has taken on a new physical form. Ardashir explains this is made possible using the anima's original soulstone. Rowena arrives soon after to behold the fruits of your hard work. She is pleased with what Ardashir has accomplished, and looks forward to seeing more. When he mentions his plans to seek out a new blacksmith to aid him, all eyes are on Gerolt, who makes clear his intentions to leave now that he is debt free. His liberation is short-lived, however, when Rowena reminds him of the vast sums of gil he has spent since they began work on the anima. Firmly back under Rowena's thumb, he implores Ardashir to accept his help. Meanwhile, the anima suggests you leave to seek out new adventures.

So good of you to come, Forename. Did you rest well?

Curious, are we? I am afraid you will have to wait a while longer. It is nearly ready, save for a few final adjustments.

While I am finishing with this, I would ask you a favor.

As you might remember, I wished to discuss something with you. Now that our work on the anima is complete, I would have Mistress Rowena come and see the fruits of our labor. But try as I might, there is naught but static when I call via linkpearl.

Would you go and ask her to come here to Azys Lla?

I should be finished by the time you return. She is sure to be pleased with what I have to show her, as will you.
Quest Accepted

Well, if it ain't my favorite customer and business partner. Any new developments with the anima weapon?

Finished, you say? That's the best news I've had all day. Would that I could leave now to see it, but it'd be bad for business to leave clients waitin'. You tell Ardashir he can expect a visit from me as soon as I'm done here.
There's no response. You should wait until Ardashir has finished his work.

Welcome back, Forename. ...Erm, If I may ask, why did you not bring the anima weapon? There can be no unveiling of the anima to Mistress Rowena without it.

Please go and retrieve both the anima weapon and shield at once. Quickly, before she arrives.
In order to advance in the quest “Body and Soul,” please ensure that <SheetEn(Item,2,IntegerParameter(1),1,1)/> and <SheetEn(Item,2,IntegerParameter(2),1,1)/> are either equipped, in your Armoury Chest, or in your inventory.
In the event you discarded your anima weapon and shield, you will be required to abandon the quest “Body and Soul” and create new ones.
Please go and retrieve the anima weapon at once. Quickly, before she arrives.
In order to advance the quest “Body and Soul,” please ensure that <SheetEn(Item,2,IntegerParameter(1),1,1)/> is either equipped, in your Armoury Chest, or in your inventory.
In the event you discarded your anima weapon, you will be required to abandon the quest “Body and Soul” and create a new one.

While we wait for Mistress Rowena to arrive, there is something I wish to give you.

It is a device to be used when summoning the anima. Care to give it a try?

Did you need something, Forename? ...Huh!? Wh-What happened to my body?

Did you call, Forename? ...Oh my! My body is... Wh-What happened!?

Despite all we have accomplished here, one thing still concerned me─the fact that your spirit is bound to the anima weapon, which is why you can only be summoned in its presence. What will happen, then, should he need your aid but not possess the weapon housing your spirit?

It is why I created that new body. It is linked to you through your original soulstone, which still bears your aetherial signature. So long as Forename keeps that device with him, your spirit can be channeled into this new, physical form.

Consider it my gift to you, that none may break the bond shared between you and Forename.

Thank you, Ardashir. I will never leave his side. You have my word.

Thank you, Ardashir. I will never leave his side. You have my word.

What's this, then? You celebratin' without me?

Forename's told me everythin'. I take it this is the anima I've heard so much about.

It's very nice to meet you.

It's a pleasure to meet you.
Magnificent, is it not? A life created with our own hands, forged into a weapon─the anima weapon. The perfect companion to accompany adventurers like Forename.

You've impressed me, Ardashir. With proper rearin' these anima'll make obedient helpers.

(...An' me a tidy profit.)

I can see my gil was well invested, an' I look forward to seein' more o' your work. Now that you've overcome the hurdle o' makin' the first, I'm sure a sharp lad like you can ready anima weapons for the masses in no time at all.

Indeed, I have learned a great many lessons in my time here, thanks in no small part to Forename, and even Gerolt. I daresay it will not be long before all the realm knows of the wonder that is anima.

But first I intend to return home. Fates permitting, I will find a capable smith to assist me in fashioning more anima weapons.
You heard the boy. If he wants to go home, let him. I got better things to do than look after that streak o' piss while he makes more toys. With me debts repaid, I'm headin' to Costa del Sol for a well-earned─
Repaid? I never took you for the sort who jokes about money. You owe me plenty.
Now hold on, Rowena. You promised to forget me debts once we were done with the anima weapon.

And I'm a woman of my word. What you owed before we started this little business venture's been forgiven. That just leaves the cost of comin' and goin' from Azys Lla, and a rather impressive bill for all that mead you drank.

I expect you to pay me back down to the last gil. O' course, I might be willin' to forgive an' forget again if you help our dear boy Ardashir.

Anyroad, I ought to be headin' back. Got business to tend to. Until next time, Forename, Ardashir.
Oi, Ardashir... How's about I fire up the forge for another o' those anima weapons?
The offer is appreciated, but no thank you. As I said, what I seek is a smith committed to making weapons, not wasting his days in pursuit of drink.
Right then─no more drinkin' until we're done. Glad we got that settled.
We have settled nothing! Even if I were to consent, you would never hold up your end of the agreement. Even now I can smell the foul odor of ale on your breath!
Quest Completed
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See Anima Weapons (Phase Six) for detailed information on how to complete this quest.

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